Free Microsoft Office for most Live@EDU / Office 365 for Education users!

Simple to check!

Or read more here

It seems to allow installation and activation for any user, even with no licenses applied. I presume you do need some users on the O365 domain who do have subscriptions (albeit free)

When you activate using the above link it seems to add the following licenses to the user:

Office 365 Education for Students

Once activated or if you are curious what applications you have access to you can use this link:

Also seems to cover Apple and tablets!

Pretty amazing, thank you Microsoft.

It looks like some administrators may need to change the ‘AllowAdHocSubscriptions’ setting via the latest Azure Powershell.

Set-MsolCompanySettings -AllowAdHocSubscriptions $true

Get-MsolCompanyInformation | fl allow*

AllowAdHocSubscriptions : True
AllowEmailVerifiedUsers : False

For more information on license assignment and domain enrollment see

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