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All In One Tech Support Pvt. Ltd. / Tech support scammers and liars. [] and also related This domain is probably not related to the last┬á scam I wrote about. I think the scam has stolen or reused some code from the site. Update on the above crossed out … Continue reading

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Complaint from a customer today about a popup when they were browsing the internet. ** YOUR COMPUTER HAS BEEN BLOCKED ** Error # 268D3 Please call us immediately at: 0-808-238-7541 Do not ignore this critical alert. If you close this … Continue reading

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Office 365 “Reply all is not allowed on this item” with S/MIME e-mail.

Suddenly Microsoft have invented a problem for me (and everyone). All e-mail I send is Digitally (S/MIME)┬ásigned. This has worked absolutely fine for almost every single recipient except for “Windows Live Mail” (the application). But within the last few weeks … Continue reading

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How to “grep -v” in PowerShell

This is more for my own reference in the future when I forget the command. If you are used to Linux / Unix and use “grep -v” to filter out lines in text files (-v does the opposite to grep … Continue reading

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I’ve seen two instances now where one of my customers has been sent an email from a trusted contact, supplier or customer. The sender has obviously had their account already compromised. A near-single line email saying “find the enclosed” and … Continue reading

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