Amazon customer services tools can leak customer e-mail addresses.

So.. imagine my surprise when I looked at the referrers to my website.

amazon customer services central referral leaks information

amazon customer services centralSay what?!

I’ve redacted part of the address but the referrer stats show the full customer contact e-mail address.

This is astonishing. I presume a customer services rep within Amazon has clicked on a link, supplied by their customer, to my website and the browser (as they do) supplied by website with the referring URL.

The bad thing is – the referring URL contains the direct email address of the customer who raised the query.

I e-mailed the hotmail address and asked if they had been in touch with Amazon! The person had raised a customer services query with Amazon and had referenced to one of my articles.

Notes: This probably only works if the destination website is an https site. Browsers often don’t sent referral information when going https (amazon customer services portal) to http (non-ssl website).

I am quite amazed that no webstats containing these kinds of referrals have ended up being indexed by google.

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