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UK Power Smart Meters

I came across one of these the other day – a smart meter that had been fitted. These supposedly get rid of the need to read your meter or have a meter reader come over and read it for billing. … Continue reading

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Finding open printers on the internet

While adding a scan destination to one of my customer’s printers on their LAN I was astonished to find it didn’t require any authentication to view the address book and status page of the printer. This took me on a … Continue reading

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Fake Yahoo! Mail Support on their own forums!

Yahoo have a problem today where only 200 messages are being returned in IMAP requests so large folders never list all the mail. While searching for information about the problem I came across their forum section on Yahoo products. … Continue reading


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Office 365 Forwarding Mail with no rules or settings

Recently someone had been in touch with a forum with a strange issue. One of their office 365 users had an e-mail mailbox, brand new, that was somehow forwarding messages to a gmail account when they came in. The powershell … Continue reading

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BullGuard ebay bullying

I regularly sell stuff on ebay.. recently a friend gave me their BullGuard Internet Security 1 year card. They ordered a new laptop and got it in with the deal with no ability to opt-out. They didn’t want it so … Continue reading

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