Office 2010 Word 2010 association problem with .docx / .doc etc.

Microsoft Office 2010 uses a strange system called “Click to Run” or “Click-2-run” where it visualizes Office and runs it from servers in Microsoft (or similar).

Several times my customers have managed to re-associate / remap .doc files or .docx with WordPad or an older version of Word. They then click to open their documents which then don’t load correctly.

Until today I have found no way of re-associating these .doc or .docx files with Microsoft Word 2010 again as it doesn’t appear in the list of programs you can associate with.

If you browse for the winword.exe file, it doesn’t exist.

When associated correctly, all the files seem to load with the strange virtualisation system.

So with the help of regshot, the trial version of Office 2010 and a virtual machine I monitored what happens when it goes wrong.

To fix the associations with Word / Office 2010:

1) Remove the entire registry key and sub-keyHKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\FileExts\.docx (or the extension you want to restore to correct functioning)


2)set the following key..

When set incorrectly you see something like “Progid”=”docxfile” instead of “Progid”=”Word.Document.12”.

Finally..! What a mission.

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