“Hole Punching” Net2 Proximity ISO Cards

009302[1]One of my customers has a Net2 Access Control System into their building and every staff member has a Net2 Proximity ISO Card, With magstripe (Part: 692-448).

These work well and are mainly kept in ID badge holders. One of the employees couldn’t wear a lanyard containing the ID card and Paxton card so we attempted to “Hole Punch” the cart to attach it to a keyring.

Seems easier than it actually is. Two attempts failed and rendered the cards unusable. It seems that the aerial wire (induction loop?) runs pretty close to the edge of the card. After the second ruined card I started dissecting the card in an attempt to find where might be “safe”.


Quite clearly the bottom left (when looking at the card from the MAGSTRIPE SIDE!) is a no go area, there is a vast amount of metal there:


Next was the bottom right.. also a no-go area:
IMG_20150204_114730Next attempt, top right – also a no-go area:

Last time I think I sussed it.. but you have to be pretty close to the edge. Top LEFT (when looking at the card from the MAGSTRIPE SIDE!):

I think that the X is where the wire “turns the corner” going by the copper I could see in the cuts that I made.

Good luck, don’t blame me if you ruin your card, but I would be interested to know how you got on – please leave a comment on this post.

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