“020 3097 1793” tech support scam

Not much information on this one as I doubt I’m going to have much time spare to investigate it.

Contacted by someone today who had been using Microsoft Edge (hah) to browse using Bing search and one of the results had caused their computer to make loads of noise and lock out with an authentication box that had the following words on it:

“The server http://www.clothscard.online is asking for your username and password.

That server also reports: “Suspicious movement distinquished on your IP address because of a spyware introduced in your PC. Call Toll Free now @ 020 3097 1793 for any help. Your information is at a Serious risk. There is a Computer framework record missing because of some Harmful malware infection Debug Malware error (code 0x80093acf). Call Immediately to correct the issue. Please do not Open web browser or make any changes for your Security Issue to avoid data loss & Corrupt system files & drivers, Call immediately to save Hard disk Failure & Data loss. This Harmful malware is affecting your online information & can Track Financial Activity Contact Certified Technicians at 020 3097 1793 PLEASE DO NOT SHUT DOWN OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER, DOING THAT MAY LEAD TO DATA LOSS AND FAILURE OF OPERATING SYSTEM, ONLINE INFORMATION. HENCE NON BOOTABLE SITUATION RESULTING COMPLETE DATA LOSS . CONTACT ADMINISTRATOR DEPARTMENT TO RESOLVE THE ISSUE ON 020 3097 1793 (TOLL FREE).”.”

The website that triggers the message for authentication seems to be down at the moment so I can’t identify much about that. I might try to troll them on the phone if I have time and a spare computer setup to trick them with.

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