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“Windows” scam calls continue.

These scams have been around for at least 3 years now but here is another to add to the list. “Windows Service Center” 08000588174 They call up and say that your computer has reported a problem and that you … Continue reading

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Hotmail / / swallowing e-mail.

A customer of mine contacted me the other day asking why one of my systems “password recovery” emails were not getting through. I looked at the server logs and saw: “SMTPC” 2116 10508 “2014-08-24 15:35:08.444” “” “RECEIVED: 220 Sending … Continue reading


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I use unique email addresses for each site that I create accounts on. Looks like the one I used for has been sold to Mercedes-Benz and I am now getting marketing from them. Enraging.

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