How to give every exchange user permissions to view every other exchange user’s calendar.

I was after a way to centrally manage shared calendars so that everyone in the company could view every single other user’s calendar. I found a few scripts on the internet but none did exactly what I wanted – many failed right off the bat when trying to assign permissions to “DOMAIN\Domain Users” or similar.

I eventually found one and modified it for my use. This powershell script can be pasted in then press enter a few times and it will run against every user on the system assigning read permissions for every user.

$userAccounts = get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited
ForEach ($user in $userAccounts)
	$userAccountssec = get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited
	$myUser = $user
	ForEach ($user in $userAccountssec)
	 Add-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity ($myUser.UserPrincipalName + ":\Calendar") -User $user.UserPrincipalName -AccessRights Reviewer

Because my wordpress layout chops off the right hand side, click and drag over the entire script to highlight it and then copy it to clipboard. Then paste it into notepad or similar so you can see the entire add-mailboxfolderpermission line.

You could probably also use the above script as a template for any other command you would like to run for every user against every user.

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