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Yet another Microsoft Support Scam

Another customer, another support caller scammer.. this time: 08000314014 Email address Remote Support site: Did the standard connect, show them the event viewer with the “scary errors”, showed them the services list with lots of stopped services “scary!” and … Continue reading


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How to block out or map out bad RAM in Windows…

A friend recently came across a Samsung Ultrabook with faulty RAM.. sadly the RAM was soldered onto the board so it isn’t possible just to swap it out. It is also about 13 months old and Samsung refuse to fix … Continue reading

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Exploiting the BT Home Hub 5 SIP ALG Flaw

As described in my last post, the BT Home Hub 5 A and B have a flaw where some port 5060 UDP traffic outbound seems to open up that port to the world to connect back inbound to the LAN computer … Continue reading

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BT Home Hub 5B (5 B) and the SIP Flaw…

A few weeks ago an an article was posted to The Register about a flaw in BT Home Hub 5A seemingly “hunting” for a SIP server and then port forwarding on the WAN to this server allowing fraudulent calls. Initially … Continue reading

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“Outstanding invoice” ( virus e-mail

Another bit of junk today, this time helpful they also included (CC) all the people in the organisation that the message was sent to so I could warn them. Dear emailinfo, Please find the attached copy invoice which is showing … Continue reading

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