Electronics good scams 2020 version

I’ve a long history of tracking electronics good scam websites (The 2015 to 2019 saga is here)…


This year they are finally back again*.. I was first alerted to them after a BBC news article. What is more worrying this time is they catch their victims by advertising in the Google Shopping tab making their site(s) look far more legitimate.

(*I’m pretty sure it is the same people but not 100% certain.)

The scammers go under the company names:

Related at some undetermined time in the past:
gerber-elektronik.com – seems to have targeting German speaking victims.

“Owl Geek” (OWL-GEEK.COM – registered 28th March 2020).

“Perlmann-Store” (perlmann-store.com – registered 11th April 2020).

“Pearce-Store” (pearce-store.com – registered 17th April 2020).

“Tech Ziox” (techziox.com – registered 18th April 2020).

“Cynax Tech” (cynaxtech.com – registered 18th April 2020).

“My Tech Domestic” (mytechdomestic.com  – registered 20th April 2020).

“Cynax” (cynax.co.uk – registered 26th April 2020).

“Tech Fave” (techfave.co.uk – registered 2nd May 2020).

“shopavo” (shopavo.co.uk – registered 3rd May 2020).

“Shop Zeal” (shopzeal.co.uk – registered 7th May 2020).

“Boboxo” (boboxo.co.uk – registered 8th May 2020).

“Storaxy” (storaxy.co.uk – registered 14th May 2020).

“Wiovo” (wiovo.co.uk – registered 15th May 2020).

“Zeppler” (zeppler.co.uk – registered 15th May 2020).

“Tofevo” (tofevo.com – Registered 20th May 2020).

Here are some bank accounts that have been part of a recent scam targeting people who are after TV and entertainment electronics:

SORT CODE: 11-06-92

SORT CODE: 23-69-72

VICTIMS: Please see the previous article for advice on how to recover any lost funds. It is also very important that you report the fraud to ActionFraud to help collate data and also allocate crime fighting resources to the crime.

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2 Responses to Electronics good scams 2020 version

  1. Colin Nicol says:

    Really enjoy your mails. Although the computer stuff leaves me bewildered. A while back you saved me a fortune on a new tv which was a scam site. Keep up the good work Colin

    Sent from my iPad


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