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Virus e-mail using stolen personal details

A lot of effort has gone into this infection attempt. First, stolen information (recipients full name, address and telephone number) appear in the initial inbound e-mail into the victim. When you click the link it hops through (not even sure … Continue reading

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What is inside the Enphase Envoy-S (teardown)

If you are interested in other Enphase information the following other pages may also be of interest: Enphase Envoy-S “Data Scraping”. Reverse Engineering the Enphase Installer Toolkit Enphase Envoy-S Open Ports! Here are photos and information about the insides of … Continue reading

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G Suite being used for spam

Microsoft Office 365 suffered from this problem for about a year and have since solved it.. now it seems it is the time for Google to suffer. Spammers are creating Google Apps for Domains (now G-Suite) accounts and creating mailing … Continue reading

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