Bank accounts associated with electronic goods scams

tradeelectronixx co uk scam

Latest Update 22nd March 2017: They’ve resurfaced on and I’ve been informed that any victims who sent payment after 16:00 on 22nd March 2017 are to chase return of the funds by the destination bank as after this time the destination bank was aware the destination account was being used in this fraud. Victims – please see all the information below and also report the fraud to actionfraud.

I’m trying to collate as much information as I can about these TV scammers.. they request BACS transfers but never ship goods and then move onto another name shortly after.

If you have _any_ information about this or have been a victim please leave me a comment (anonymously if you wish) by commenting using the form below the article. Any information helps.

I would also advise reporting the fraud to Action Fraud or (and?) the police. As soon as you can also speak to your bank. People HAVE managed to get their money back via the banking system.

Here are some bank accounts that have been part of a recent scam targeting people who are after TV and entertainment electronics:

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (Before 1st December 2016):uk digital warehouse advert for large led tv

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (1st December 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (3rd December 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (3rd January 2017):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (9th January 2017):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (22nd March 2017):

Mapping of the sort codes used (that were not internet / central banking locations). Seems to be mainly North West london.

The scammers go under the company names:

( – registered 12th May 2013 – since expired)

( – registered 20th May 2014 – since expired)

“Surrey Sound & Vision” ( – registered April 2015 and since has been suspended)

“Gadget Store”

“High Definition Galaxy”

“HD Galaxy” ( – registered November 2014 and still active today but with no working website)

“Brighton Sound & Vision” ( – registered December 2014 and still active but no working website)

“The TV Zone” ( – registered March 2015 but since suspended)

“Canterbury Electronics” ( – registered July 2015, still active but the nameservers set on the domain claim it has been suspended by the hosting company)

“HD Vision & Sound (Leading the Digital Revolution)”

“Pro Digital Vision (ProDigitalVision / The Television Specialists)” – ( registered 17th Jun 2015 and currently still active, no website on it though)

“Surrey Electronics” ( – registered July 2015 and still active)

“UK Sound & Vision (The Home of Technology)” (registered 13th Feb 2015, domain suspended by nominet). (registered 24th March 2015, domain suspended by nominet). (Not sure why but this site is very different. Hosted in a different place and the domain is registered with a different company. However some of the above company names can be found on within the site. I am confident this is the same people. The domain was only registered 25th July 2015 UPDATE: This domain got suspended by nominet weekend of the 8th August 2015!)
Hosted at until suspended (

“HD Village” ( registered 4th July 2015 but since suspended by nominet).

“Planet HD” ( registered 14th May 2015 but since suspended by nominet).

“Windsor Audio Visual” ( registered 9th July 2015 but since suspended by nominet)

“Television Castle” / “0203 151 6722” ( registered on 7th August 2015. Domain suspended by nominet 14th August 2015 some time in the afternoon.)

“BargainPixels” “leading the resolution revolution” / “0164 293 1014” ( registered on 13th August 2015 via a whois privacy service. Domain suspended by nominet 26th August 2015 some time around 4pm.)

“4K TVs Direct” / “01223 790 766” ( registered on 27th August 2015. Domain suspended by nominet on 8th September 2015.)

“The World of Televisions” / “01364 210 122” ( registered on 15th September 2015. Domain suspended by nominet on 21st September 2015.)

“Home Cinema Direct” / “0207 164 6871” ( registered on 24th September 2015. It looks as though a similar name may have been used back in 2013 by these people. Domain suspended by nominet on 1st or 2nd September 2015.)

“Ascot Electronics” / “01344 508 006” ( registered 13th Oct 2015. Domain suspended at some point between 14th and 26th Oct 2015.)

“Television Warehouse” / “0207 099 5568” ( registered 19th Oct 2015. Domain suspended at some point between 28th Oct and 31st Oct 2015.)

“The Television Sale” / “0203 086 7868” ( registered 9th November 2015.)

“Essex Television Warehouse” / “01621 880 024” then moved onto using “01621 770 215” ( registered 18th November 2015.)

“Electronics Portal: / “01273 569 023” ( registered 21st November 2015. Domain suspended 15th December 2015.)

“London Electronics Warehouse” / “0203 637 5867” and “0203 637 5873” ( registered 5th October 2015. Domain suspended 15th December 2015.) see the comments below this article dated 8th December 2015! This website seems different to the previous scams but appears to request funds to be sent to the same destination.

“HD Hi-Fi” / “0208 819 3604” ( registered 11th December 2015.)

“Televisual Warehouse” / “0207 183 3109” ( registered 22nd December 2015. Suspended some time after December 25th 2015.)

“HD AV DIRECT” / “0203 369 0034” ( registered 11th January 2016. Domain suspended 22nd January 2016.)

“Canary Electronics” / “02030 867 612” ( registered 20th January 2016. Hosting account suspended 25th Feb 2016.)
[Associated fake Amazon reviews and fake review site at registered 29th January 2016.]
canary electronics fake amazon reviews

“UK Digital Store” / “0203 369 0032” ( registered under the name “Carlton Williams” 19th April 2016. Domain suspended 29th April 2016.)

“Sparky’s Electrical Supplies” / “0121 288 4391” ( registered 2nd December 2015.)

“Electronic Trade (UK) Ltd” / “0121 288 7730 and 0192 227 0191” ( registered 29th February 2016. Domain suspended 23rd June 2016 AM.)

“Electronic Trade (UK) Ltd” / “0192 277 0191 and 0190 557 0291” ( registered 23rd June 2016 PM. Website hosting(?) suspended 18th July 2016.)

“TeleTronics” / “0203 151 4855”
( registered 22nd November 2016. Domain suspended late December 2016.)

“London Hi-Fi” / “0207 859 4067”
( registered 28th November 2016. Domain suspended late December 2016.)

“Digital Vision UK” / “0207 965 7293”
( registered 17 December 2016.)

“TV Galaxy” / “0162 296 1998”
( registered 30th December 2016. Domain suspended.)

“Entertainment World” / “01293 366 966”
( registered 5th March 2017.)

uk digital warehouse co uk amazon advertThey run their website with a robots.txt that prevents it appearing in google or being archived by – reducing the chance their scam sites will be linked.

All websites until August 2015 seemed to be hosted and registered at justhost on shared hosting.

All domains registered with fake addresses. Victims are obtained by adverts on Google and Amazon (See the screenshots dotted around this article).

The logos and images on their website are authored using Adobe Photoshop CS5 for Windows.

uldigitalwarehouse home page

television castle scam site

Victim Count – New (I believe I can detect how many victims have placed orders.)

[Potentially 19th Oct 2015] -> 9pm 26th Oct 2015: 319 people.
9pm 26th Oct 2015 -> 9pm 27th Oct 2015: 30 people.
9pm 27th Oct 2015 -> 10pm 28th Oct 2015: 9 people
10pm 28th Oct 2015 -> mid-day 30th Oct 2015: 3 people (the website hasn’t been accepting orders most of the time due to “no payment options”.) between launch and 6pm 13th Nov 2015: 9 people.
6pm 13th Nov 2015 -> 9pm 14th Nov 2015: 8 people.
9pm 14th Nov 2015 -> 6pm 15th Nov 2015: 3 people.
6pm 15th Nov 2015 -> 6pm 17th Nov 2015: 0 people. Also today, 17th Nov, their website isn’t accepting victims orders claiming “no available payment methods”. between launch and 4pm 23rd Nov 2015: 12 people.
4pm 23rd Nov 2015 -> 3am 24th Nov 2015: 5 people.
3am 24th Nov 2015 -> 2pm 24th Nov 2015: 12 people.
2pm 24th Nov 2015 -> 5pm 24th Nov 2015: 4 people.
5pm 24th Nov 2015 -> 3am 26th Nov 2015: 14 people.
3am 26th Nov 2015 -> 3pm 26th Nov 2015: 5 people.
3pm 26th Nov 2015 -> 9pm 26th Nov 2015: 18 people.
9pm 26th Nov 2015 -> 11:59pm 26th Nov 2015: 17 people.
11:59pm 26th Nov 2015 -> 5am 27th Nov 2015: 7 people.
5am 27th Nov 2015 -> 9pm 27th Nov 2015: 22 people.
9pm 27th Nov 2015 -> 4pm 28th Nov 2015: 9 people.
4pm 28th Nov 2015 -> 4pm 29th Nov 2015: 29 people.
4pm 29th Nov 2015 -> 1am 1st Dec 2015: 24 people.
1am 1st Dec 2015 -> Onwards: Their website isn’t accepting victims orders claiming “no available payment methods”. I presume this means they will move company name within the next few days. between launch and 9pm 4th Dec 2015: 50 people.
9pm 4th Dec 2015 -> 4pm 5th Dec 2015: 8 people.
4pm 5th Dec 2015 -> 6pm 6th Dec 2015: 3 people.
6pm 6th Dec 2015 -> 12pm 7th Dec 2015: 13 people.
12pm 7th Dec 2015 -> 7pm 8th Dec 2015: 23 people.
7pm 8th Dec 2015 -> 1pm 9th Dec 2015: 14 people.
1pm 9th Dec 2015 -> 1pm 10th Dec 2015: 23 people.
1pm 10th Dec 2015 -> 12pm 11th Dec 2015: 18 people.
12pm 11th Dec 2015 -> 2pm 12th Dec 2015: 17 people.
2pm 12th Dec 2015 -> 1pm 14th Dec 2015: 34 people. between launch and 12pm 15th Dec 2015: 16 people.
12pm 15th Dec 2015: -> 12pm 16th Dec 2015: 7 people. 14th January 2016 -> 15th January 2016: 3 people.
15th January 2016 -> 21st January 2016: 52 people. between launch and 11pm 28th January 2016: 9 people.
11pm 28th January 2016 -> 1pm 29th January 2016: 7 people.
1pm 29th January 2016 -> 4pm 30th January 2016: 15 people.
4pm 30th January 2016 -> 8pm 3rd February 2016: 5 people.
8pm 3rd February 2016 -> 2pm 13th February 2016: 8 people. between launch and 2pm 22nd April 2016: 6 people.
2pm 22nd April 2016 -> 7pm 28th April 2016: 15 people. between launch and 6pm 9th June 2016: 46 people.
6pm 9th June 2016 -> 1pm 10th June 2016: 5 people.
1pm 10th June 2016 -> 10pm 11th June 2016: 10 people.
10pm 11th June 2016 -> 7pm 12th June 2016: 18 people.
7pm 12th June 2016 -> 1pm 13th June 2016: 5 people.
1pm 13th June 2016 -> 11pm 13th June 2016: 13 people.
11pm 13th June 2016 -> 1pm 14th June 2016: 9 people.
1pm 14th June 2016 -> 11pm 14th June 2016: 16 people.
11pm 14th June 2016 -> 6pm 15th June 2016: 17 people.
6pm 15th June 2016 -> 1pm 17th June 2016: 101 people.
1pm 17th June 2016 -> 4pm 18th June 2016: 39 people.
4pm 18th June 2016 -> 6pm 19th June 2016: Unknown.

Bank reaction:
What is quite interesting during this investigation is the response from banks. Some responses astonish me.

Santander – Did take down the details and said they would pass it on to their fraud department. The second time I called to report a different account I was met with a very frosty guy who’s advice was “report it to the government”. 3rd time I called and spoke to the complaints line who took the details but didn’t seem too clued up on what could actually be done about it.

Lloyds – After a 30 minute call with a very police and interested “first line?” chap – he told me that the police or the account holder are the only ones who can report fraud on an account and referred me back to actionfraud / police. He sounded as frustrated as I felt and understood why it made sense that I was attempting to report the account. (Lloyds are a safe haven for scammers then!)

Nationwide – Seem to actually have a special investigations department who seemed quite adept at taking the details they needed without getting confused over who I was and why I wanted to alert them to a suspicious account. (Option 1(all) 4, 4)

NatWest – Put me through to the “fraud team” who put me through to the “scams team” who then answered their phone as “fraud team”.. so a bit confused. So far one of the quickest and easiest banks to deal with.

TSB – Instantly told me that unless I had sent money to the account in question or the account in question was my account they refuse to take any information and advised me to contact the police. (TSB are a safe haven for scammers then!)

Halifax – So far the bank with the longest hold time to speak to someone. Once through I was told that they refuse to take any details and I need to go via the police or Action Fraud.

Barclays – Standard Barclays “long wait” to speak to someone but the lady I spoke to seemed interested in taking details and said it would be passed to the department that investigates potential fraud. The trouble with Barclays is the stupendously long wait to get through to humans on the phone, this makes it prohibitive to spend time reporting fraudulent accounts.

HSBC – A stunning response to my call. The initial offshore agent I spoke to was very interested in helping me reach the right team and, after a few minutes on hold, came back to me with a telephone number for a department to speak to. I called the number and was greeted with an equally enthusiastic lady (onshore) who congratulated me that I had managed to reach the correct department and took the details. The department I have the phone number for is the specific department that liaise with victims of these types of scams so were very pleased I was pro-actively reporting an account. Their phone number doesn’t seem to be published anywhere on the internet so I’m now incredibly glad I have it!

I can’t help but feel there is some kind of due diligence failure if they fail to take down details and at least keep a record. Maybe I will get time to read this document and find out if I can approach it from a different angle.

ACCOUNT NUMBER (Mid July 2015):
09-01-26ACCOUNT NUMBER (Mid July 2015):
77-91-10ACCOUNT NUMBER (Mid July 2015):
60-06-25ACCOUNT NUMBER (Mid July 2015):
09-01-28ACCOUNT NUMBER (Late July 2015):
00100000 – is this even valid?
11-12-31 – this is validACCOUNT NUMBER (Early August 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER (10th August 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER (12th August 2015 AM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER (12th August 2015 PM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER (13th August 2015 Late PM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER (15th August 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (18th August 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (21st August 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (22nd August 2015 AM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (22nd August 2015 PM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (24th August 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (25th August 2015 AM and early PM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (25th August 2015 late PM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (28th August 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (31st August 2015 PM):
60-22-08 (Initially they were giving people the details with a typo as 60-22-80).

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (4th September 2015 Late Evening):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (6th September 2015 PM):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (8th September 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (16th September 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (19th September 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (26th September 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (28th September 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (29th September 2015):

Gap in data here while they used the domain. I didn’t have time to update the list of (likely) fraudulent accounts.

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (26th Oct 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (27th Oct 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (28th Oct 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (13th November 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (16th November 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (23rd November 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (24th November 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (26th November 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (27th November 2015 00:09):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (28th November 2015):
31612547 (Duplicate, last used 26th November 2015)

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (1st December 2015 01:00):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (Unknown date):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (4th December 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (7th December 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (8th December 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (9th December 2015):
10518262 (Duplicate, last used 16th November 2015)

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (10th December 2015)

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (10th December 2015)

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (12th December 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (15th December 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (23rd December 2015):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (14th January 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (18th January 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (19th January 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (21st January 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (22nd January 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (28th January 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (29th January 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (22nd April 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (9th June 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (13th June 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (14th June 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (21st June 2016):

ACCOUNT NUMBER: (21st June 2016):

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141 Responses to Bank accounts associated with electronic goods scams

  1. B.Booth says:

    Thank you for the information. This has probably saved me from a problem as I havn,t yet used them. I thought it was a bit too good to be trueso thank you once again. B.Booth.

  2. Simon says:

    I too have fallen victim to this scam, the BACS transfer should have been the trigger point at which time I should have stopped the proceedings. But alas I did not, now i am £499.99 out of pocket. I realised that I had been scammed about 20mins after sending the money via BACS payment. They are good, they even follow up with an email as too why the TV wasn’t delivered and not to worry as a new delivery date has been set! The telephone number will always go into voicemail and you can leave a message. All I can do is reiterate to other prospective buyers – Don’t the goods will never arrive.
    As for retrieving my money, my bank First Direct, they immediately attempted to get my transferred funds back, but as I had emailed them to validate that I had transferred the money, they had withdrawn it. All they have to do is monitor there inbox to see who their latest prey is and how much the’ve managed to skim off them. First Direct have requested the bank to reimburse me as goods are not forthcoming and as such are in breach of payment.

  3. Magda says:


    Unfortunately I have fallen a victim of the scam myself today.

    I have purchased TV last week and it meant to be delivered today
    but nobody delivered it! I reaserch on the Internet and found out that
    the website is a scam!
    I’m £300 out of pocket and absolutely fuming!

    Thanks for your post, it’s a shame I have read it too late

  4. Hi Simon & Magda,
    Make sure you report the fraud to actionfraud ( ) and also explain the entire situation to your bank and see what they can do.

  5. Simon says:


    I reported the fraud to my bank minutes after realising that I had been scammed a matter of minutes after purchasing from the fake site. My bank (First Direct) were really understanding & attempted to retrieve the money immediately, alas because I sent them an email stating that the money had been transferred (Their request) they had conformation of the funds being deposited into their account. Although I made the connection fairly quickly & the bank responded instantly the money had been removed. My Bank has made a request to the receiving bank for the funds to be returned as the goods have not been released/delivered. I wont know their response for up to 10 days from the request.

    I have reported the fraud via your link, i don’t want anyone else to be deceived by these unscrupulous bastards.



  6. I would read this and ask First Direct what additional protections you should be entitled to due to fraud using faster payments:

    Also ensure you have reported the fraud to the police (who may direct you onto Action Fraud).

  7. Simon says:

    Hi ?,

    Thank you for your assistance, its much appreciated. You are obviously angered as much as I am that these fraudsters are getting away with it time & time again.

    My daughter is in the Police and can’t quite believe that I wasn’t on guard as per usual when checking sites out, she also suggested reporting it to Action Fraud, however she thinks that the Police will; be unable to do anything about it. Our goverment has cut funding to the Police forces so severely, they have enough trouble investigating day-to-day crime and don’t have enough recourses to fight cyber crime.

    The problem occurred due to the site link being at the bottom page via Amazon. If it hadn’t been there I would never have found them!

    Not sure if you’ve attempted to sign into the site again, but it no longer exists!

    Depend-ending on what the bank manages to achieve, if they fail to retrieve my money, I will make a claim on their responsibility & Duty of Care to it’s customers, they have allowed an unscrupulous person/s use their bank for fraudulent gain! They failed to ensure that the bank account holder was a responsible person in when opening the account.

    Your link states:-

    If money has been taken from your account as a result of a fraud you have additional protection.

    But it fails to state how, I will attempt to find out exactly what that means!



  8. As you can probably tell – all sorts of scams piss me off. The majority of posts on this site are e-mail scams, phone “computer support” scams, malicious advertising scams etc.. The trouble is so many people go “oh well” and ignore it and move on, don’t document anything and then someone else gets scammed.
    The power of google is massive – I try to document as much as possible (even small details) in the hope that someone searches for something obscure in relation to one of these scams and then finds these pages containing more information that may help them verify that it is a scam or to hand over to authorities.
    What is very frustrating, for me is the lack of ability – by phone companies, banks, internet providers etc. – to report fraud without being a victim. They tell you to go away and ask the victim to contact them which is quite often not something I have control over.

    Ref: the faster payments protection… I also don’t know what it means.. I can’t find any info with a quick google too. Your bank is probably the best place to ask that question to.

    The website is actually still up.. the domain name is down. If you hack your “hosts file” on your computer you can get to the site, log in and still “purchase” stuff. They seem to have changed bank account once more too.

  9. Simon says:


    As long as the server is down most people won’t gain access to the site & able to purchase anything!

    For the record they operated:- Account Number 58891860

    Sort Code 30-99-86



  10. Colin says:

    Just like to thank you for your info on this company almost lost my money. I did my research before buying, checking out all aspects of the site, even down to spelling mistakes. I also phoned their office for technical advice, again it checked out and proceeded to purchase. Everything ok until payment page where I expected to pay by Visa or PayPal, but no it was bank transfer. I almost did it but something was nagging at me in particular by not paying by Visa I had no protection. The other thing was that there was no comments from satisfied customers. Decided to do one more check and found your site. Thank god. Keep up the good work I am eternally grateful and not out of pocket. They keep mailing me asking to complete the sale. Fat chance. I think I almost did it because like most men and their toys, the need to have your brand new state of the art bit of technology over rides the cautious part of the brain that is trying to warn you. Thanks again

  11. Very glad to hear that this prevented you becoming a victim. The worry is so few people do checks on companies – especially if advertised on somewhere reputable like Amazon :( Imagine how many people are getting scammed.

  12. Stuart Hallam says:

    i have been caught by this company ( i saw there details at the bottom of AMAZON and trusted it. just now wonder what if any Lloyds bank can do. Very displeased with AMAZON.

  13. Abdullah says:

    Another victim here. Stumbled upon 15/08/2015 pm. Made a quick search on Google but did not go down enough on the page to see your site! My bad. Thought that a bank transfer might even be safer than credit card because a UK bank would not allow a company to have an account without proper documents! Called my bank TSB this morning (16/08/2015)and explained the situation to 3 different employees and was informed to call the dispute department tomorrow! The scam bastard of course are not answering phones and emails to them failed. Funny enough they gave me a coupon code for 10% off. 269 £ potentially lost.

  14. Simon says:

    Hi, really pleased that people are reading your site before being scammed like I was, the hardest part is keeping up with their new bogus names and also that they are still able to open bank accounts to dupe potential customers into transferring their hard earned money into the scammers pockets – Come on Lloyds do something about it! One other thing to remember if you have been caught, report it. The more they can build up on these deceitful bastards the better!

  15. Ken Newsome says:

    Made the same mistake as above comments with – have informed my bank (Santander) and Action Fraud as a victim. Any further suggestions for retrieving my £400 would be welcome!

  16. Colin Nicol says:

    Still looking for TV.noticed this company offering great deals, I think to good to be true. Not sure if scam or not. They are advertising through Amazon

  17. It is part of the same scam. What had you searched for on Amazon to see their advert / link?

  18. Colin Nicol says:

    I was looking for 60 inch 4K TV. It appeared at the bottom of the page

  19. stuartkhallam says:

    Hi Colin,

    Yes it seems they are real bad. I contacted Lloyds fraud and was told it could take up to 4 weeks for any progress. I doubt if i will get a refund as I did the money transfer BACS. have emailed AMAZON but no reply, it was at the bottom of their webpage. Don’t know if there is anything more I can do. Any readers with any suggestions please feel free to email me. >

  20. Simon says:

    It seems to me that there is a common link here – Its almost always a Lloyds bank account, Lloyds have a duty of care, they are failing to do sufficient background checks on the person/s applying for a bank account with them. Enabling them to open multiple spoof accounts and using them for fraudulent gain!

  21. Paul says:

    So glad I checked one last time before I purchased a TV from this website. I have been looking for a 48inch Samsung smart TV for the last few days, when I noticed a link on Amazon for bargainpixels. I could not believe my luck, a perfect match for £299. I then carried out a Google search on the model number and the cheapest I could find was £300 dearer. I then decided to buy it at which point I was offered 10% off for registering for there newsletter. It was at this point alarms started ringing, and I found your website. I can’t thank you enough for highlighting these scammers. I then unsubscribed to the newsletter and they said I would be welcome back at anytime, I don’t think so. I have to say the website is very good and I would never have guessed it was bogus. Once again a very big thanks.

  22. Peter says:

    Hi to all you of you out there..
    I ve also been a victim of this tv scam. Came accross when searching for “tv 5 years guarantee” . The website looked really well made. There was someone to answer the phone up until 1.5 weeks after the initial order. Payment by BACS had me doubt but after the quick search how safe and secure it is I went for it. Anyway long story short 400 out of pocket and no tv. I realised that smth wasnt right when the phone stopped being answered. I called my bank(barclays where I was asked to wait 10 days)and their bank (Natwest where they didnt even wanted to speak to me as I wasnt their customer) I tried to give them info on them and possibility of it being a scam but noone wanted to listen. Since then spoke to barclays and as soon as they found out it was bacs they told me i m on my own. What annoying thing was is that website was still up and running for 3-4 day after it had been reported.

  23. I’ve been in touch with the police about this ongoing scam. Their advice was to make sure you report the fraud to ActionFraud:
    While it may not help recover the funds (keep pestering your bank or possibly ask citizens advice if they have any information on how you would go about recalling a fraudulent BACS payment) it will help the police track and allocate resources proportional to the “exposure” of this scam.
    One of the worst things you can do is be a victim and not report it. This leaves the police with less information and less reason to allocate resources into tracking down those who run the scam.

  24. I know what you mean. I contacted Lloyds bank again and was told ‘you may as well handed them the money in the street’. not the kind of reply expected from a so called high street bank. The police have replied to my fraud report but say it may take 3-4 weeks and advise as many people as possible to report these cases. I emailed Amazon about the site appearing at the bottom of their webpage-NO REPLY. Simons point regarding Lloyds is good but they do not seem to be bothered. I even gave them the persons name, address and phone number which I found on I also passed this info on to the police.
    I recommend this site to all you unlucky people.

  25. Sadly the name and address they use for domain registration are invented / fake. The most recent domain they have registered has even got a privacy service applied to it :\

  26. EBRIMA says:

    is safe website or a scam?

  27. EBRIMA says:

    I have been been a victim of a TV scam. I have been looking for Ultra HD smart TV for the last few days, when I noticed a link on Amazon for bargainpixels. I could not believe my luck when I saw their reasonable TV prices. When visiting the website, I saw a Panasonic 55AX630B LED 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart TV, 55″ with 5 years guarantee for £499.99. The website looked really professional designed. I called their phone number and there was someone to answer the phone up until 7pm after the initial order. Payment by BACS made me to have doubts about them, but nonetheless, I went ahead and paid £450 into their Nat West bank account on 25/8/15. They promised to contact me by 26/8/15 regarding delivery date and time but they never contacted me again. Anyway to cut a long story short, I am £450 out of pocket and no TV. I then carried out a Google search on Bargain Pixels, only to discover that it was a scam. Their website has been shut down. The TV was priced at £499.99 but I was given 10% off for registering for their newsletter. So I paid £450. I have purchased a 55 inch TV on 25/8/15 and delivery details were to be given to me on 26/8/15, but none was received. I researched on the Internet and found out that the website is a scam! I’m £450 out of pocket and absolutely angry! Any further suggestions for retrieving my £450 would be welcome!

  28. To me bestprice1 certainly doesn’t look like it is run by the same people as the TV scam sites. However I’ve no idea if they are legitimate or a scam.
    The website was only registered in April 2015.

  29. Talk it through rationally and calmly with your bank and see what the procedures are. Possibly speak to citizens advice. And absolutely and importantly – report it to Action Fraud and/or the police. (Although the police may tell you to just go to Action Fraud).

  30. Colin Nicol says:

    Hi still looking for a TV came across this company, it is called 4KTVS The prices seem too good to be true. Not sure?

  31. Same scam artists that one (! Thanks for alerting me.

  32. EBRIMA says:

    Be warned. is a reincarnation of They are the same fraudsters who took money from me and no TV was delivered. Sooner rather than later they will be caught and tried before a court of law.

  33. susan says:

    Scammed out of over £1000 by a website called prodigitalvision. Reported to Actionfraud. My bank unable to get funds back as obviously had already been withdrawn. They did get the receiving bank to put fraud blocks on their account to prevent them using it. Absolutely disgusted with these criminals and cant believe I fell for it. Very humiliating experience. A hard lesson learned.

  34. Ebrima says: is still running and innocent people are being scammed out. What can be done so that the website can be shut down?

  35. Adam says:

    I too have fell victim to these conniving bas@ards! I wouldn’t never normally be so foolish, I have always lived by the moto “if it’s too good to be true it probably is” there websites are very sophisticated and this needs stopping now before these people run away with millions of pounds of innocent people’s money. Fortunately I’m only out of pocket £400 and I’ve already resigned myself to the fact I’ll get nothing from my bank.
    However if I can help someone else not make the same mistakes then great!

    I’m pretty annoyed with how this happens, if anyone gets any good news in how to recover there money please post..

  36. sbmato says:

    Is Best Price Derby a scam? I ordered a camera a while back and it got cancelled by them promising a refund after 3-4 days. It’s been 18 dyas now and still we haven’t gotten a refund despite them still saying its coming.

  37. Doesn’t look like the same people. But going by the (very few) reviews that I can find.. they don’t seem to deliver goods.
    Also their domain was only registered in April this year so they have not been around for a particularly long time either.

  38. Frenchish says:

    Yesterday I clicked a link from amazon to Good website and having come straight from Amazon pretty much sold it to me that they must be reputable. Being on an iPad, i put a few searches into google to look up the company but nothing came back, just links tot he site. A day later, at work on a pc, try another Google search and find this page. Already been on to Action Fraud and my bank (Halifax) armed with the (so-called) company’s account number and sort code. What hope do i have though – not a lot. I feel an utter pillock!
    Beyond being a pillock, I don’t understand why it’s so hard to trace these criminals given that you must be able to link a company or person to a sort code / acc number. What the internet needs is a .gov site that you can paste any company’s email address into and find out directly, date like if it’s a known scam site or when it was set up and so on so you can decide yourself whether or not to use it.
    Thanks to this page alone, I’ve managed to follow up my mistake as soon as possible but I’m not sure I’ll get a result. £395.95 down the toilet. What a mare! Thanks for putting this up – as above you’ve already saved a few people that were about to put money into the hands of the scamming bastards.

  39. Marco Fanicchi says:

    I too have now lost £359 to this scam from and the advert I answered was via AMAZON … which may I add I have been using for years.. What I do not quite understand is how come these people are able to open bank accounts and the banks do not feel responsible for the fraud we fall predators to .. these are bona-fide bank accounts and the bank should have all the details of these Fraudsters .. if they do not have their details or fraudulent details are used, then the Banks should be held liable for the loss.
    YES I should have picked up on the direct transfer .. but I have paid for items previously with direct transfer when a site has been advertised via Amazon and have not had any problems.. Maybe AMAZON should also be held responsible for aiding these fraudsters and allowing them to advertise in their site.

    We should start a petition whereby BANKS are held responsible for bank accounts used in FRAUD cases..

  40. Marco Fanicchi says:

    Just made contact with a lady who said her name was “Katie” at the 01123790766 number She states that according to her records there was a delivery attempt at 3.10pm yesterday afternoon .. I WAS HOME NO DELIVERY WAS MADE. Now they will reschedule delivery (according to “KATIE”” she cannot do it .. it has to be done by the delivery department.. – I asked if this was all a scam and stated that I have already reported them for the Police.. She said it was not a problem and that I should write this all down on an e-mail and send it to them … to Lets see how long they going to string this along for.. Maybe long enough for the Police to intervene?

  41. They were doing this months ago.. claiming delivery had failed and they would retry.
    I’d ask why they keep changing bank accounts ;)
    Or even better – just demand a full and immediate refund. I’d like to see that one fulfilled.

    Ref: the second to last comment.
    The banks annoy me. I can’t believe that at least 3 banks refuse to take down details. I would write to them but the time it takes to get a letter there and then for someone to actually read it would probably be too late anyway. Madness.

  42. Marco says:

    I have now requested a full refund…and was given instructions to e-mail the request to , when that returned a “non deliverable message” I was told to write it to .. which I have and to make it for the attention of “Haley Smith” Lets see what happens .. I will post the outcome here .. I have also asked them to contact me to discuss the reason .. lets see if they call me and what number comes up…

  43. Ebrima says:

    Don’t waste your time Marco with these miscreants. You’ll not get any refund because this is a scam and these people are big fraudsters. The banks are not interested. In fact, these fraudsters find it so easy to open new bank account, almost every other day. I am also wondering how come Action Fraud Police are yet to nip these people in the bud –

  44. Marco says:

    I just don’t understand .. I try to open a bank account and by the time they do open it .. Not only do they know who I am but also what toothpaste I use.. How can others open accounts so easily … Was there not money laundering measures set up so that banks are responsible of whom they give accounts to? Maybe we should be able to make these losses as financial donations to misfits and deduct them from our taxable earnings so that the Government can also get affected .. And possibly then do something about it …

  45. Marco says:

    I have already ordered a new TV .. This time via .. And paid via PayPal … From now on .. PayPal.debit or credit cards or cash on delivery … Sorry for the honest people out there .. But once bitten ….

  46. RE: Bank accounts – going by how many they seem to go through and how quickly I expect they are stolen or otherwise co-opted bank accounts belonging to real people.

  47. simon crossland says:

    with all these scammer out there who can you trust ebay amazon etc they could be on there too

  48. Using a payment method that gives the buyer some protection like paypal, credit card etc.

  49. terri says:

    wow reading these comments a few days ago would of saved me from spending £1048.95 on line with .Distraught !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bastards

  50. Speak to your bank right now and see what recourse you have to either claw the funds back and I would probably also speak to citizens advice. Do not forget to report your loss to Action Fraud too – I’m not sure they are going to be any help with getting your money back but at least it adds the loss to some sort of government or police database which might increase the chances that the perpetrators get caught.

  51. Jan says:

    Just lost £800 to 4ktvsdirect feel such a fool

  52. Good find, thank you. I will update the post later today.

  53. Steve says:

    account 11030 12172968

  54. Steve says:

    11 03 60 12172968

  55. roger says:

    lucky escape as i read your page by accident.ascot electronics bank details on 27/10/15 were acc No 12172968 sort code 11-03-60

  56. Marco says:

    I cannot believe the Police is doing nothing about these people .. I reported the scam and fraud to them.. but have received no communication from them in this regard .. DO they even care? What would they do if the fraud was to the detriment of the HMRC .. I should book this as a loss to my company as the TV was for the flat in London I use for work

  57. Marco says:

    HAs anyone thought of sending this information to DOG WATCH , maybe they can request the Police to look into it and the Banks to explain..

  58. Peter says:

    yep been done good and proper with this one!- they used Natwest account number above, owner is registers in UK Ashleigh Breedy based in the UK, 34 Syndenham Road, London, SE26 5QF, phone number is still 0207 099 5568 and it rings with message “only office hours”
    website is registered US with further info on
    absolutely gutted with this as we saved up to buy TV for kids this christmas!
    will report to Police and bank but unlikely to do anything.

  59. annonymous says:

    I fell for this back in the summer. Nothing can be done I am afraid. After the investigation was closed by action fraud I received a nice email saying that the owners of the accounts had been arrested and questioned. They would not or could not divulge who the ring leaders are though. The owners of the accounts may have been People making a quick buck or had their accounts stolen/hacked accounts? They claimed not to know anything about it….Who knows. My only option was to take the owner of the account that received my money to court and sue him. I will post the email in full that I received if anyone interested. just beyond belief, I was so angry and what worries me more is that this is still going on. Surely action fraud can stop this if its happening under their very noses, its hardly a cold case reading peoples comments


  61. Very good spot, thank you.

  62. John says:

    I thought their prices were too good to be true so I went into “whois” and discovered that the website had only been registered on 18th November by a Connor Mckeown who’s address is listed as 2 SELWYN CLOSE, NEWMARKET, essex CB8 8DD . This rang bells so I investigated further. I came across this page which confirmed my suspicions. Thank goodness I did the checks and didn’t order from them.

  63. The addresses used in the domain whois information is often an unsuspecting person or just doesn’t even exist.

  64. Chris says:

    Been well and truly suckered into this!! So annoyed at myself for doing so! Just reported to Sussex police and my bank first direct. Saw the website on a SPONSORED GOOGLE AD!!!! Came up third on the list!!! Ordered Tuesday spoke to a girl by the name of Kimberley received emails of order confirmation all looked legit. Had my suspicions that it was only bacs transfer. Yesterday tried to contact them only for the phone number to not work. Same today!! First direct are contacting nationwide to try and retrieve money but I don’t hold any hope, particularly reading comments on here!!!
    May I ask thecomputerperson… how have you got banks details (list in your post above) of orders having been placed in the past?

  65. I’d rather not go into how the victim numbers are being worked out. Who knows if the people running the scams are reading this and would take steps to change things.

    Bank accounts are easy – just keeping a list of places people were asked to send payment to over time. At one point I was also trying to report the destination / fraudulent accounts to the banks but – sadly – I’ve not had time recently to keep up with calling each bank each time a new account appears.

  66. Chris says:

    No that’s fair enough but you do seem to have accumulated quite a history on these scammers. I’ve not long spoken to Action Fraud and they are looking into this forum so hopefully it will help to bring these c**ts to justice!!!!

  67. Feedback from a visitor to this page:
    “I had some time to kill so thought I would phone the number advertised on their website 01621 880 024 to ask why I was not able to make payment by credit card. What sounded like a young woman with a London / South East accent answered, and without my asking immediately advised that payment could not be made over the phone. When I enquired about Credit Card payment she then went on to explain that their system ‘was down’ and not able to accept credit card payments but they were hoping it would be repaired and running again tomorrow. She advised payment by BACS would be the best and quickest way to secure the purchase. I then advised I would wait till the next day in order to pay by credit card, at this point I could tell her tone was one of disappointment, confirming my suspicions!”
    “It sounded to me like it was a mobile phone, there was quite a lot of background noise and if im not mistaken, she answered with “hello” rather than a formal store / shop name etc.”

  68. John says:

    This may – or may not – be a scam. Looking for a Kenwood mixer I found it at EMAElectronics at a good price and a further 10% off if I registered. I went through the transaction with my credit card then received an email purporting to be from Trusted Shops telling me payment was guaranteed and an email from EMA saying the credit card had been declined and asking for a bank transfer to 07-04-36 09097022. A check with my credit card provider showed that they had never even tried to take the payment. I won’t be proceeding and have had my credit card stopped.

  69. The signs don’t look good. It doesn’t seem to be run by the same people as this TV scam though.
    The reason I say that EMA Electronics / doesn’t look good are:

    1) Domain Creation Date: 2015-11-02 (recent)
    2) Domain whois details are hidden with a privacy service
    3) Their credit card details taking form don’t use Verified by Visa or Mastercard Securecode.
    4) Their phone number (0141 356 4875) seems to be registered with Vodafone which, from my investigation in the past, seems to often be a Skype “in” number. This phone number is in Scotland.
    5) The website shows an address in Portsmouth (serviced / shared offices I think) yet the map above it shows an address in Scotland. The streetview shows a business that has a very different logo (but same name) to the website. Their phone number is very similar to the real EMA Electronics (same first 4 digits, same last 4 digits but not within the same “exchange” range).
    6) On November 15th 2015 the contact page listed a different address.
    7) The “orderID” for my test order was only in the 170s which suggests their website has only taken at most 170ish orders. Hardly a busy business.
    8) Their website has a meta tag for “noindex, nofollow” which should be telling google not to index their website. Why would a genuine business want to hide from search engines?
    9) The terms and conditions seem to have been lifted from legitimate retailer “”.

    With all of the above I would say that is a similar scam but run by a very different group of fraudsters.

  70. Chris says:

    One more click of the mouse and we would have fallen for scam, my husband fortunately asked me set up bank transfer for Essex televisions which immediately rang alarm bells! Thankfully I stopped and found your site. Most of us work hard for our money and it’s so bad that these scams are still gong on and basically stealing from innocent people trying to save a few pennies! Keep up the good work!

  71. I would like to draw victims’ attention to this snippet from some academic research:
    “we found that 26% of our sample would attempt to recover funds lost in a fraudulent [sale]* and approximately half of them were reimbursed.”

    “*Internet auction fraud could be when you buy fake or stolen goods, or when you pay for goods that never arrive.”

    Firstly it is sad to see so few people attempting to claim back funds sent to criminals. Secondly it is slightly encouraging that 50% of people actually do get the money back if they do try! If you have been a victim PLEASE continue to talk to your bank and escalate it to their dispute resolution and finally to the Financial Ombudsman.
    Also ensure you have reported the fraud to Action Fraud.

  72. Janis says:

    I tranfer 400£ to essextelevisionwarehouse on black friday. What a full I was. Now i Need contact my Tsb bank Monday. Website looks very legit except Bank transfer.what a fool .

  73. derek says:

    i to fell for this scam orderin a tv at 399 but when they asked to pay by bank transfer i became suspisious and decided to check them out and they were running a scam so i pulled out so always check online

  74. jason says:

    hi we have fell for the EMA electronics scam !!!!

    hi, we have purchased a fridge from ema electronics and our payment of nearly £400 did go through from our bank ? but then last wednesday when it was meant to arrive it didnt !!! we phoned them and they said it had been delivered to the wrong address and that they couldnt re-deliver for another week !!!! we said thats not good enough and asked for a refund !!! they said they would refund us and the money should show in our banc by friday the 27TH nov ? and as you can quess we still havent got anything and e-mail telephone and website have all gone !!!!! any advise would be grateful, thank you

  75. So the Cretins are on the move again. I contacted Lloyds fraud team-USELESS, contacted London police-NOTHING. I gave them both the phone number and the site owner name and address in London when they got me for £299.they were castle tv then. just wish we could get them put away or even better meet them (If you know what i mean).

  76. Jeremy Price says:

    Thank goodness I found your site with all the details of EssexTelevisionWarehouse’s scam. I was just about to buy a TV and thought I had better check first. I got to their site via a link on Amazon – surely Amazon have a duty to stop/ban these kind of scam links? These jokers have obviously been around for a while and depend on buyers not actually checking up on them. I thought it all looked genuine and they have even emailed me a 10% discount code – now my email address is going to be bombarded with other scam mail, no doubt.
    Thank you for taking the time & trouble to try and warn people about this kind of thing. I’ve bookmarked your site and will check back regularly. Appreciate your work.

  77. Ref: EMS Electronics person..
    See my comment here:

    Contact ActionFraud and and then your bank and don’t let it go. Keep pestering for a payment recall and escalate it complaint if necessary.

    Good luck.

  78. George says:

    Got duped a couple of days ago on , website identical in prices and structure to the Essex television warehouse site. Same people. Bank account number 160048 – 10147224 RBS. I realised within 3 hours I got duped and called action fraud and my bank. Just found out from my bank (Santander) today that my case has been declined, they called RBS to try and ring-fence they money so they could not take it out, had al;ready been taken out and they will not retry again. Took them a day to get around to calling. Have been trying to trace their website and email origin, they are using different hosts and servers to bounce around the world and a PHP email account of some sort. If anyone is savy enough to understand an email header happy to post it if you think you can trace the real origin of email. Wish I came across the Essex website earlier to put two and two together.

  79. Anth says:

    I fell for this one on 29th November. same story, alarm bells rang so I called them, seemed all above board. . Transferred the £549 and no tv turned up. I called them back and spoke to a woman who claims she has no idea who the company is or what I am talking about.

    Is seems as though its a longer running loyds account of theirs ? Loyds 23116768 sort 30 94 66.

    Reported to action fraud and my RBS bank acam department is in touch with loyds to see what they can do. Heres hoping !

  80. Lee says:

    I was looking for a new television during the recent black Friday sales and saw the offers by Essex Television Warehouse. Their prices were lower than others, and I was interested. I selected a TV, registered, and tried to pay for it. But they would only accept BACS payments!!! I typed in NAFF OFF and looked elsewhere. No way I send somebody a BACS payment AKA “The World of Leather” scam some years back where they offered cheap goods for a week, only accepting debit card payments, and then they went bust. What an utter shocker that was. If they will not take a credit card, ask yourself why not? I called Nationwide to report a scam and they said that they would pass my concern onto their fraud department. Happy to give evidence for any Nationwide customer who made payments to Essex Television Warehouse after I reported them to Nationwide on 26th November 2015. I believe that if Nationwide failed to block payments to a fraudster after being warned, then they are liable, not the customers.

  81. Ken Newsome says:

    How many more times do banks, the police, fraud dept, the government have to be told
    about this.
    I was scammed in July this year and still they continue to rob innocent people

  82. It is rather disappointing.

  83. Mr S Dar says:

    Please be aware Essex Television Warehouse is a scam and fraud, they took £674 via BACS but did never deliver telivisions- I reported to bank and Action Fraud. My bank is not co operating to get my money back or recall the payment even i reported them after 5 hours of the payment. Could anyone please help to get the money back from these frauders.

  84. It’s all down to you. You will have to keep pestering your bank and keep going through their complaints procedure and then to the financial ombudsman I expect.

  85. Anth says:

    How is it possible that this essextelevisionwarehouse site is still up and running ? Concidering the length of time since it was initially reported !?

  86. Dormerroof says:

    Ema Electronics have taken £899.99 of my money after me foolishly sending the money via faster payment on 27 November from my Nationwide a/c to their HSBC a/c Nationwide are now in contact with HSBC to refund my money as the account was carrying out scams. It has been reported to action fraud who have had a number of complaints about the company. Has anyone been successful in having their money returned by HSBC and how did you do it? Ema also hacked into trusted shops website who are also victim to their scam. They also fraudulently used a company number which belonged to Ema electrics . Thank you.

  87. Cath says:

    There is another website Is this anything to do with the scam?

  88. ELLORRO says: a slight variance with the website, pick an item, go to checkout and the paypal doesn’t work but they then ask you to select another payment method…….BACS…….. and gives a further 5% off the price for using BACS

  89. George says:

    Has anyone contacted the Financial Ombudsman regarding their bank not doing enough to retrieve their money? If so, was there an outcome?

  90. ELLORRO, good find on the site. This one seems to be slightly different to all the “confirmed” scams.
    I also believe this too because there are now two sites advertised on Google.. potentially splitting the victims. Maybe the group who ran the previous scams have split or someone has seen how effective the scam is and is copying their tactics:

    -They seem to have a company registered with Companies House ( the day after their domain was registered. (Postal address of 6 Rockford Avenue Perivale Greenford UB6 8AH)
    -They seem to have a verified PayPal account, verified on 4 Dec 2015, which means they have setup a successful direct debit to a bank account. (The PayPal option has disappeared from their website)
    -The director name at Companies House matches the name the domain is registered with. Supposedly Ms Fatima Salih is around 22 years old.

    -The address they quote for their business is an industrial unit currently listed as available for rent.
    -They use the same wordpress plugins as the scam sites.
    -They use the same web hosts and domain registrars as the scam sites.
    -They are advertising in the same places as the scam sites.
    -Images on the londonelectronicswarehouse site have been authored using the exact same version of Adobe CS5 for Windows as images on the “known scam” sites.
    -The Terms & Conditions seem to be an exact copy of those from Currys.
    -PayPal can only be used for transactions under £100.
    -The PayPal option has disappeared entirely from their website.
    -The bank account they asked for payments to be sent to has changed since the site launch.
    -On the 13th December 2015 they listed the same destination bank account as one of the previous “known” scam sites.
    -The domain is registered for only 1 year.

    I can’t instantly say they are or are not a scam. However – I personally wouldn’t use them given what I’ve found.

    Extra info: In April 2015 the same postal address associated with the domain (19 SEATON POINT NOLAN WAY, london, E5 8PY) was also associated with – since then a privacy service has been applied to

    For some reason this address and name is also associated with the phone number “0871 9532119” which seems to be associated with a dental practice, a medical practice and then a supposed unemployed computer “genius” Harry Milnes. This is likely to all be coincidence as the number in question seems to just be a call forwarding service that may have reallocated the number multiple times.
    Currently requesting payments to be sent to ACCOUNT: 30694150 SORT CODE: 20-27-49
    As of 14th December 2015 I believe they have had at least 83 victims.

  91. roz says:

    Hi I have bought sonos speakers from EMA electronics and received an order confirmation saying a payment invoice will be sent shortly. This was 27th November and I’ve now realised its a scam. Although I put my bank details in nothing has come out of my account, do I still need to take any action or have I got off lightly?? Thank you

  92. It is probably advisable to contact the bank or card issuer or whatever details you filled in to ask what the procedure is if you think you gave your payment details to a disreputable / fraudulent company.

  93. Mr T says: is a scam site do not order from them. If a price of a TV is hundreds for pounds cheaper than any other retailer, then alarm bells should be ringing already, also the only way to pay is by Bacs transfer avoid.
    The site looks professional and did speak to a woman on the phone number provided with a southern accent, but she was very vague on products. Tried to ring back later in the day and only got through to a american voice answer phone. Checked IP adress and it is also registered in the US. The site gives a Brighton telephone No and the address Old brick works Lewes with no Unit Number, Looked up units at the brick works and no sign of this company being based there.
    I sent an email to the company to supply more info regarding UK VAT no and Unit number and could i collect and pay in cash from warehouse, and also informed them i throught the site was a scam, did not get a response, no surprise there.

    Please do your research before buying a product off the internet, if there is no info or reviews on a company on the internet or the price of goods is so cheap ask yourself why.
    I have reported the above company to trading standards and also the uk fraud unit

  94. Miss M says:

    I almost bought a TV from but when I couldn’t pay by credit card I was not willing to try. I always suspected something because their prices were so cheap and when I phoned their landline numbers It was actually a vodafone mobile. And there were a few other things that was rather suspicious, like how they claimed you should send them a £10 cheque so that they would delete your details…

    But what finally did it for me last night, is when I realised they had copied and pasted all their TV information from Currys website!! That in itself has to be illegal! I reported them to Currys last night and I will be reporting them to the policy today!!

  95. Sharon carver says:

    We have just foolishly lost £350 on the electronic portal website. HOW CAN SCAMMERS GET AWAY WITH THIS!!!! I feel such a fool and have had no help from my bank TSB. Is there anyone who has managed to get their money back? It was hard saved for money.

  96. R Harris says:

    Electronics Portal (you scumbags)
    Website appeared genuine at the time 30/11/2015
    Spent £349.99 on TV, received confirmation email and further email stating delivery.
    However, when the TV did not arrive as planned I followed it up.
    Numerous telephone call to the number on the website 01273 569023 rang and rang and then an automated message saying this person is unavailable became worrying.
    No replies to emails
    Contacted my bank for assistance and they had the account details for the above scam company on their radar.
    Fortunately I’ve been reimbursed but watch out for lowlife scam companies like this that prey on innocent victims.

  97. I’m so glad you got your money back. And also thanks for posting so here, I’m sure it will make other victims slightly more optimistic over recovering their funds.

    Which bank are you with and do you know which bank the fraudulent destination account was with?

  98. R Harris says:

    ACCOUNT NUMBER: (30 November 2015):

    Thanks for highlighting these cyber criminals

  99. J Sample says:

    Just been had on 8 December for 349.99 by using sort code 60 12 02, a/c no 26676052. This followed from a sponsored link on Amazon. TV hasn’t arrived today as promised and can’t make any contact, then came across this website.
    Will contact bank, Amazon, ombudsman, even God himself, tomorrow.

  100. Andrew says:

    Just been had on 8 December for 289.00 by using sort code 60 12 02, a/c no 26676052. This also followed from a sponsored link on Amazon. TV hasn’t arrived yesterday as promised and can’t make any contact, my little girls Christmas present now has broken my heart, then I read this which came across this website.
    Will go to bank, today but its gone, what can be done about these terrible people who brake hearts of innocent children, I feel so stupid.

  101. Marvin says:

    I have fallen for the same scam with paid by BACS from my bank and they changed their delivery date from the 15th to the 17th. I think they did this to throw me off and as soon as the delivery date came I realised had been scammed. I spoke to my bank who said they would take 21 days to see if I can get a refund and have also reported the issue to Action Fraud. Hopefully this is sorted and if not will take this issue to the ombudsman. I am usually very aware buying stuff on the internet and this just shows you can be had at any time. Live and learn.They used Natwest account 60-12-02 sort code and the account number 26676052.When I tried to contact them the email bounced back and the phone number just rang out.

  102. Munish says:

    I have spent £300.00 on electronicsportal with the account number17613668
    And sort code is 309466.
    My delivery date is 18 dec.
    They haven’t deliver TV [so far today].

    I feel they conned me.

    I don’t know what to do now. Please someone help me.
    It’s heartbreaking.

  103. You won’t be getting any TV.. Sorry (you are among many others in the same situation).
    Right away – speak to your bank and ask if anything can be done to recover funds when you have been a victim of “Internet Auction Fraud”. Read the comments I made recently about the statistics on how many people manage to get their money back from their bank.

    Once you’ve spoken to your bank you should also report the fraud to Action Fraud. See the link to do this at the top of the main article.

  104. Damien says:

    I have spend £349,99 on electronicsportal
    Account Number: 10521364
    Sort Code: 110758

    They haven’t deliver TV

    I called to my bank Lloyds after 40mins of chat, they gonna return my money til Monday.

  105. irene says:

    paid £499 to HD HIFI on 15th Dec 2015 supposed to deliver 19th Dec 2015, called constantly cuts off after 3 rings between 9 – 5 outside these ours they say to call back during normal office hours, I have also emailed them and have had no response, contacted my bank TSB, and reported it, just got to wait now ,
    always thought I was careful , certainly will be from now on

  106. Hi Irene,
    Please keep an eye out on your e-mail in the next few days for an e-mail about your loss. Especially check your junk folder. If you don’t have any e-mail about this fraud – leave another comment here please.

  107. Jennifer Barnes says:

    One question keeps spinning around and around in my head……..Doesn’t banks or any financial institution have a legal obligation to report fraud to the police once the have been alerted to it? And, why doesn’t the bank inform their customers that Visa Debit Card customers are protected by the Chargeback Scheme ……….” Time limit There is a time limit on chargeback claims – typically 120 days. When this starts depends on the specific circumstances but will usually be from the day you become aware of a problem. There is also an overall cut off point of 540 days for Visa chargeback from the date of the transaction. ” Bank staff are like rabbits caught in the headlights of a car if you quote the Chargeback ruling to them, DO NOT TAKE NO FOR AN ANSWER…………………Be persistent, ask to speak to someone ‘In-charge’ supervisor or bank manager.

  108. Thank you for the comment.. helpful for the victims of the kitchen electrical / white goods website that someone found. The advice doesn’t apply to some of the TV scam victims though due to the below…

    >>”banks or any financial institution have a legal obligation to report fraud to the police”
    I expect banks don’t know if the fraud complaint is frivolous or actually criminal. I’ve seen several people do chargebacks for products they have actually bought but then forgotten about, if each of these were reported to the police there would be way too many false positives.

    >>”why doesn’t the bank inform their customers that Visa Debit Card customers are protected by the Chargeback Scheme”
    In the case of the fake TV retailer websites – they are not taking payment by card. They request that the victim “fasterpayments” them money. This isn’t covered under the same protection. The only thing that _might_ help the victims is if the bank has been made aware that the destination account is potentially being used for fraud and they continue to allow victims payments into the account. This puts it in the realm of the bank being remiss in preventing fraud once notified.

    As noted in one of my comments earlier in this post (use the search function [ctrl+f] in your browser) – there does seem to be some kind of protection for “Internet Auction Fraud” victims, which I believe this kind of scam falls under, so it is worth trying to investigate what protection that gives victims.

  109. Jennifer Barnes says:

    Reading about faster payments and how they work……….. It states the receiving person’s bank does a background check to make sure the transaction is genuine, in my case the person I was sending money to uses the same bank as myself (BARCLAYS) I did my transaction over the phone, I was put through the usual paces, using my card reader etc. When I realised it was a scam I phoned the BARCLAYS only to be told by a Barclays representative that the name of the person I was sending funds to DIFFERED fro the account holder’s name and as I ‘confirmed’ the person’s account as well as handing over the funds ‘willingly’ there was NOTHING they could do for me!!! I have since found out that the same account has been used TWICE in another Ebay scam. Searching the internet the person’s name has cropped up in other Ebay scams. The FOS have upheld Barclays involvement in all of this. I have written to the FOS AGAIN stating this. I received a phone call from the (original) investigating officer at the FOS who has said I need CONCRETE information about this account BEFORE he reopens the case. From my reporting the crime to Action Fraud I was contacted by a police force several hundreds of miles away from where I live, seems they have someone ‘in-the-frame’ so to speak. The investigating poilce force has requested information from Barclays bank so they can proceed with their investigations; Barclays after giving the police the run around for over a month has now told the police that the account does NOT exist, has never existed………………..When they were pushed by the police they claimed they will pass the information on to the police AFTER they have done their investigations. Now, THAT is news to me, when I have made a complaint to them they swiftly sent me the proverbial ‘We have done our investigations letter’ and have given you our ‘FINAL’ decision and that was only after one week. When the Ombudsman stepped in Barclays produced ANOTHER ‘final decision’ letter, a copy of which was sent to me by the investigation personnel from FOS…….. I categorically state that I did NOT receive any such letter from Barclays, so, where DID the second ‘final’ decision letter spring from? Barclays have been ‘shy’ of sending me a copy of my Web Chat, they had promised to via email, seven months later I am still waiting!!!

    One other thing; Barclays are playing cat-and-mouse with the police with regards to supplying information, yet, they were very willing to supply the same information to Jessica Gorst-Williams, THEY wrote to me asking for permission to release details of my case to her.

  110. MJF says:

    Hi, Firstly many thanks to the computerperson for pulling this all together; unfortunately for me, I didnt come across your site earlier and I’m another victim departing with £355 on 11th Dec for a TV via I got the customary email back to confirm the order, and I have subsequently emailed their sales@ … and … with no response, and also called the 020 36375867 number to get no answer.

    On Mon 14th December when I realised I’d been scammed, I immediately contacted the Fraud Team by bank First Direct (part of HSBC) and spoke to Corelea. She said FD would immediately contact Halifax and request the money is returned. FD confirmed Sort 11-07-58 Acct: 10521364 was a Halifax account held at Swiss Cottage/London branch. FD advised they would get back to me in 10days.
    On 15th Dec, I also reported to Halifax Fraud Team (spoke to Swayb and Erfan) on 0345 602 0000 to request they freeze any money in the account. Halifax Fraud Team took my detailed but advised it was unlikely they would get back to me.

    On 7th Jan, I reported the case to Action Fraud and got my CRN report ref. Today, I have also visited my local (Sussex) Police station but they say no further reporting is required as Action Fraud is managed by the Met Police and will make the ncessary enquiries.

    I have noted earlier on this site there are iro +400 victims; assuming an average scam of £400 each, that equates to £160k! Im sure the figure is far higher and will continue to grow until an authority finally gets around to doing something about it, especially if any of these proceeds are finding its way to fund terrorism… Hopefully the authorities/Action Fraud are monitoring this site and will start to escalation progress.

    I have conducted my investigations; I note that from the site (when it was up), referred to London Electronics Warehouse 2015 Ltd. This happens to be a registered company (09811605) on Companies House, incorporated on 6th Oct 2015, regsitered at: 6 Rockford Ave, Perivale, Greenford, UB6 8AH; Director/Secretary being Ms FATIMA SALIH (DoB July 1993). Occupation: Internet Marketing…. ! Ms Fatima Salih can also be found at same address on Yet, when I visited this address in the past week, the young Asian girl at the property did not know of a Fatima Salih!!

    I see from earlier on this trail, that some of the Sort Codes are being repeatedly used, sometimes with a different Acct number however, my concern is that the banks are taking an irresponsible approach by allowing these scammers to exploit what should be very stringent UK anti-laundering rules; if I want to open an account I have to produce a few forms of proof of identity. Likewise, to register a new limited company at Companies House you have to prove your identity.

    I now need to contact my bank for an update as its been 15 working days since I reported the matter to them and theyve not come back to me. I will be back with an update.

  111. Thank you for the comment. Good luck with claiming the funds back. I’ve heard of several people who have been successful so don’t give it up unless you’ve really lost the energy to keep at it.
    One of the things that might be useful to find out is when the destination bank initially heard or identified the destination account as potentially fraudulent. I believe that from that moment onwards they are possibly liable for returning funds that they continued to allow to be sent to the account.

    Ref: The address… I did wonder if it was legitimate. I presume it is old residence of the person.

    Ref: Bank accounts / reuse of sort codes… There does seem to be quite a geographical concentration of the bank accounts around East-ish London. A lot of the sort codes, though, are for the central or online processing centers for the banks so re-use of sort code doesn’t always mean that the bank account was opened at the same branches.
    Additionally I expect that all the bank accounts in use are not opened by the fraudsters but rather genuine (and probably long standing) accounts which have been obtained for use somehow.

  112. Di28 says:

    Okay. It looks like I’m the next victim of this fraud. I ordered a TV for £285. After, I was wondering why the price was so low. I did some research and I ended up here. I told my bank ,HALIFAX, and they said they cannot refund me. BUT, they will get in touch with NatWest and see who these people are and ask the bank to issue a refund.

    I’ll keep you guys updated.

  113. A Neal says:

    Scammed by ELECTRONICS PORTAL bought TV Nationwide chased bank transfer RBS would not release account details Data protection act need to go to commercial court using form N208. Need to take legal advice don’t think it worth pursuing are the accounts bogus as well.

  114. A reader has highlighted another website that is very suspicious:

    The domain was only registered on 20th January 2016 and has a privacy service applied to the whois information. The website accepts bank transfers to a Barclays account:
    ACCOUNT: 63833593
    SORT CODE: 20-92-63
    They also accept card payment but take the details via an insecure page.

    The terms and conditions on the website seem to have been copy and pasted from PC World / Currys.
    There is no postal address listed anywhere.
    The website doesn’t seem to share any infrastructure with the “electronicswarehouse / hdav” scam websites and uses an entirely different back-end ecommerce system.

    The photo of a warehouse on their page is in fact a Brazilian company:

    I’ve found conclusive evidence that this scam is related to the people or group running the scams in the main article. I’ve added the website and bank details to the main article.

  115. ELLORRO says:

    They’ve upped their game with white goods, cameras, games consoles and are advertising on Loot,Gumtree and a French site. The business park where they are supposed to be based has only 10 units.

  116. ELLORRO says:

    Site has a Liverpool phone number
    0151 528 9042
    UK, Liverpool

    Who calls me site gives the following

    Got a call from 01515289042? Report it and help to identify who and why is calling from this number. Phone number was last reported on: 01 Oct 2015.

    Latest Comments for 0151 528 9042
    Craig15 Feb 2015

    i recived à call by this number imposing to be à loan company by the name of easy loan its a scam they want money upfront there is no loan company its a big scam – caller: Easy Loans
    Reply Ban

    John Parker 18 Feb 2015

    This is the con loan company which calls you and ask you to put money in their account as a processing fee the guy himself calls john Niel but he is from Brazil and they are registered on London address – caller: 01515289042

  117. Julie abbott says:

    I have been scanned I brought 3 hot tubs but never arrived of face book

  118. More details please. What page, how did you compete the purchase? Where did you send funds.
    Links to the page or website would be really helpful.

  119. Hello everyone!
    It’s been a while.. The next website to watch out for is – See the red text at the top of this page (scroll all the way up) for all the information I can find.
    It is my opinion and advice to not buy from

  120. Bob says:

    Thanks for all your hard work, computerperson – it’s amazing that is guy has been free to continue scamming people for so long!

    I tried buying through — trading as Electronic Trade (UK) Ltd — and it was the same pattern: “card declined, please use bank transfer”.

    Current bank details:

    Bank Account Name: Electronic Trade
    Account No.: 10643261
    Sort Code: 11-13-56
    IBAN: GB61HLFX11135610643261
    Bank Name: Halifax Bank

  121. Michael wilson says:

    I was the victim of a scam with tradeelectronixx. I ordered a SMEG microwave on 14 june2016. They advise that the bank had rejected my debit card payment and asked for payment by BACS payment. I foolishly paid them. They promised delivery on 20June at around 5.00pm. The product was not delivered. I have tried to contact them. The telephone puts you on hold and goes to a voice mail to leave a message. They do not respond to emails. I transferred money to a Barclays Bank account. I have reported it to Barclays. They say that they cannot reveal anything about the account as it covered by data protection. I have also reported it to my bank and to action on fraud. I realise that I have lost the £355.26 pence which I paid. I am concerned to prove that others falling a victim to this scam. Why is the website still active if people were defrauded over 12 months ago?

  122. Thank you for the information Bob. Very helpful and I will update the list.

    Michael, Thank you for commenting. It is useful to know that the information here is helpful to victims. You’ve already done what I can suggest – contacting the bank and ActionFraud. I also suggest not giving up with the bank. Keep at them about “Internet auction fraud” and possibly speak to either citizens advice.

  123. Big Bear says:

    thanks computerperson. i think you have saved a lot of people a lot of money. good on yer.

  124. Allen says:

    The worst part for me is that I am resident in another country. And yes, I fell foul of them it seems. In my case with whos website was up and running until a day or so ago. My goods should have been delivered today… I became suspicious a little too late it seems. I did complete the Trusted Shops guarantee, and I’m waiting to hear from them, but from what I’ve read here, even that is a scam. I hope they sleep badly at night for the foreseeable future!

  125. Michael says:

    I have been trying to get money back from Barclay’s bank following the scam involving Tradeelectronixx. All they say is that the account was fraudulent and that there was no money in it when I notified them of the scam. I have pointed out that they have failed in their duty of care to ensure that the person who set up the account was genuine. They referred my letter to their complaints department who have replied saying that the original finding is correct. I am complaining to the Financial Ombudsman next I think unless the banks are help accountable the scams are likely to continue.

  126. Do you mind posting the destination account number and sort code that the scammers requested payment to? Keep at it too, somewhere in the comments above is a success story where one victim did get their money back through the bank(s)!

    If it goes as far as the ombudsman I would specifically find out thr date and time the recipient bank were first alerted to fraud suspicions. If this was before the date and time you sent your payment then I expect you have very good grounds for the bank covering the loss.

    Ref: the argument about not checking the account holder thoroughly… It’s very likely that the account is a genuine one owned by a real and possibly long standing customer who has either had their account usurped or has given someone else access to their account (i.e.. Someone random walks up to them in the street and offers them cash in exchange for their bank card and pin).

    Good luck and the destination bank info would be great. I’d also like to know how you get on with refund.

  127. Pam Pantzer says:

    I’m so glad I’ve seen this. At the weekend I ordered a Neff oven from ‘Electronic Trade (UK) Ltd (tradeelectronixx by another name) using my credit card as payment. Today it was still showing as payment pending so I emailed to ask why. I then received a phone call telling me I’d receive an invoice within ‘the next 3 hours’ only to find that I’d received a confirmation of order, with a delivery date but …. my payment had, apparently, been declined so they wanted payment by BACS. At that point alarm bells started to ring and I started Googling – after emailing them telling them I was confused as it seemed I had conflicting info if they were prepared to deliver on Saturday but no payment received. I told them I wasn’t prepared to pay any other way than by card and that I needed them to confirm whether payment had been declined or not so I could go to my card company to find out why. Result of emailing, apart from company house info, brought up this site and confirmed my suspicions. I am going to check with my card company that they have, indeed, attempted to get payment but I suspect that they haven’t and that is just a ruse to try and get the BACS payment. They will not be getting the BACS payment and I will be buying the Neff oven elsewhere, even if it’s gonna cost a couple of hundred more. Better that than lose over £500 to a fraudster – and still have to spend more to get the goods elsewhere.
    Bank details they want me to pay to ……
    Bank Account Name: Electronixx Trade
    Account No.: 18343962
    Sort Code: 30-94-42
    SWIFT / BIC: LOYDGB21112
    IBAN: GB52LOYD30944218343962
    Bank Name: Lloyds Bank Plc.
    Payee reference: 1042758129669
    Amount: £517.75

  128. Thank you so much for the information and I’m glad you didn’t become a victim.

  129. Jamie says:

    Just narrowly avoided being scammed out of near £900 for a Rangemaster cooker. Identical story to above with same Account number. First alarm was the additional 10% discount offered over the phone for no reason, second alarm was the offer to install for free when two certified tradesmen would be needed, and I live at the far tip of Scotland. 3rd and final alarm was when the credit card transaction bounced and they requested a BACS payment. They also provided a link to a ‘trustedshop’ site to help legitimise their business. Thank you computer person for helping confirm my suspicions.

  130. As before – I’m glad that you didn’t become a victim too. Out of interest – how did you discover their website or end up contacting the scam site?

  131. Pam Pantzer says:

    In my case I was looking for a specific make and style of oven and their website came up on a Google search. Cheapest price I could find as well, hence placing the order. In respect of the scam site … same – Google but only once I suspected it may be a scam when the BACS payment was requested and I went searching the names used by them – Electronic Trade (UK) and tradeelectronixx

  132. Pam Pantzer says:

    Just to update. I reported this site to the police via their fraud website after I’d cancelled my order and making it obvious that I realised they were scam artists. Not sure if this has anything to do with that but the tradeelectronixx site is no longer available.

  133. As far as I can see I think the web hosting got suspended. Most likely due to either a police request or because the fraudsters (likely) used stolen card details or paypal account to pay for the hosting and their monthly fee was declined. Far more likely than the fraudsters bothering to shut down because they thought they were “rumbled”. However – who really knows. All conjecture and educated guessing on my part.

  134. Grigor Grigorov says:

    Hi ,new victum here. The new site address is and the bank details is TeleTronics – Halifax,Account Number: 00550994,Sort Code: 11-04-84
    I have paid £549 for a new Samsung TV a week before and the TV never come , i have ask them for a full refund and they still sending me a emals about refund – i hope they will refund me.
    After a report them on a action fraud I have contact with my bank, and they have made a recall , hopefully I can get the money back.

    And another site is just come !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How to prevent all of this not happening ???

  135. I would say that you will not see any refund from the fraud site. They will keep emailing saying that they are processing the refund, it is coming next week. etc. all in an attempt to prolong the time before you report the fraud to your bank or the police (Action Fraud).

    You are best continuing to speak to your bank and progressing the fraud refund request (use the term “Internet auction fraud” as the reason and possibly send them to this page for further information). They may also be more likely to refund the fraud if you have a police or ActionFraud reference number. Also respond to any information requested by Action Fraud or if they ask you to provide evidence.

    Good luck – please do post back how you get on in the coming weeks or months.

  136. Jan says:

    I have fallen for the scam they are on the 9th January 2017. Bank is Nationwide in Swindon. Sort code 07 02 46 account number 31175200. I paid £468.95 for a tv. I received an email from Jenny Dempsey confirming the bank details to make payment. I also receved several confirmation e mails from them. Phone number 01622961998. I contacted my bank 13.1.17 and they attempted to get my money back. Unfotunately the Nationwide account no longer has any funds in, so they are unable to get a refund.

    this has been reported to Action Fraud.

  137. Sorry to hear you are a victim. Reporting to action fraud and continuing to speak to your bank, probably in-branch if you can, about if they have any further advice on how you may be able to claim or claw back funds or possibly ask Nationwide when they became aware of fraudulent use of the account. IF they became aware of the fraudulent use of the destination account BEFORE you sent funds to it – Nationwide may be liable to refund you.

    Also thank you for commenting here and sharing the account that the funds were sent to – it was one I hadn’t been aware of before.

  138. Paul says:

    Black Friday 2016 Scam.

    Halifax ACCOUNT NUMBER: 12258466
    SORT CODE: 110216
    Marcus Green
    Customer Service
    p: 0203 151 4855
    w: e:

    Luckily i checked the website age and it was only a few weeks old. Had some email banter with them and said there was no way I would use BACS. Very professionally built though so can see why people would fall for it.

  139. Several people on an internet forum about deals have reported that they have now had letters from Sussex Police who have been passed the crime information from Action Fraud!

    Have you had this letter? If so, are there any contact details for the department or person dealing with it that you can share?

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