UK Power Smart Meters

I came across one of these the other day – a smart meter that had been fitted.

These supposedly get rid of the need to read your meter or have a meter reader come over and read it for billing. It also, they claim, allows the energy companies to more accurately predict demand and control supply.

It seems that it communicates, somehow, as most mobile reception was pretty unusable at the location, using GSM on the Telefonica / O2 network.

Far more information is here. Some other areas of the country don’t use GSM and rather use some sort of Mesh network setup by Arqiva.

The setup I saw seemed to use a Trilliant box, Model: SEAP-2000-V. As far as I can see it managed the communications with the GSM network and also with the wireless gas meter and the display for the customer in their living room. HAN probably means Home Area Network.


Along with the more interactive display in the house they also had a more traditional meter and display.
Smart Meter Lanie Gyr E470.


Interesting stuff, makes me wonder what happens if you break open the GSM unit and nick the SIM card.. what stuff is accessible!

Update: December 2016. A business smart meter 3 Phase installation!

This one is an EMDI Atlas Mk10D seemingly installed and maybe managed by G4S. The GSM aerial is stuck, externally, along the bottom of the unit.



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2 Responses to UK Power Smart Meters

  1. Jankowiak says:

    I would like to know does this work at all, right now?

  2. Can you explain what you mean “does it work at all”?

    Which bit / what, specifically, would you like checked and I will see if I can help.

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