Virgin Media Mailing List Screw Up

Virgin Media sent a notice out to customers earlier today and included the mailing list address ( ) in the “To” field. It seems this mailing list isn’t locked down to just their staff and other virgin media customers are having “fun” emailing every other customer.

Even those not using email addresses can send to the mailing list.

It is important to note that no customer addresses were exposed by Virgin however customers who have sent email to the mailing list will have given away their own email address by sending email to everyone.

(Click the images to see larger versions)

The original email from Virgin Media informing customers of a change to their accounts.

Just some of the mess.

More of the mess.


The original message was sent by Virgin Media at 16:47.. then since someone discovered the reply function at 17:32 there have been
389 messages as counted at 19:39.
411 messages by 19:43.
438 messages by 19:50.
455 messages by 19:55.
651 messages by 21:00.

It finally seems that the problem was solved at 20:50.

Edit: Corrected the number of messages that were sent. I’d been told it was 20 per page and there were 600 pages, instead it was showing message 600.

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