Fake Yahoo Support Number 08000868676

A few of these have cropped up over the past few months. Random new user posts to a forum with a question similar to: “Is Yahoo O(8oo_o86)8676 Yahoo Phone Number UK Technical Support Number?” +448000868676 Or formatted as “0800 086 8676” Along with a post asking a supposed question about their yahoo account that has a problem. Upon calling the number it is answered with a generic “Hello, Technical Support” and challenges over what company technical support they are come back with the question “What company are you after?”. After a while of repeating this I said I was after Yahoo.. the agent at the end of the phone claimed he could help. I then asked “So you are Yahoo Technical Support?” and he replied “Exactly.” So total liars.

Edit: 10th May 2015 – Another post ties this number with GuruAid as the service provider..

Someone recorded how ambiguous they are when you call..

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