Fake Yahoo! Mail Support on their own forums!

Yahoo have a problem today where only 200 messages are being returned in IMAP requests so large folders never list all the mail.

While searching for information about the problem I came across their answers.yahoo.com forum section on Yahoo products.

It looks like this forum is plagued by fake support posts with non-Yahoo phone numbers.


In this case “des” responded to the question saying “Contact Genuine Yahoo Customer Support” and then an image containing a US telephone number:

+1-866-350-0239 (aka. 0018663500239)

When called they answer with the generic “Hello, Support” and when questioned “Are you Yahoo” his reply was “Yes, we support Yahoo”. So probably right on the edge of being iffy.

They then ask you to visit logmein123 and, when run, the program says “Pyramids IT”, clearly not Yahoo!. Very likely to be this company http://pyramidsit.net/services.html. The domain is registered using a whois / privacy protection service.

Their website claims their contact details are as follows:

Pyramids IT
40 North Caesar Avenue
Tel: +1-559-940-2738


At which point I hung up and closed my virtual machine.

Beware, upon more browsing I found many, many similar posts.


This one lists:

1888-927-1490 (18889271490)
1-866-350-0241 (18663500241)
1800-256-7021 (18002567021)

Yahoo even seem to allow the username “staff”, adding more weight to this scam :(

1888-927-1490 is answered by the same IVR as the first scam number. This time they request you to use http://www.support.me (logmein still) and the company showing on the client this time is “Trank Technologies”. Very likely to be this company: http://tranktechnologies.com/services.html


The domain is registered at GoDaddy under:

Registrant Name: Rashib Soni
Registrant Street: 1806,kamla nagar
Registrant City: New Delhi
Registrant State/Province: Delhi
Registrant Postal Code: 110007
Registrant Country: India
Registrant Phone: 8860021815
Registrant Email: rashibsoni22@gmail.com

Another email address associated with the domain is “gautam.bsw@gmail.com”

gautam.bsw@gmail.com (Gautam) notes that “We are a international call center based in Delhi & Kolkata.”

This gautam address is also associated with 121techhelp.com which seems to be a landing page for teamviewer, logmein and Amyuni support programs.
This domain also crops up in another tech support scam I’ve come across.

Also www.onestopsquad.com, another dubious support company based in India:

Address: 17 Micahill Rd., Levittown
PA 19056, USA
Phone: +1 800-817-1025

Also www.techs2help.com:

PO Box 44449, Brooklyn, OH 44144, USA
Telephone: +1 844-843-7779
FAX: +1 0123-4567-8900

Gautam has also been associated with dubious, but now expired, domains such as Login-aol-mail.com and gmailassist.com

1-866-350-0241 was answered by the same IVR and they requested that I use logmein, this time it was back to “Pyramids IT”

1800-256-7021 didn’t seem to ever get answered. Rang for ever.

Other numbers associated with the scam
1-844-528-4488 (18445284488) which is answered by the same IVR as all the others. Entertainingly enough the same guy I spoke to on 1-866-350-0241 answered this call! He even used the same name which I think was Mehdi.


A different company who’s IVR announces “Support desk” and then the human clearly lied and said welcome to yahoo support. They spammed the number 1-888-224-8533 (18882248533) also advertising a UK number of +448003101049 (08003101049 / 0800 310 1049).
However the script of the call seems to start off very much identical to the other numbers.
Interestingly they used the “7 layers of security” which I’ve seen in a previous scam.
This seems to be www.securensupport.com running this particular scam..

Whois currently reads:

Registrant Name: Secure N Support
Registrant Organization: Kambro Technologies
Registrant Street: 4531 Laird Circle, Santa Clara CA 95054
Registrant City: Santa Clara
Registrant State/Province: California
Registrant Postal Code: 95054
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.8559126226
Registrant Email: support@securensupport.com

Their website also gives the same contact details.

The domain is associated with “info@onlinetroubleshooters.com”

+91 888 2222 677 USA – +1 8555 226 462
7, Building 5R/1, Near HDFC Bank, BK Chowk NIT Faridabad, Haryana – 121001

and also associated with tacoinfotech.com who give their address as:

+91-9582-51-5180 / +91-9873-97-1058
1/393, Lalita Park, Laxmi Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110092

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10 Responses to Fake Yahoo! Mail Support on their own forums!

  1. spbone says:

    Whoever these scammers are, they probably aren’t that bright. That’s what I’m assuming given that they’re using Yahoo’s old logo and all their images make it obvious they’re fake. What a bunch of idiots, it’s a pity some people actually do get scammed by them.

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  3. Young says:

    I called the number too. Using Log-me-in that looked same as your post the other party, a lady, got access to my computer. She opened a DOS window and showed me “netstat” , told me that my network is insecure. She did not seem to understand my question, so I asked for supervisor. A man appears. He asked for one time service fee of $200. I hung up and closed the Log-me-in window, but my computer started installing Norton with a fake – looking window. I turned off computer and trying to figure out how to detect any virus or sptware. Any advise?

  4. I love Hitman Pro:

    It can be used to scan for free (and shows you what it finds so you can manually remove it) or enable the 30 day trial and it will automatically tidy.

  5. Ms says:

    Wow, I just fell for this today as well and I am usually very careful and know my way around a computer. I feel so stupid but immediately changed all my passwords etc. and have been running scans all day. What a waste of time.

  6. Thanks for your post…it stopped me from making a very dangerous mistake. Had 2 responses…one for the number you posted and another with another number, that was also a fake “support”. Hopefully, someone will come along and help with my issue in an HONEST fashion. Thanks again!

  7. Marty says:

    A friend called 855-897-0732 to get support for a something wrong in his yahoo email. He says he got the number from a physical brochure that was given him when his DSL service was installed several years ago. I guess Yahoo abandoned the number and the scammers swooped in and grabbed it. The support scam company would only take bank routing info for an e check rather than a credit card number. The nice old gentleman is out $200 and has crapware in his system.

  8. Linda Knight says:

    I got scammed last night. I let them into my computer where they “showed” me Russian hackers were using my IP address and identity to make child porn videos. I was so freaked out I let him refer me to that 7th layer of security company that wants $700. I actually gave them my bank info. Woke up this am and realized I probably got scammed. The actual company called 365 helpdesk seems legit and the fake yahoo support never asked for money. They were inside my computer too. No one has drafted anything from my account yet. Not sure what to do. Any suggestion where to take my computer to have it cleaned we be welcome.

  9. They will have lied about hackers and IP addresses etc.. contact the bank for the payment method you gave them and check if a payment has gone through. If not make sure that they can’t take payment.

    Find a well recommended local i.t. person who preferably does home visits to check if the scam company left anything behind on your computer.

  10. Linda Knight says:

    I have McAfee premium support, called them and they referred me to higher lever of support called McAfee Techmasters who went into my computer and cleaned it up. Saw over 300 issues including in the registry that were cleaned up. Changed all my passwords and ran Malware Bytes premium after he was done. I think I’m ok now. Boy, they really pushed my buttons with that russian hacking story. Question, do you think Hitman Pro is better than Malware Bytes premium? Do you think there is anything else I need to do? Thanks!

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