Electronics goods scam, 2022 version

It has been a while, I’ve previously written about similar scams in 2021 and earlier.
I stopped being able to find active sites towards the end of 2021 and, sadly, lost interest in checking after a while.
A recent comment on that page has highlighted that they’ve finally returned.

Here are sites which I believe are scams where they will take your money (often by Stripe card payments) and never deliver anything. If you paid via this method you should be able to do a chargeback via your card company for goods not delivered.
A few of the sites don’t even offer card payment and ask for direct bank transfers. If you made a direct bank payment it becomes a lot more complicated to claim the funds back.

In any case, if you’ve been a victim it is important you raise a case with ActionFraud. This won’t do anything specific but the more people who complain about a type of fraud or a specific website the more likely it is that the police will be able to do something about it. If you don’t report it then you leave it wide open for others to become victims; help others and yourself by reporting loss and fraud to ActionFraud!

Likely fraud and scam sites:

akielectronics.co.uk – Registered 16th November 2021.

bscgadgets.com – Registered 16th November 2021.

gadgetspad.co.uk – Registered 23rd November 2021.

gadgetsaids.co.uk – Registered 5th December 2021.

chappliances.co.uk – Registered 2nd January 2022. (Related keyword “daniel”)

dynamicappliances.co.uk – Registered 8th January 2022. (Related keyword “odessy”)

digitalstoreups.com – Registered 11th February 2022.

appliancesaheadltd.co.uk – Registered 20th February 2022.

gadgetslondon.co.uk – Registered 1st March 2022. (different scam group? Related keyword “vibesvilla”)

electsales.co.uk – Registered 4th April 2022. (different scam group? Related keyword “vibesvilla”)

generalgadgets.co.uk – Registered 3rd March 2022. (different scam group? Related keyword “vibesvilla”)

appliancesplace.co.uk – Registered 30th April 2022. (different scam group? Related keyword “riaj35277”)

atomgadgets.co.uk – Registered 27th May 2022.

extremegadgets.co.uk – Registered 28th May 2022. (different scam group? Related keyword “vibesvilla”)

If you’ve come across these or any others please let me know how you found them. What were you searching for and on what website did you see the link to the scam site.

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6 Responses to Electronics goods scam, 2022 version

  1. Rob Honnor says:

    I was also scammed by a plausible on-line retailer. I bought a TV from Techen Shop with a valid UK address, who waffled plausibly in their emails about delays in customs from their EU store when tracking showed the order had been despatched from China by train. The emails eventually stopped after a while. Research showed they would open a site for about 6 months, before closing and moving to a new site under a similar but different name. Action Fraud were essentially useless as the scammers were based overseas despite the false UK site.
    Fortunately the bank gave us our money back. Moral of the story is – do you research before buying not after,

  2. Bank account details used by fraudsters:
    Sort code – 608407
    Account Number – 39340122
    Account Name – Jordan
    Reference – 27370

    Please beware and report this to Chase.

  3. Which website gave you those details? Thanks

  4. From bscgadgets.com

  5. You can try chatting with them. You will see that at the beginning they will say that the only option to make the payment is via bank transfer. Then, they will send you an invoice with bank details.

  6. They have their email service with Titan mail, and their hosting with Hostinger. Anyone who get scammed by these people, please make a complain directly with Hostinger. If you want, you can make a complain to Hostinger as well. I noticed their hosting location from whois record dns.

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