New BT Master Socket Faceplate NTE5c

Not something that gets changed often but BT, from 2016, will start fitting a brand new style NTE faceplate (Network Termination Equipment). Often referred to as an NTE5.

nte5cAs announced at the Openreach Leadership Roadshows and Service Delivery Roadshows, Openreach are going to launch a new NTE5c – to replace the current NTE5a.

The new design includes a number of customer benefits, including improved styling, tool-less frontplate removal, customer wiring terminated on the backplate and improved labelling.

For engineers, benefits include tool-less wire connection for both network and customer wiring, and improved corrosion liability, leading to less faults.

A new VDSL frontplate will also be introduced, which will also be a tool-less fit. You will start to see the new NTE5c during early 2016.

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