Electronics goods scam, 2020-2021 version

I’ve a long history of tracking electronics good scam websites (The 2015 to 2019 saga is here)…


This year they are finally back again*.. I was first alerted to them after a BBC news article. What is more worrying this time is they catch their victims by advertising in the Google Shopping tab making their site(s) look far more legitimate.

(*I’m pretty sure it is the same people but not 100% certain.)

The scammers go under the company names:

Related at some undetermined time in the past:
gerber-elektronik.com – seems to have targeting German speaking victims.

“Owl Geek” (OWL-GEEK.COM – registered 28th March 2020).

“Perlmann-Store” (perlmann-store.com – registered 11th April 2020).

“Pearce-Store” (pearce-store.com – registered 17th April 2020).

“Tech Ziox” (techziox.com – registered 18th April 2020).

“Cynax Tech” (cynaxtech.com – registered 18th April 2020).

“My Tech Domestic” (mytechdomestic.com  – registered 20th April 2020).

“Cynax” (cynax.co.uk – registered 26th April 2020).

“Tech Fave” (techfave.co.uk – registered 2nd May 2020).

“shopavo” (shopavo.co.uk – registered 3rd May 2020).

“Shop Zeal” (shopzeal.co.uk – registered 7th May 2020).

“Boboxo” (boboxo.co.uk – registered 8th May 2020).

“Storaxy” (storaxy.co.uk – registered 14th May 2020).

“Wiovo” (wiovo.co.uk – registered 15th May 2020).

“Zeppler” (zeppler.co.uk – registered 15th May 2020).

“Tofevo” (tofevo.com – Registered 20th May 2020).

“Riellazi Electronics” (riellazielectronics.co.uk – Registered 30th June 2020).

“TV & Electronics” (tvandelectronics.com – Registered 4th July 2020).

“Sure Market” (suremarket.co.uk – Registered 3rd August 2020).

“Store Excellence” (storeexcellence.co.uk – Registered 3rd August 2020).

“Salesrific” (salesrific.co.uk – Registered 3rd August 2020).

“Ever Market” (evermarket.co.uk – Registered 3rd August 2020).

“Exclusive Market” (exclusivemarket.co.uk – Registered 3rd August 2020).

“Grand Gadgets” (grandgadgetz.co.uk – Registered 7th September 2020).

“tiersales” (tiersales.co.uk – Registered 9th December 2020). (alexjohnson9812)

“dealsdiscount” (dealsdiscount.co.uk – Registered 8th December 2020). (alexjohnson9812)

“Commerce Perfect Electronics” (commerceperfect.co.uk – Registered 3rd August 2020).

“Saleave Electronics Store” (saleave.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020).

“Market Bump Electronics” (marketbump.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020).

“ingadgets” (ingadgetsltd.co.uk – Registered 21st December 2020).

“salepush” (salepush.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020).

“Mart Find” (martfind.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020).

“Sale Phase” (salephase.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020). Not yet in use.

“Sale Park” (salepark.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020). Not yet in use.

“Sale Logic” (salelogic.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020). Not yet in use.

“Market Banter” (marketbanter.co.uk – Registered 15th December 2020).

“Apex Electronics Limited” (apexelectronicslimited.co.uk – Registered 15th January 2021).

“buyerpro” (buyerpro.co.uk – Registered 9th February 2021).

“Gadget Space” (gadgetspace.co.uk – Registered 4th February 2021).

“Cartlo Store” (cartlo.co.uk – Registered 9th February 2021).

“salesrepublic” (salesrepublic.co.uk – Registered 13th February 2021).

“Cheapsey Store” (cheapsey.com – Registered 22nd February 2021).

“Best Store” (beststoresday.com – Registered 4th March 2021).

“Olstuff” (olstuff.com – Registered 4th March 2021).

“AIteck Store UK” (aiteck.co.uk – Registered 8th March 2021).

“FM Gadgets” (fmgadgets.com – Registered 22nd March 2021).

“Fit Lab” / “The Fit Lab” (thefitlab.co.uk – Registered 31st March 2021).

“Storm Gadget” (stormgadget.co.uk – Registered 9th April 2021).

“Top Retail” / “Top Retails” (topretails.co.uk – Registered 10th April 2021).

“Cheapsy Store” (cheapsy.co.uk – Registered 9th February 2021).

“HiFi Mania” (hifimania.co.uk – Registered 20th November 2020).

“Techea” (techea.co.uk – Registered 18th May 2021).

“Venture Electronics” (venturelectronics.co.uk – Registered 19th April 2021).

“Mart Hub” (marthub.co.uk – Registered 16th June 2021).

“Appliance Store” (appliancesstore.co.uk – Registered 25th May 2021).

“Sneakers Republic” (sneakersrepublic.co.uk – Registered 32rd June 2021).

“AM Home Appliances” (amhomeappliances.co.uk – Registered 24th May 2021).

“Crypto Gadgets” (cryptogadget.co.uk – Registered 4th June 2021).

“Right Gadget” (rightgadget.co.uk – Registered 29th May 2021).

“Electronic Marts” (electronicmarts.com – Registered 8th June 2021).

“Gadget Mart” (gadgetmart.co.uk – Registered 23rd June 2021).

“Electronics Online Limited” (electronicsonlineltd.com – Registered 28th June 2021).

“Sneakers Hub” (sneakershubs.com – Registered 7th July 2021).
Likely unrelated to all the electronics themed sites. This one appears to be run by “ofdads@gmail.com” (Skype: md.omar.faruk.123 and Telegram: @omar.faruk1999 and @omarfaruqe) who is in the business of arranging verified Stripe accounts (a credit card processor).

“Electronic Bargain” (electronicsbargain.co.uk – Registered 9th July 2021).

“APRO Electronics” (aproelectronics.co.uk – Registered 12th July 2021).

“AG Electronics” (agelectronics.co.uk – Registered 12th July 2021).

“Instant Electronics” (instantelectronics.co.uk – Registered 23rd July 2021).

“Retail Gold” (retailgold.co.uk – Registered 23rd July 2021).

“AdvanceDive Electronics Limited” (advancedive.co.uk – Registered 10th August 2021).

“Silicon Gadgets” (silicongadgets.co.uk – Registered 10th August 2021).

“e-tronics gadgets” (e-tronicsgadgets.co.uk – Registered 24th August 2021).

“Home Appliances Trade” (homeappliancestrade.co.uk – Registered 15th September 2021).

“Cappy Gadgets Limited” (cappygadgetsltd.co.uk – Registered 28th September 2021).

“Gadgetsbag” (gadgetsbag.co.uk – Registered 14th October 2021).

“AB Appliances, Shop on the go” (ab-appliances.co.uk – Registered 17th October 2021). Live chat operator is in Nigeria. Has a fake credit card payment screen and then claims that failed and then asks for BACS to Sort Code: 04-00-75 Account Number: 63183013, Then moved to 04-00-04, 96801455. Then moved to 04-00-75, 55408974. Then moved to 04-00-75, 66899257. If you lost money to any of these accounts please comment below as depending on timing (and when the bank was made aware of the accounts) you may be due an immediate refund under the destination banks failure of duty of care.

“Electronics Locker TM” (electronicslocker.co.uk – Registered 18th October 2021).

“Connection Appliances Limited” (connectionapplianceslimited.co.uk – Registered 20th January 2021). Requests bank transfer to Sort Code: 04-00-75 Account Number: 57023956. If you lost money to any of this account please comment below as depending on timing (and when the bank was made aware of the account) you may be due an immediate refund under the destination banks failure of duty of care.

“HOMEPROF” (homeprof.co.uk – Registered 7th November 2021). Uses a Russian language version of wordpress in the back end.

Some of the newer sites have “astroturfed” fake positive reviews on trustpilot and other sites. These quickly get swamped by victim complaints after a week or two.

VICTIMS: Please see the previous article for advice on how to recover any lost funds. It is also very important that you report the fraud to ActionFraud to help collate data and also allocate crime fighting resources to the crime.

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58 Responses to Electronics goods scam, 2020-2021 version

  1. Colin Nicol says:

    Really enjoy your mails. Although the computer stuff leaves me bewildered. A while back you saved me a fortune on a new tv which was a scam site. Keep up the good work Colin

    Sent from my iPad


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  3. rich kid says:

    is this site dodgy? seems familiar..https://www.fxyczs.com

  4. In my view.. Definitely a scam (contact email at godygmail.com which seems to be regularly associated with scams). Not the same group though.
    Looks likely to be Chinese. Seems to do actual credit card authorisation and supports Verified by Visa. Possibly take money via card and hope they delay complaints long enough to get the cash out of their merchant account. Or.. they ship junk or a small plastic toy / keychain version of whatever you’ve bought in the hope to make it more difficult to obtain a chargeback.

  5. Looks like exactly that.. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFG9qVISwUc&feature=emb_title
    See 4:22 into the video where someone unpacks…. a childrens toy guitar.

  6. Harry McCormick says:


    Is this a scam, it popped up on my Facebook page, I followed it just short of the final payment where it took me to a Cambodian bank

  7. Yes it’s a scam. See the comment above your question :)

  8. Robert Teiman O Neill says:

    Is salesrific.co.uk a legitimate company

  9. All signs point to no. Looks very suspicious.

  10. Louise says:

    Wish I’d seen this sooner. Bought something through salesrific.co.uk. Online messaged them and got a response. Emailed them and got a response. Now nothing, no responses to emails, phone number voicemail box is full and the website no longer loads. Feeling like a mug. Have contacted my bank.

  11. Sorry to hear that. How did they take payment?

  12. Louise says:

    Debit card. I’ve contacted my bank. I am hoping I am covered by Distance Selling Laws?

  13. The earlier versions of this scam required the victim to push funds using BACS bank transfer. Sadly those were rarely covered as fraud. This using card details is going to be far, far more likely to be covered. Keep chasing it through. Speak to the bank that a supplier has failed to deliver (and never will) and you can no longer communicate with them and ask for the funds to be returned / chargeback. Good luck and I’d like to know how you get on.

  14. timothy goodwin says:

    I ordered a xbox 1 s 1tb on 6th of December this year said it be delivered on between the 11th and 15th of this month it hadn’t come so I emailed them at salestrific got an email back saying date change to 18th and it still hasn’t come it a Xmas present and my kid is going to be devastated I don’t no how I get it back it was paid on my debit card

  15. Speak to your bank as soon as possible. Calmly explain the situation that you’ve bought from a fake shop and you know the goods will never arrive. Ask what protections there are for the card transaction and returning your funds / initiating a “chargeback”. If you do a chargeback the retailer has to prove you requested the payment, considering they are now long gone your likely to get your money back as the retailer won’t respond to the card company.

  16. Bunny says:

    I’ve just discovered I’m a victim of Salesrific. I ordered and paid for a PS4 on the 10th of December for my daughters for christmas. I received online chat help with the order and an email confirming the sale and delivery between the 18th and 21st of December. Of course, on checking this morning I discover the website no longer exists. So I’ve been had to the tune of £277. I paid via my debit card, it’s a nationwide account and it’s a Sunday so it will be tomorrow until I can’t start to sort this mess out.
    I also did a perfunctory google search after reading this post and in the search results ‘salesrific’ was mentioned on a website named ‘dealsdiscount’. It’s in the google results but when the page is opened it’s been edited to remove the word ‘salesrific’. It’s a similar sort of website, selling electrical goods and uses the exact same photos that the salesrific website does.
    Dealsdiscount also has information of another site and email and contact details/address for a website named ‘tiersales’.The email is almost identical to the salesrific contact one – a generic sales email. The address is listed in Lyneham Chippenham. Both ‘tiersales’ and
    ‘Dealsdiscount’ have the same items for sale. Including the exact item I had purchased. The listing and price are identical. Both of these websites were registered in the last twelve days. So I suppose this person(s) hopes to continue to steal more money from the unsuspecting public.
    I shall of course be reporting this to action fraud and have the corresponding screen shots of the evidence and the business page of the person listed at the address.
    To say I am furious would be an understatement. And sad, at having the ‘big’ present for my girls stolen as I am unable to afford to replace it before Christmas.

  17. Marie Rule says:

    I am in the same boat. Driving myself mad at the moment as I’m also with nationwide and they are not open untill tomorrow and I’m working all day! They were so conivincing and emailed me back up untill a couple of days before the dispatch date! I tried calling the number a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t work! But I put it in my phone in a mobile format and checked on WhatsApp as there the scammer is .. there is a picture of there living room and does not look like typical Scotland! Feel so stupid now! Hope we can all get our funds returned! Our poor kiddies! 😥

  18. Russell Plumb says:

    I was looking for a particular TV rated as the best by Which Magazine and couldn’t find one at Curry’s, Hughes etc. so started looking further and found the Item listed as in stock at Salesrific. I ordered and paid £391.98 on my debit card and was given a date for delivery between the 9th and 11th of December. When the TV hadn’t arrived by then I e-mailed to find out where it was and received a message to say that they had a covid issue in their warehouse which was now resolved and all was back in order and delivery date was promised for Sat the 19th. Of course this was never going to happen and I realise now what a fool I was to jump in as I did.

  19. It is kind of good that they have moved from BACS to Card transactions. With BACS you had next to no hope. I’d need to fully research your consumer rights and coverage for Debit cards but certainly anyone who used a credit card should expect the card company to return the funds if they start the complaint process.

  20. Just found out the ps4 I paid £277 by debit card wont be arriving 😥. So that’s our xmas ruined and I now have to go to bank tomorrow to see if anyway to get money back. Absolutely fuming right now and have no main present for my daughter and no money left. Hope these people rot in hell

  21. John says:

    I just found a really good deal on commerceperfect and entered my credit card details to pay. Got a message saying it didn’t work try a different card. Alarm bells ring at that point. Checked out customer service, it’s a mobile number. Also expected an email as we registered and gave delivery address. Alarm bells ringing louder! Phoned credit card and cancelled card. Checked your site and commerce perfect is on your list. Thanks for what I believe could have been a costly mistake.

  22. That’s why I spend my time writing and posting this stuff. One person saved is enough! It is frustrating seeing all the people commenting who did fall victim to it though.

  23. Judith stojanovic says:

    Just realised we think been scammed we ordered cooker from store excellence 2weeks b4 christmas supposed to be delivered tomorr when going on website to ask question the site and phone number none existing fuming not the word 😤

  24. Martina says:

    I have placed an order with Saleave.co.uk just realised trough this site it is a scam i have reported it to action fraud but the site is still there so can it be reported to goolge to remove it as it was through their search bar i was directed to it

  25. David Strickland says:

    Hi, just been a victim of fraud. Tried to buy ELGATO Stream Deck XL from Kentis online (https://kentis.shop) Has an address in England 40 The Broadway, Crawley, RH10 1HG Paid by TSB debit card and even had to fill in a field from an SMS message to confirm payment. Site had padlock. Became suspicious when email confirmation showed that I had ordered AKG P420 Pro Studio Mic – Black as well,,, which I had not. Tried to phone but answering machine full. Tried to email but no reply. Looked at bank statement which shows two transactions by Easysend.pl. Phoned bank,,, TSB guarantee no loss due to fraud so I have lost nothing apart from learning an important lesson. Put a report into Actionfraud.

  26. Thanks for the comment. I’m somehow glad that the scams are now card based as, you saw yourself, the victims are more likely to get funds back.
    What date did you place the order on the scam site and how did you find the scam site?

  27. Robert says:

    My mother just got caught out by the Kentis shop one. They take card details and pop up a global pay screen. Promise to send a text code to someone who does not have this linked to their account.

    Managed to cancel the cards straight away.

  28. David Strickland says:

    I placed my order on 10 January 2021. What worries me most is that these sites are still operating well after they have been reported, frauds that could easily be prevented if our police service were doing their job. It will be interestiing to see how long it takes for this site (Kentis Online) to be taken down. It also questions whether the network providers are benefiting from keep these sites available (i.e. fee paid for network provision) and therefore are also effectively part of the frraud.

  29. How did you find the site? What search term or other site referred you there please?
    Sadly this fraud will be tiny on the scale of everything the police deal with :( Reporting it to ActionFraud is about the most helpful thing you can do – the more people who do that the higher up their “we might have resources to deal with this” list it will go.

  30. David Strickland says:

    I searched for ” ELGATO Stream Deck XL UK ” on google. Many places hadrun out of stock but this site showed it had stock. I jjust tried the search again and it was stiill their offering disccount price till 17 January.

  31. I don’t see it when searching for that. Can you copy and paste the address you see in the bar at the top when on the google page?

  32. David Strickland says:

    This is the page. It is strange that each time I revisit Google via Crhome the location of the ad changes. This morning it has appeared on the first page, the second page and the third!
    This is the google second page where the ad appears about halfway down. If I copy the into a new tab I do not see it! The search term used in every case “Elgato stream deck xl uk”


    Type in “kentis.shop” to see site.
    This is an extract of the whois database

    Domain name: kentis.shop
    Registry Domain ID: DO5384529-GMO
    Registrar WHOIS Server: whois.namecheap.com
    Registrar URL: http://www.namecheap.com
    Updated Date: 0001-01-01T00:00:00.00Z
    Creation Date: 2020-12-15T13:52:20.00Z
    Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2021-12-15T13:52:20.00Z
    Registrar: NAMECHEAP INC
    Registrar IANA ID: 1068
    Registrar Abuse Contact Email: abuse@namecheap.com
    Registrar Abuse Contact Phone: +1.6613102107
    Reseller: NAMECHEAP INC
    Domain Status: clientTransferProhibited https://icann.org/epp#clientTransferProhibited
    Registry Registrant ID:
    Registrant Name: WhoisGuard Protected
    Registrant Organization: WhoisGuard, Inc.
    Registrant Street: P.O. Box 0823-03411
    Registrant City: Panama
    Registrant State/Province: Panama


  33. Mr Haroon Akhtar says:

    Hey man so i just found this website kentis.shop and they have extremely good prices almost too good to be true? They are not asking for bank transfer but card payment is it a scam? If i go ahead would I be protected by my bank thanks

    Also they request sms code verification from bank

  34. You can walk into this one if you want but you are just throwing away money and time. Your card might cover you for the fraud but I’m not sure how more strongly to say: Don’t bother – your giving away money to a scammer in russia.

  35. David Strickland says:

    This is a scam and Actionfraud have been notified. As you have read all the commments above including the fact that the web address is operated from Panama your bank may decide that you have enough knowledge to avoid this site and refuse to refund your money.

  36. rob graham says:

    Just attempted a purchase at Kentis.shop this afternoon. Mobile validation didn’t come through, then realised the website has warning signs all over it that I should have spotted – (no valid contact, mastercard icon doesn’t link, street address and VAT no. not on company databases; and TV was out of stock everywhere else, letalone discounted 30%!) – but great detective work above through whois. I’ve just blocked my card with NatWest!

  37. rob graham says:

    re-read the above. FYI: it came up as an advertised site on google.co.uk when I searched for Panasonic TX40HX800B on my Android phone, but not on my laptop. Have captured screenshot and can provide screenshot on request

  38. What you’ve said is helpful. Make sure you report the site and attempted fraud to actionfraud too. Doing nothing about it will leave the website up for other people to get scammed.

  39. Anna says:

    I also just got caught by Kentis online. I purchased a Dyson Airwrap for £314 and entered my card details, then it said I would receive a code via text from my bank which I did but it said the amount was CHF 350 to Casino Zuerich which set alarm bells ringing, then it just timed out so I have canceled the card. I have no pending payment but really hope it doesn’t disappear form my account tomorrow. I have reported to Action Fraud. Thanks for your site letting me know about the scam!

  40. Glad to hear that this site has helped. Changing card and reporting to action fraud is about as much as you can do. And searching for the name of the shop you are about to buy from before buying helps.. but isn’t flawless, saleave (Another scam site mentioned above) has “astroturfed” their trustpilot reviews which makes them look slightly legitimate.

  41. Thanks for this. Site (kentis.shop) is still up and offering 30% discount and free delivery until the end of this week. Found with a search on my phone for a (Which? Best Buy) LG SN5Y sound bar.

  42. John says:

    Just an update and I’m curious to know if others are suffering the same as me… having given all my details to an electronics scam site I cancelled my credit cards and no money was taken however, since then I am being bombarded with emails telling me my macaffe and Norton antivirus has expired (which I don’t have) and now I’m getting emails with bitcoin advice notes showing quite large sums of money on them.
    No money can be taken but it is unnerving, is anyone else getting this?

  43. Carol Taylor says:

    Thank you for your work on this.
    Made an order last night from Techtop: https://techtop.shop/ (best online electronic store!!) for £139. They asked for payment from my card and said they they would generate a confirming number by text from TSB.I entered my card details then got a genuine text from TSB telling me that they would be texting me to check a transaction. Shortly after I got a text genuinely from TSB asking if I had made a money transfer transaction to UAH. I texted ‘yes’. So I had authorised the transfer. UAH then proceeded to take 11 payments from my account totalling £735. Luckily I checked my emails for a purchase confirmation and there was nothing there. Then I checked my bank account and saw all the pending payments. Then I contacted TSB Fraud department (really helpful) who could not stop the payments as I had apparently authorised them by texting yes to one payment but will refund me the fraudulent amount.

  44. Mr Bernard Mrozek says:

    Oh dear Seems I am joining the club. Paid £332.10 with my Visa on 10th Jan for a 42 inch LG Which best buy TV not available elsewhere. I got an email from SalesAve UK confirming my purchase which was supposed to be delivered on 29 Jan. Seems like I will be contacting Visa this morning!

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  46. Gavin Watts says:

    They got me after I googled for current stock of Xbox x, saleave.com was one of the 1st to come up so it never crossed my mind they were scum. They got £450

  47. Where did they use your card details?

  48. Who are “these people”? This article mentions many websites.

  49. Prasad says:

    hi may i know if this website is scam? https://electronicsonlinelimited.com/

  50. shirley ball says:

    Thanks, I nearly ordered from Instant Electronics but thought price was too good to be true, did some digging and found your article. Keep up the good work.

  51. They are saying that the card got declined and ask for bank transfer. I think is fraud. Please check for me.

  52. Almost certainly a scam (brand new domain registration, prices that are too good to be true on products that everyone else is out of stock of) but I’ll have to investigate later.
    Also related: “atomgadgets19@gmail.com”

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  54. Thanks Bruavic, definite scam. Can you let me know how you found the site(s) ?

  55. I found them on gumtree. After contacting sellers, they forwarded me these websites. Just by curiosity, why are these websites still live after such a long period of time? Obviously they cheated a lot of people… Is there any chance to report these websites? I’ve tried to report them to Action fraud, but looks like nothing happens.
    My report was submitted on this link : https://www.ncsc.gov.uk/section/about-this-website/report-scam-website

    Any other ideas?

  56. That’s all you can do, and battling to get your money back via the bank. I know several of the money mules have been arrested and prosecuted in the past but it’s a tricky one to get to the top of. Policing in the UK just doesn’t have the resources required to tackle it sensibly.

  57. I see. I’ve tried my best to leave a warning review on trustpilot for each website, I’ve tried to list them on AWS forum as well, and reported on your website forum as well. I even tried to create my own wordpress website as yours, but they require a paid plan of 5 pounds per month… and I’m not looking to pay if from my pocket, so I’ve tried to keep it free.. another warning is always welcome.

  58. Just a quick question, can you please take a close look on this website as well?
    Because they come with the same excuse that the card processor got a glitch and they require bank transfer as a method of payment, and I noticed that you haven’t listed that website on your new forum page: https://thecomputerperson.wordpress.com/2022/06/12/electronics-goods-scam-2022-version/

    Thanks for your time.

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