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The spam.

Summary: Other than spamming links in comments on YouTube.. this service (or guy?) seems legitimate and tries to fix issues rather than claim you have hackers, viruses etc. Full Story: If you are a long time reader of this site you will … Continue reading

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TalkTalk’s not-so-Super Router

Recently a customer had TalkTalk Fibre installed.. within days they started having problems with their internet. It generally performed slower than their prior ADSL service! TalkTalk had given them an all-in-one router, a Huawei, under their name “super router”. It seems … Continue reading

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How to enable WAN Ping on the PlusNet Sagem 2704n (F@ST2704N)

Now BT seem to be bleeding their ethos into PlusNet… it seems to be impossible to enable WAN ICMP ping (echo request) on the Plusnet FTTC Sagem 2704n (F@ST2704N) router. Turning the firewall off doesn’t help. There are no settings … Continue reading

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New BT Master Socket Faceplate NTE5c

Not something that gets changed often but BT, from 2016, will start fitting a brand new style NTE faceplate (Network Termination Equipment). Often referred to as an NTE5. As announced at the Openreach Leadership Roadshows and Service Delivery Roadshows, Openreach … Continue reading

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