How to enable WAN Ping on the PlusNet Sagem 2704n (F@ST2704N)

Now BT seem to be bleeding their ethos into PlusNet… it seems to be impossible to enable WAN ICMP ping (echo request) on the Plusnet FTTC Sagem 2704n (F@ST2704N) router.

Turning the firewall off doesn’t help. There are no settings under the expert_user.html pages either.

The only solution I’ve found was trawling through many PlusNet forum posts to cobble together the files and information required. I’m posting them here in an attempt to make it a single page of information rather than having to search many threads. Almost all this information isn’t written by me! It is taken from other users on the forums.

Backup your settings using this page:
Update the firmware to either of the custom firmwares created by Matty123123.
(Direct links to the firmwares incase the forum post disappears. Revision 3-A / Revision 3-B).

Read the readme file in his zip files so you know that it temporarily changes your wifi and login details for the router!
The readme also contains the url you need to upload the firmware file to the router.
Once re-flashed. Log back into the router using these temporary details.

Restore your settings. (I believe I used
This will restore your router wifi name to the original name it should have and also put the router back into FTTC mode or whatever mode it was in previously.

Now we can move onto the enable WAN ping stuff..

Download the config from
Copy and paste it into a notepad document.

Find the </X_BROADCOM_COM_AppCfg> line and paste the following in above it

        <NetworkAccess>LAN or WAN</NetworkAccess>

(note that I’ve left the final line as an example of how it should look, don’t duplicate the </X_BROADCOM_COM_AppCfg> line!).

Find the </WANPPPConnection> line and paste the following in above it.

          <X_BROADCOM_COM_FirewallException instance="1">
          <X_BROADCOM_COM_FirewallException nextInstance="2" ></X_BROADCOM_COM_FirewallException>

(note that I’ve left the final line as an example of how it should look, don’t duplicate the </WANPPPConnection> line!).

If you have a ‘space’ as the very first character, delete that.
also delete the “Dump bytes allocated=163840 used=34147” or similar line at the bottom
Upload the settings back to here:

You shouldn’t get any errors if you have edited the file correctly.
If you do, the router will still reboot but probably won’t have applied the changes or will have applied partial changes.
If you need to try restoring the settings again – remember to re-authenticate with the router before attempting to upload the next config (th page doesn’t “time out” when the router reboots; therefore it looks like you are uploading files but they are in fact failing until you re-log into the router).

After the router reboots and reconnects you should be able to ping the WAN IP from the internet! If not then you’ve done it wrong or somehow I have messed up my instructions.

Note that you can’t “nat loopback” and ping your WAN IP from within your LAN! Test pinging your IP from another connection or service like or GRCs Shields Up.

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