The Powwow Water Enigma

Too Long – Didn’t Read? Summary: DON’T PAY THESE DEMANDS! Looks like the old company director and or ex employees are trying to collect debt that he doesn’t have the authority to collect.

Debt belonged to Wild About Water (UK) Limited. As of December 2014 nobody has the authority to collect this debt. There are previous court injunctions against ex-director of Powwow Water and associated companies preventing him incorrectly collecting debt.

You should provide your documentation to the police. See the update of 18th December 2014 (near the bottom of this article) to get hold of the contact details of the correct department to do so.
This is especially important if you have PAID these demands!

Full Story:

I happened to be on site at one of my customers the other day. I overheard them talking about a demand for unpaid invoices from one of their old suppliers, Powwow Water.

It was initially flagged up as a confusion as my customer believed they had settled all their invoices and some of the invoices Powwow were saying were unpaid didn’t tally with the deliveries my customer had.

The demand was sent by Ian Close [] (paperwork signed by “Alan Reid”) with the message being submitted by IP address ( with an internal host name of DSVR018203.
The headers reveal that the Exchange Hosting that use seems to be registered under

One of the messages also referenced Kerr, Sophie []
A whois on this domain shows that the domain has been registered under the name Andrew Vint at “vintnet”: (update – since publication the whois has been hidden using a privacy service!)

Registrant Name: WEB MASTER
Registrant Street: UNIT 1 ANSTY COURT
Registrant Street: 31 CAROLINE STREET
Registrant City: BIRMINGHAM
Registrant State/Province: WEST MIDLANDS
Registrant Postal Code: B3 1UQ
Registrant Country: GB
Registrant Phone: +44.7748760372
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +1.111111111
Registrant Fax Ext:

The domain had only been registered 2014-07-03!

Andrew Vint is an ex-Powwow Water employee. (Cache of page just in-case it is edited!)

An MX lookup on this domain also shows that the mail flows to IP [] which suspiciously resolves to “”!

(Since publication the IP Reverse DNS has also been changed to – even more hiding and makes it less obvious it is related to vintnet.. The whois for is protected via the same privacy service as the now is.

However upon further investigation the IP still announces itself as

Already something iffy going on there. The demands are being sent by a supposed legal company that already uses the same IT resources as Powwow Water and run by an ex employee.

Powwow water went into insolvency around 14th March 2012.
This demand for payment of unpaid invoices came through to my customer in July 2014! The invoices they were demanding ranged from 2008 through to 2010 and totalled about £1,500.

My customer had also even called the company that took over the debt and business – Wild About Water (UK) Limited. They said they were aware of a few other people who had been sent these demands and they were nothing to do with them. I have subsequently called them again and confirmed that the account was settled and nothing is due.

Here is the important part from the above (linked) insolvency document.

3.6          Book debts


The most significant asset of the Company was its customer debtor book. In order to preserve value and maintain continuity of supply it was agreed that WAW would carry out the collection of all book debts.

Shortly after our appointment, it came to our attention that the Director had purported to have sold a significant amount of the Company’s book debts older than 120 days to Murray White on the day of our appointment, for a nominal consideration. It should be noted that no sums were received by the Company for those book debts. Under the terms of the CID facility, all book debts were secured to the Bank.

As Murray White and MWL had been targeting customers pursuing recovery of the Company’s book debts. the Bank were required to raise injunctions in both the Scottish and English courts to intervene. Subsequently, successful injunctions were granted by the courts.

The Bank operated a separate pre-appointment bank account on behalf of the Company into which approximately £1.3m of book debts has been received. These debts are not included in the Administrators’ Receipts and Payments Account at Appendix 2. As the Bank has suffered a shortfall of approximately £0.3m under its CID facility, there will be no recovery to the Administration from this source.

On this basis, pursuance of any remaining book debt recoveries would not benefit the Company’s preferential or unsecured creditors. Notwithstanding, no agent,  third party or sol1c1tor has been instructed either by the Bank or the Administrators to pursue recovery of all book debts, which remain secured to the Bank under its CID facility or owed to the Company

So it seems there is instantly confusion over the debt from the day of insolvency. The bank owned the debt due to the CID (Confidential Invoice Discounting) function of the account they had yet the Director, James Clement Park  (Jim Park), sold the debt for little or no sum to “Murray White & Co Limited or Murray White London Limited” (MWL).

Murray White _and_ Futureview Technologies appear on the creditors list at time of Powwow Insolvency!

Funnily enough.. Since around 2007 to today Jim White is a director of…. Murray White & Co Limited.

But! The demand that my customer was sent was a demand from “Powwow Water Company Limited”.
The legal company claimed, and sent documentation supposedly showing so too, assignation of debts and other business from “Powwow Water Company Limited” to “Futureview Technologies Inc.” 5th April 2009, before Insolvency (but, we assume, while the bank still owned the debt). “Futureview Technologies Inc.” then changed it’s name to “Powwow Group Holdings Inc.” on 1st March 2012.

Returning to Andrew Vint (the ex-IT chap still involved who’s name has continued to be used with I.T. infrastructure for Powwow and Columbus Legal) his LinkedIn page explains, slightly more, the relationship between all of these companies:

Head of Information Services
Powwow Waters

Privately Held; 201-500 employees; Facilities Services industry

September 2008August 2010 (2 years)

Head of IS for the Murray White Group which encompasses three business units, Murraywhite Debt Management (Glasgow), Powwow Water Company Ltd (Oxford) and Futureview Technologies Inc (Houston, TX) in the states.

Jim Park has been a director of Futureview Technologies Limited, a similarly named company, since mid 2007 until early 2014. There is currently a Proposal to strike off recorded on Companies House at the time I write this. The last accounts filed also show as Jan 2010.

Once presented with all the information I found the accountants advise was to respond with:

Thank you for your e-mail attaching a certified copy of an assignation between Powwow Water Company Limited and Futureview Technologies Inc dated 5 November 2009.  We further understand that this company has changed its name to Powwow Group Holdings Inc.

We are concerned that this document is signed by James Park on behalf of Powwow Water Company Limited.  We are aware that the same gentleman was also a director of Futureview Technologies Limited and Murray White Limited.  Furthermore that Mr Park has sold some of the book debts of Powwow Limited  to Murray White and that the Scottish and English Courts have raised injunctions against this company due to the fact that these debts were secured to the bank.

We also note that the collection of book debts was to be collected by Wild About Water (UK) Limited.   They have confirmed to us that all our debts are paid.

We therefore conclude that you are attempting to recover “paid debts” to which you would not actually have entitlement to collect.

Update: 29th Oct 2014: Seems that Ian Close (columbus legal) was already associated with Powwow Water. He was Head of Collections in 2008! A visitor to this blog also sent through another IP associated with columbuslegal e-mail. (no reverse dns)

inetnum: –
netname: pulsant14652
descr: Customer LAN subnet
country: GB
admin-c: LUMH-RIPE
tech-c: LUMN-RIPE
source: RIPE # Filtered
role: Lumison Hostmaster
address: Pulsant (Scotland) Ltd
address: Sugar Bond House
address: 2 Anderson Place
address: Edinburgh
address: EH6 5NP

Update: 6th November 2014: Another IP address associated with columbuslegal email submission / sending has emerged… (
Interestingly this server has a number of open services and announces itself as internal name PWW-DC01 (presumably PowWowWater Domain Controller 01) on domain….. “powwowwater.local”

Columbus Legal are sending their e-mails using PowWow Water’s server, vpn or remote desktop services?

Update: 10th November 2014: A new company “POW WOW WATER LIMITED” has appeared, registered in September 2014, with Ian Close as the sole director…

Update: 25th November 2014: Some time between publishing this a month ago (24th Oct) and today – the domain has had privacy applied to it and it’s related hostname changed hiding the vintnet connection. I guess they are reading this blog and covering their tracks?

Update: 28th November 2014: A reader of the blog comments that they have now started to use another domain.. also protected by the same privacy service as the other domains above. The domain has only been registered since 17th November 2014! doesn’t give a postal address and claims they are in the USA. However the website contains a hidden UK telephone number “0191 632 5463” (01916325463). At the moment it seems to be unallocated. The site lists an email address but there is no MX DNS record for the domain so mail won’t reach them.

Update: 15th December 2014: If you are being threatened with winding up proceedings but you still dispute the debt; advice from “The Insolvency Service” is:

“Apply for an injunction to restrain presentation or advertisement of a winding up petition (Insolvency Rules 1986 Rule 4.6A) using Form 7.1aYou would select “liquidation” on the form..

Complete the form and file it with the court for the area covering the registered office of your company. There is likely to be a court fee IRO £155 for this.”

A new physical address has also surfaced for Ian Close.. Some e-mail seems to come from a broadband connection based in a shared office building in Glasgow..

Baltic Chambers, 50 Wellington Street, Glasgow, G2 6HA

The address noted on e-mails from Columbus Legal:

Ian Close
Litigation Director
Columbus Legal Solutions Ltd
83 West Regent St
Tel: 0141 4420256

In July 2014 StreetView shows this as being a Gildeas Solicitors office – who also have their main address / offices just down the road at 97 & 99 West Regent Street.
It’s been pointed out to me that the Baltic Chambers address is where Garner Bruce Legal Services are and their domain is registered to Jim Park at yet another address:

Domain name:

Jim Park

Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
1Kiel Gardens
G82 4BQ
United Kingdom

A little bit more searching around also brings up this discrepancy. A visitor to this site comments..

[J]ust been sent a letter dated 19th May 2012, which states that Powwow Water Company Ltd transferred debt to Powwow Group Holdings Inc. during 2009 and 2010. It then goes on to say that Powwow Group Holdings Inc. have assigned the debt to Columbus Legal Solutions.

Yet a post on an Academic form in April 2012 states that they were told:

[R]eceived a letter on headed paper which appeared to come from Powwow stating that the debts due to Powwow Water Company Ltd had been transferred to Powwow Group Holdings Inc and had then been assigned to Ashton Beveridge.

Note the final assignation is different.. David’s letter dated May 2012 claims Columbus Legal yet a University finance department were given a letter in April 2012 claims Ashton Beveridge.

I’ve also found further reports on a forum for dental practices showing Kate King titling herself “Collections Manager” (supplying 0141 404 6517 as her / their phone number) in an e-mail in September 2014 demanding payment to the following account..

Santander Business Banking
Sort code 09-01-27
Account 08311186

Funnily enough – still the same account number that the University was asked to send payment to in 2012. This same account number seems to appear in demands sent by Garner Bruce in Jan 2014.. as if you need any more reason or re-enforcement to not pay into this account number: Advice from the Devon Audit Partnership ( (On the second to last page and last page)

Update: 17th December 2014:

A visitor to this site, who I’ve been communicating with a few times over the past few months, has sent:

“[Someone who represents the insolvency service gave advice] to tell anyone I was in contact with on this that no one is authorised to collect pow wow’s debt anymore and it is illegal to do so.”

He also notes that this same person asked him to contact the police about this matter as well.

I’ve also noticed another name and phone number associated with the bank account referenced in the last update:

Agnes Litman
T: 0141 404 6181
For Garner Bruce Legal Services

Update: 18th December 2014:

Advice given to me today, directly by the person representing the insolvency service; Nobody has authority to collect [this] debt and it has been this way since April 2013.

For anyone who feels they wish to contact the police – please leave me a comment at the bottom of this article and I will pass you the contact detail of someone at the Economic Crime Unit or someone representing the insolvency service.
(The form is below all the existing comments, make sure you fill in your e-mail address in the appropriate box. It won’t be published on this website but will allow me to e-mail you.)

Update: 12th Jan 2015:

It has been re-confirmed by the police that nobody should pay these demands. They are very in hearing from people who have already paid demands, please read the above update (18th December) to get the contact details.

Update: 28th Jan 2015:
A new name has appeared in relation to contact about supposed outstanding invoices – “Gordon Rahburn”.

Update: 29th Jan 2015:
As far as I can verify – a genuine comment has been posted by Alan Reid of Columbus Legal.

Update: 2nd June 2015:
After around 5 months of inactivity there appears to be renewed interest in this article. I wonder if powwow have re-surfaced and are sending letters again, if you have any information please comment at the bottom of the page!
I also note that the “POW WOW WATER LIMITED” company number SC485586, formed September 2014) is now listed as “Status: Active – Proposal to Strike off” and “Dissolution (First Gazette)” at Companies House!

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90 Responses to The Powwow Water Enigma

  1. John Halstead says:

    I wouldn’t mind having a chat on this to replicate your IP sleuthing. I know that this is a complete scam but I have also just received an email from mr. ian close. However, in trying to resolve his email address and determine his smtp server, I’m throwing up something different. Can you mail me back?

  2. Thank you for commenting! Hope this post has helped you work out if payment is really due.
    I’ve replied to you via email.

  3. Lin Hunt says:

    my company have also been sent a request for payment of unpaid invoices dated between 2008 and 2010 from Mr Ian Close. we have been able to confirm that we have no outstanding debts with powwow. Mr Close did try this about 4 years ago. We are certain that this is a scam do you agree

  4. The company I was helping are not going to pay the invoices on advice from their accountants when given the information detailed here. Unsure if it is a “scam” or the ex-director legitimately believes he has claim to some debt against all the advice from every other party involved.

    Only a few of the invoices detailed in the demand sent matched the actual orders my customer had, the rest seemed to be invented and didn’t match delivery notes or dates of deliveries etc..
    (I expect if the list of unpaid invoices are compared there are probably quite a few “invoice numbers” that will appear duplicated between other parties they are trying to claim from!)
    I might post these numbers later.

  5. dave hunt says:

    many thanks I will pass this information to our Treasury Accountant who is being bombarded my unpleasant e-mails from Ian Close

    kindest regards

    Lin Hunt

  6. Would you like to post a couple of the “Invoice No”‘s and total amounts from the demand and I will see if they match some on the list I’ve seen?

  7. David says:

    My client, who is having the same problem, has just been sent a letter dated 19th May 2012, which states that Powwow Water Company Ltd transferred debt to Powwow Group Holdings Inc. during 2009 and 2010. It then goes on to say that Powwow Group Holdings Inc. have assigned the debt to Columbus Legal Solutions. Remember this letter is dated 19 May 2012! Well, Columbus Legal Solution were not even incorporated until 25 April 2014 so did not exist for nearly 2 years after this letter was purportedly written!!

    How funny!


  8. David says:

    Invoice numbers requested for payment include (2008) 10415693, 10452946, 10454631, 10482837, 10505587, 10519864, 10556129, 10593757, 10630005, 10664095, 10698200, 10700363, 10729227, 10759977, 0978069373, 0978077547, 0978099742, 0978113975.

    I can post more if there are duplicates?


  9. None of those numbers match the supposed overdue invoice list I’ve seen.
    The strange thing with their list is an invoice supposedly on 20th Feb is numbered 335803 and then one on the 22nd Feb is numbered 3350786 (goes backwards for a newer invoice!). Along with the previously stated fact in the main post that only about 10 invoices in the list matched ones they were expecting and had already paid.

    However, that blows out my theory that they were possibly just copy and pasting a standard “overdue invoice” list and sending the same references to different people demanding payment.
    All very strange.

  10. dave hunt says:

    again many thanks this is very interesting

    kindest regards


  11. Update: 25th November 2014: Some time between publishing this a month ago (24th Oct) and today – the domain has had privacy applied to it and it’s related hostname changed hiding the vintnet connection. I guess they are reading this blog and covering their tracks?

  12. JMB says:

    My company have also received some invoices too that are supposedly outstanding from Jan 08 to Jul 09. 3 had already been paid (from May and Jun 09) but the rest seem to follow similarly to above in that earlier invoices have an invoice number which is subsequent to invoices issued later! Not had an email from Ian Close though, 2 different names on 2 different emails and no phone number to contact! They haven’t actually supplied a ‘statement’ just a load of pdf invoices supposedly o/s and a total balance (which doesn’t actually match the o/s invoices added together)…..
    Have they supplied any pod’s to anyone?

  13. Boz says:

    We have received an email demand from PowWow for over £2000 from someone called Kate King,Collections Manager.
    We sent back a request for copy invoices, POD’s and received back a load of pdfs of invoices with another company’s name on them along with a spreadsheet.
    No POD’s though – probably because they don’t exist!
    Also the account number they are associating with our name is not the same as our old account number.
    The responder was someone called Chloe Sharp

    “Good Afternoon,

    Please see attached statement and invoice copies.

    Please reply directly to :


    Kind Regards

    Chloe Sharpe

    Chloe Sharpe

    Accounts Assistant

    Powwow Water Group

    E – Mail @


    Neither put a phone number in the email signature (same as JMB’S comment)
    Both emails contained in the header information so obviously part of the same scam.

    We are now just going to ignore and see what happens…

  14. JMB says:

    After initially receiving an email from ‘Chloe’ now Kate King is dealing with the matter and I’ve now had a phone call from her (0141 442 0255) as well as emails. I have now asked for POD’s. They have still not supplied a statement of account. Web address also as Boz.. see above. Kate King said that they are now chasing the debt themselves as the ‘many’ collection companies used did not carry out their jobs correctly!

  15. If you chat with them again.. ask why they think they have claim to the debt when the bank account they had meant that the bank owned the debt (Invoice Factoring) and Wild About Water were then assigned to collect it.

  16. Helen Green says:

    We also received demand from in May 2012 for £644.35 plus £95.36 late payment fee (total £739.71) The attached summary consisted our invoices all of which had been paid so certainly someone was in possession of the ledger

    Sep 2012 demand for £613.07 from
    Jan 2013 demand for £613.07 from (Grant Terras)
    Feb 2013 demand for £613.07 from (Grant Terras)
    Mar 2013 demand for £613.07 from (Grant Terras)
    Sep 2013 demand for £1023.50 from Garner Bruce (Kate Thompson)
    Nov 2014 demand for £1164.99 from (Kate King)

  17. Jeremy Dorling says:

    Just received a demand before legal action from Whoisit says the domain is administered in Panama

  18. The Panama thing is a domain privacy service to stop you discovering the correct registrant.
    Before it was hidden by the privacy service it was registered to:
    Registrant Street: UNIT 1 ANSTY COURT
    Registrant Street: 31 CAROLINE STREET
    Registrant City: BIRMINGHAM
    Registrant Postal Code: B3 1UQ

    (Full details in the main article above).

  19. john says:

    we also have been recieving emails demanding payment we stopped using this company 6 months before they closed and payed all acount up to date they where a pain to deal with then and a bigger pain now

  20. For those following this post or alerted when new comments are added.. the original post has been edited with more information. See the most recent update at the very end of the post before the visitor comments.

  21. E says:

    Has anyone faced action after issuance of the statutory demand?

  22. E says:

    @thecomputerperson – would be good to speak to you about this if possible?

  23. Hi E,
    I’m not sure there is much more I can help with this – everything I know (other than contact details I mention in today’s update [I’ve been asked not to publish openly]) is on this page.
    Any other information that crops up – I will update this page so keep an eye on it.

  24. E says:

    Thanks, could you send me those contact details please?

  25. I’ve e-mailed you. Let me know if it doesn’t come through.

  26. Mark Oakes says:

    Thank you for the information, we are currently being hounded by Ian Close on the telephone, he has promised to issue a Statutory Demand by return. Could you forward the contact details of the crime unit contact please.

  27. I’ve sent you the details that I know I’m allowed to pass on – that contact will aim you in the right direction. Good luck.

  28. Simon buckley says:

    Can I have details received stay demand

  29. Details are on their way. Let me know if you don’t get an e-mail. (Also check your spam folder..)

  30. Dawn Foster says:


    We too have been hounded. Please could I have the details of the Police department we can contact. Thank you

  31. s says:

    Please could you send me through details of the Police contact. We too have been hounded by them and were issued a statutory demand which obviously wasn’t followed up on. Thanks!

  32. Sent, keep us updated how you get on.

  33. K says:

    Hi there,
    Can you please send me the details in order to contact the Police.
    Many Thanks

  34. On it’s way. Good luck – I’d be interested in the outcome if you do get anything interesting to report back.

  35. Anna says:

    Please can I have the contact number also for the Police, as I have received today a Statutory Demand. Many thanks

  36. Sent! Anyone got any updates on how they got on?
    I’m about to post a quick update at the bottom of the blog post so give that a quick read too.

  37. jon says:


    My company has just received notice of legal action, please can you forward the police contact so I can forward all details to them

    Thank you

    Kind regards


  38. Anna says:

    We received a Statutory Demand 12/1/15. I have informed Action Fraud (Police dept) and will also ring the Police officer in Scotland when I get the phone number.
    Can anyone else who has also received a Statutory Demand please tell me how they have dealt with it. Action Fraud advised me not to respond, however I am tempted to complete Form 7.1a as advised by the Insolvency Service, but loathed to pay a court fee. Any comments would be appreciated, thanks.

  39. Paul Hudson says:

    Hi. We’ve received a demand too, signed Katie King. We’ve been ignoring it, but would like to pass it on to the Police if that is useful.

    Very annoying as they were such a pain before, and wasted hours of our time, and they now seem to want to do it again ‘beyond the grave’ so to speak!

  40. Rick says:

    Hi thecomputerperson,

    I have been following your post for a few months now and have found this information very helpful. These individuals must be stopped as running a business is stressful enough without the unecessary hounding from these miscreants. I feel sorry for the companies/individuals who have not been fortunate enough to come across this site. Can I also have the details for the Police. Thanks

  41. E says:

    @Anna, I wouldn’t apply for an injunction you will not get the court fee back. They have no legal right to collect these “non-debts”. I’d just send them a letter via registered post with the following text (taken from this forum):

    “Thank you for your e-mail attaching a certified copy of an assignation between Powwow Water Company Limited and Futureview Technologies Inc dated 5 November 2009. We further understand that this company has changed its name to Powwow Group Holdings Inc.

    We are concerned that this document is signed by James Park on behalf of Powwow Water Company Limited. We are aware that the same gentleman was also a director of Futureview Technologies Limited and Murray White Limited. Furthermore that Mr Park has sold some of the book debts of Powwow Limited to Murray White and that the Scottish and English Courts have raised injunctions against this company due to the fact that these debts were secured to the bank.

    We also note that the collection of book debts was to be collected by Wild About Water (UK) Limited. They have confirmed to us that all our debts are paid.

    We therefore conclude that you are attempting to recover “paid debts” to which you would not actually have entitlement to collect”.

  42. Elizabeth says:

    We have received a letter requesting payment for invoices from 2008! Most of the invoice numbers didn’t match with any of our list, one did but had the wrong date on. All invoices were paid. I have replied telling them the company we did business with went into administration and remaining debt was collected by a third party so they had no right to ask for this “debt”. They have replied saying they are consulting solicitors. Can you please let me have the police details so I can forward to them. Thanks.

  43. Peter Hughes says:


    We have been a victim as well and paid them a certain amount in settlement and then they still came back and issued a statutory demand. They actually sent us the copy invooices and delivery details so someone must have got those from the accounting records.

  44. Swaran Rehal says:

    Hi…IT has been very helpful reading your comments as Ian Close has been hounding us for payment and now has sent a Statutory Demand under section 123(1). Could I please also have the details of the fraud department to contact. I’m not comfortable just ignoring it for now.
    Many thanks

  45. Sam Finlay says:

    We received an email on 12th January 2015 demanding payment of £1,062.57 (which includes a late fee of over £200) for 2008, 2009 and 2010 invoices that we paid when they were due. This came from and was signed by Kate King, Collections Manager.

    My Purchase Ledger Clerk responded by asking for copy invoices and they emailed 40 (yes really!!) copy invoices very quickly. They must have thought they had hooked someone willing to pay! The copy invoices came from Daisy Asenova. I’ve since emailed Ms Asenova to let her know in no uncertain terms that we won’t be paying. This was the first contact we’d had from them since we stopped using them in 2009 and it came completely out of the blue.

    If you could let me have the details for the police handling the case I would be more than happy to add our experience to their portfolio.

  46. To all those who have requested contact details over the last few days – they have all been sent.. let me know if you don’t get the e-mail (check your junk folders).

    I never thought that this blog post would become so busy! So glad I posted about it and seem to be helping others.

  47. melissa fagan says:

    Hi….we are a solicitors firm in Wigan. We had an e mail demand out of the blue form Columbus Legal last year. When I “googled” their details I realised they were using details similar to a real solicitors firm. I also researched and realised very quickly it is a scam. We have received further e mails and invoices from 2009 recently. We always paid our bill with POW WOW so quite clearly this is a fraud. I am surprised that something as yet has not been done about it.

  48. Anna says:

    Hi, we too have received a Statutory Demand signed by Ian Close of Columbus Legal Solutions Limited acting on behalf of Pow wow Group Holdings Inc. claiming outstanding debts of £37k but willing to settle for £10k. Please could you send the contact details for the fraud department

  49. Boz says:

    please can we have the contact details for police department dealing with this as just received our statutory demand from the lovely Ian Close, after several phone calls and lots of copy invoices (from “Agnes Litman”) and weird looking POD’s (some seem to be almost as though generated by computer with horizontal and diagonal lines).

  50. Mr J says:

    Hi having the same issue with Ian Close and Powwow Water, had the pleasure of speaking to him last week. May I have the contact number of the Police Department dealing with the scam.

  51. JJ says:

    Great Blog…. My response to all the emails and snail mails demanding payment has been “see you in court” …. I’m still waiting 6 years later … anything coming in ref powwow heads straight in the bin…. don’t waste your time dealing with these tossers in disguise!

  52. Jon E says:

    These people seem to be particularly busy at the moment. We also received an email from Mr Ian Close this morning enclosing an “assignation” to a company registered in Delware, a jurisdiction well know for transparency…
    Please could you forward details of the relevant contacts at the police and the insolvency service as we intend to report this.
    Thanks – your blog has been very helpful.

  53. BN says:

    We are also being chased by a number of different names – please can you forward the details of the contact person at the police or insolvency service? Thanks

  54. Can you post some of the names or companies chasing you and the dates they got in touch?

  55. [Not]James clement park says:

    I would like to help everyone you can get my email from the owner of blog I’ll help answer your questions. This man is a fraud and needs to be stopped. He has also help ruin my football club with his freind [sic, then name redacted-thecomputerperson]

  56. Thank you for commenting…
    “This man is a fraud” / “He has to be stopped”, who is “he”?

  57. [Not]James clement park says:

    The assignation signed by James park the man behind all this and his sidekick Tim Brighton . I have never.had the pleasure of Ian close as I took over from him after his fall out with Mr park after he got together with his daughter. The assignation does not mention security and I was witness to Mr park signing security for invoice discounting. I am sure Mr park also dosent pay tax on this illegal funds. I have access to everything therefore and questions I’ll gladly answer

  58. I suggest you contact the Economic Crime Unit in Glasgow as soon as possible. I also would prefer if you didn’t use James as your name if you are not him commenting. This situation is confusing enough as it is.

  59. [Not]James clement park says:

    I would need their details also I use his name for fear of repercussions. I only wish to help customers answer these people. James park is also acting as a shadow director as he is currently disqualified as my source at KPMG confirmed 11 years.

  60. DF says:

    Is James Clement Park behind Columbus Legal??

  61. [Not]James clement park says:

    No as far as I’m aware Columbus legal has been instructed by James park and if you email them they will confirm they are working on his instructions. I would imagine they will get sick of the man to

  62. Why, during October 2014, did the columbus legal e-mail system have registrant details relating to an ex-powwow employee?

  63. [Not]James clement park says:

    I believe he works for Columbus legal and I’m trying to get his contact details to ask him this question as I believe there is no love lost between the 2 of them or Mr Vint .

  64. Tania says:

    This blog has been brilliant thanks. Please could I have the contact for the Police also as I have received a Notice of Court Action from a Gordon Rahburn for £1,164.57. I spoke to him on the phone and said we paid by direct debit, all invoices were paid and we stopped using Powwow in March 2010 (last d/d went out in May 2010). He told me that NO direct debits were collected by Powwow in Feb/March 2010. I have printed off all direct debits I paid historically from the bank which proves this to be untrue. I am unsure whether or not to respond to him but feel I should do something so need advice!
    Thank you

  65. Mike Craig says:

    Hi – I’ve also received an email today from Gordon Rahburn chasing £1677.94. Could you please let me know how I contact the economic crime unit so I can pass this on. Our last dealings with PowWow were back in 2007 and as far as I am aware, their accounts were paid in full before we terminated the service.

    Many thanks

  66. [Not]James clement park says:

    I’m sure Gordon will be either Ian close, Jim McDermott (a very unlikable man) or maybe Kate king aka Zoe Park the Lord and masters wife (poor lady) I would simply ask why did Mr park secure the debt with invoice finance

  67. Alan Reid says:

    We refer to the above posts. Columbus Legal Solutions Ltd received instructions from Pow Wow Group Holdings Inc to pursue a recovery of debts on their behalf.

    We were provided with a certified copy of a legal assignation as well as Counsel’s Opinion on the validity of the Assignation and on this basis we were happy to proceed on this basis.

    We have recently been notified of a Police Investigation via one of the debtors and accordingly we have contacted the Police requesting further information.

    We note from above, that the poster (James Clement Park) was looking for contact details Ian Close and these can be provided by contacting Alan Reid directly at or by contacting Ian directly on

    Kind regards

    Alan Reid
    Columbus Legal Solutions Limited

  68. Thank you for the comment Alan,

    What is Columbus Legal Solutions relationship with:
    -Gildeas Solicitors
    -Vintnet / Andrew Vint
    -Garner Bruce Legal Services
    -Pow Wow Water

    Are you continuing to attempt to collect debt on behalf of Pow Wow?

  69. Alan Reid says:

    Thank you for your prompt reply.

    For avoidance of doubt there is a client relationship with Pow Wow Group Holdings Inc.

    I’m more than happy to answer any further questions, contact me at the email address stated above.

  70. [Not]James clement park says:

    Do you still collect on behalf of [name calling removed-thecomputerperson]. What is your view on why invoice finance securing the debt was assigned after the date of assignation.

    Why did he assign the debt to MWL first (subsequent successful injunction granted)

    Then magicly his [name calling removed-thecomputerperson] lawyer gets on in deleware

    Clearly fraud assignation aside the facts are clear

  71. Alan Reid says:

    [Not] James clement park: As I’ve stated above, I’m more than happy to answer any specific questions. Please contact me on

    Kind regards


  72. Pat Booth says:

    Hi there, we at [Redacted-thecomputerperson] have been receiving all the emails from most bogus companies and people as mentioned in lots of the above comments.

    The latest was received 29th January 2015 from Gordon Rahburn stating that our , now extortionatly inflated outstanding debt of £3586.33. ‘Has been out with our Solicitors and other Debt collection Agencies, and a decision has been made to bring the matter back in house to come to an amicable settlement. Powwow group holdings inc. acquired the debt of Powwow Water Company Ltd on 5.3.2009 and in turn ask that the below invoices are paid within 7 days. In an effort to resolve we are willing to accept 60% of the outstanding balance to resolve the matter.’

    What would you suggest that I do, reply or ignore?
    I contacted my local Trading Standards and they assured me that they would eventually give up.
    In the light that so many other people are victim to this scam, why cant something be done ?
    I was so pleased to stumble upon your site and see that its not just us that are victim to these horrible people.
    I look forward to your reply,
    Pat Booth
    p.p. [Redacted-thecomputerperson]

  73. The advice both from the insolvency service and the police, as of the end of December, was to not pay these demands and nobody has the authority to collect Powwow debt. I’ve sent you the contact details of the correct DC and police department to contact, give them a call and explain the situation and report back here if the advice has changed.

  74. NF says:

    We are a company who have been chased since Sept 14 and recently heard from a ‘Gordon Rahburn’ requesting a payment sent via an email address of (very similar wording to that posted by Pat Booth). Our Accounts Dept confirm there is no outstanding dept to be paid – please could you provide me with details of the contact at the Insolvency Service and DC for the police? Thanks.

  75. Pat Booth says:

    Hi thanks for your speedy response and advice.
    I have not received the contact details from you, would you mind sending them again please as I will be away for a week after today & would like to get things underway before I leave this evening.
    Many thanks

  76. It was sent, check your spam folder(s) for an e-mail with the subject line “Ref: Powwow Water” sent “Mon 02/02/2015 10:33”.

  77. Pat Booth says:

    Hi I cant see anything, could it be our security settings are quite high ?

  78. [Not]James clement park says:

    An update. To the person that emailed I’ve sent you my number

    I’ll reiterate to everyone don’t pay these my source today confirmed Mr park has made up a batch of invoices. Also tried to speak to Ian close never returned my calls.

    Do not accept delivery notes I called today and had original one that was sent was different. Spoke to Kate king shame she didn’t remember me as it was the one and only Mrs park

  79. Alan Reid says:

    To [Not] James clement park. We have not received any calls from you and we can be contacted at

  80. This topic has gone incredibly quiet and the visitor count has dropped dramatically too. I can only hope that the attempts to extract money have ceased leading to a drop in people googling for the issue?

    Does anyone have any updates?

  81. JG says:


    Please can you send me the relevant contact details for the police as I would like to make a report.

  82. Sent! After many months of no activity on this post there appears to be a renewal of visits. Makes me wonder what they are up to now after months of nothing.

  83. Anon says:

    Can I have your contact details please

  84. Anon says:

    Because I wish to discuss the content above

  85. M. Townson. says:

    James Clement park is now bankrupt after recently trading under the non ltd company, and accepting payments for his new company is his wife Zoe who has now also gone bankrupt. These people are fraudsters and owe thousands to inocent victims. they are currently living in a rented bungalow and can be found on find UK people

  86. Thanks for the report. Another site associated with the woodisgood site too:

  87. Employee says:

    I worked for Powwow in a junior role around 2010 and saw first hand the questionable behaviour of management and names noted in this blog and thread.

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