Asterisk PBX: Using TimeZones in GotoIfTime

Asterisk VoIP PBX allows you to setup your dialplan to route calls to different places depending on the time of day.

I setup a system in the UK which has British summer time / daylight savings time. (BST). The documentation on is always missing examples.
The examples on the incredibly helpful didn’t contain any information about timezones. Googling also didn’t reveal much.

Eventually I managed to find the right Google words to dig up a blog.

The correct use of timezones for the UK is:

 same = n,GotoIfTime(8:30-17:00,mon-thu,*,*,/usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/London?helpdeskopen,1)
 same = n,GotoIfTime(8:30-16:00,fri,*,*,/usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/London?helpdeskopen,1)
 same = n,Verbose(1, "Helpdesk is in night mode")
 same = n,Playback(duty-manager-details)

exten = helpdeskopen,1,Verbose(1, "Helpdesk is in day mode")
 same = n,Playback(pls-wait-connect-call)

Obviously modify to fit your needs.

Until I found the helpful blog I had assumed that the timezone would be something like “BST” or “GMT” or “UK”.. I wouldn’t have even though of trying a timezone (zoneinfo) file!

Examples in documentation go a long way to reducing the difficulty of learning new things. I get frustrated that voip-info has been left to do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of Asterisk examples and documentation.

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