Suspiciously low cost Office 365 accounts are a bad idea!

I’m going to cut to the chase right at the top here. The person behind this specific Office 365 subscription and setup is: with what appears to be an invalid UK format phone number (4414402325)

While hunting for a low cost way to get Office 2016 I came across ebay sellers and forum posts touting Office 365 accounts for as low as 1$.

In this instance the domains associated with this are:
and the company name associated with the account is “inc”.

It looks like there are at least 662,053 users on the domain(s).. so a lot of fraudulent accounts. If each one sold for $1 there is potential for a pretty decent income for the person breaking the Microsoft tenant terms.

Update June 2019: There now appears to be about 1.15 MILLION accounts.

The account I managed to get hold of had the subscription “Office 365 A1 Plus for faculty” assigned to it. This is an educational subscription to which Microsoft do not charge the establishment. They are meant for staff only and are only valid for the period that the staff member works for the establishment.

Software piracy is nothing new.. what is new is software piracy twinned with “Cloud Computing”. Essentially victims are joining the software on their computers and the OS on their mobile devices (tablets, phones etc.) to a cloud administration and delivery service.

ObjectId                             DisplayName UserPrincipalName         UserType
--------                             ----------- -----------------         --------
6feaec4c-a03d-47b8-a91e-91763ca15acf new93193 Member
410a9f71-b35b-498b-9359-66b00f61294e newera12 Member
35484d0b-3728-486a-8c12-32925fcce783 Newloib Member
90195ce8-d191-4405-b794-1f6c2e8f69e7 newo           Member
35cab5e1-a57b-4776-bd66-37b6a14344f7 newton1982 Member
fc37f5ed-f2fa-472c-a6fe-4db7f4a78d0d Newupmm Member
33b1c685-e7fa-48f9-8cc3-6a373b451a78 Newuyru Member

Out of the 662,053 users there appears to be about 28,700 devices registered against the Office 365 Azure AD.

With just a normal “user” account you can list all the devices, find their name, OS version and the last logon time. Some even appear to have joined their entire windows machine to the Azure AD domain.

DESKTOP-524MHQJ     Windows      10.0.16299.0    AzureAd         26/01/2018 13:01:53
LAPTOP-HH8A7UON     Windows      10.0.15063.0    Workplace       30/12/2017 09:29:07
iPhone              iPhone       11.2            Workplace       04/12/2017 04:18:02
DESKTOP-204GR9D     Windows      10.0.16299.0    Workplace       11/01/2018 03:57:02
Redza Harith        iPhone       11.2.5          Workplace       29/01/2018 18:56:19          <span 				data-mce-type="bookmark" 				id="mce_SELREST_start" 				data-mce-style="overflow:hidden;line-height:0" 				style="overflow:hidden;line-height:0" 			></span>
stockroom           Windows      10.0.16299.0    Workplace       30/01/2018 19:15:03
DESKTOP-4R1702H     Windows      10.0.15063.0    Workplace       06/12/2017 13:04:42
ExoticNympho        Windows      10.0.15063.0    Workplace       06/12/2017 11:05:53
user-PC             Windows      10.0.16299.0    Workplace       21/01/2018 08:29:24 <span 				data-mce-type="bookmark" 				id="mce_SELREST_start" 				data-mce-style="overflow:hidden;line-height:0" 				style="overflow:hidden;line-height:0" 			></span>

All the mailing list group names are visiable to any other user too – but luckily, for most, the members and content are not. There are about 1,600 mailing lists / groups visible on the tenant. A selection of which are below.

ObjectId                             DisplayName                                      Description
--------                             -----------                                      -----------
00319e30-08c1-4f0a-a94a-4615902dba7f BDB Group IT                                     Group IT Document
00630644-ae08-4892-967a-e94ce2443c7e Giesse                                           Giesse
00b53ca7-98fd-4207-8e19-6b5cc0f24d40 CMDB                                             CMDB
00b7dd8b-c55e-42bc-b915-4b03fe333bb7 proba                                            proba
01071288-059e-4650-adf9-ddfc70e7866d Buying house                                     Buying house
0141e0cd-8dd4-4d87-933c-e4060dcf7c07 HASA-MCH-TRAINING                                للاستخدام بتعليم المستمر         

Some people have even joined their oauth and other data sharing devices and apps to it!

AvailableToOtherTenants    : True
DisplayName                : owncloud external1

AvailableToOtherTenants    : True
DisplayName                : IperiusBackup

DisplayName                : PCS
LogoutUrl                  :
DisplayName                : PCS
KeyCredentials             : {class KeyCredential {
                               EndDate: 31/12/2099 12:00:00
                               KeyId: 2eebea6e-2bc0-4a04-938f-ffc4596aa262
                               StartDate: 02/02/2018 08:32:27
                               Type: AsymmetricX509Cert
                               Usage: Verify
                               Value: }}
LogoutUrl                  :

It all looks like a disaster waiting to happen.

Further research to do with the associated domain names…
Also associated with,,, and
Also associated
Also associated with,,,,,,,,,,,, and
Also associated with and


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94 Responses to Suspiciously low cost Office 365 accounts are a bad idea!

  1. Paul says:

    Can you show how to generate the information lists using the user account?

  2. Not quite sure what you mean.

  3. Martin says:

    I bought one of these accounts on Ebay for a few bucks. Been wondering if it’s safe to use and after some Googling I came across this post. However, since I am not so much a ‘computerperson’, it’s still not very clear to me what exactly makes it unsafe.

    Can they access the data (files, photos) on my OneDrive, for example?

  4. If you use the funky email login they sent you for OneDrive then your files could be easily accessible by the administration user. If you log in to OneDrive using your personal email you are safe.

  5. Martin says:

    Well that basically means I cannot use the massive OneDrive space on the account I bought, but instead should use my free 5 GB personal account?

    I guess better safe than sorry.

  6. Yup.. out of interest, what did you search for to find this page?

  7. Martin says:

    I searched for: ” what is this”, where domain name is one of the domains you listed.

  8. How they get the ressources of microsoft? is office 365 in other countries like Brazil or Thailand cheaper then Europe or USA?

  9. The product is, I think, free to educational establishments.

  10. thobie1 says:

    I also bought one of these off Ebay and found this post by searching for the domain name that I logged in under. I became worried when my windows update said that active hours settings had changed based on the administrator. As far as I know, I just installed the Office 365 apps on the computer. But maybe due to their update needs, I have given permission to some unknown admin. From everything I could figure out, my data should be safe if I store it locally or in my personal Onedrive. But maybe there are now other permissions that have been given out since I installed the stuff?

  11. Interesting one. I don’t think that the Office applications would have access to change your active hours – unless you converted your windows account to a Microsoft account and now typed in the Office password to log into your computer. (aka. Joining an Azure Active Directory Domain).

  12. thobie1 says:

    Well that’s good to know. Just don’t want to give away too much in pursuit of the cheap office apps.

  13. johnsmith201 says:

    I’ve found some less than 10$ “use your own account” offers. Do you have any information about those?

    I previously bought a account, it stopped working after a couple of months. Now I’ve bought a office 2016, but the seller instead of sending a key sent a account login.

    On another instance somebody sold a seemingly legit key for close to nothing, and it worked for my first installation, but after a couple of months doing a reinstall, this key magically stopped existing in the Microsoft database ( Error message on the download page).

    You’ve asked others for that so: I found your website by Google “office 365”, second result.

  14. No info on the “use your own account” things. Knowing how Office 365 business works I’m not sure you can assign software licenses to email addresses that are not within the fraudsters “tenant”. And it would be way too time consuming for them to add every persons custom domain.

    Amazing that Microsoft have not disabled this scam :/

  15. Alex says:

    Wow I’m really glad I found your site. After receiving the email the seller provided, I Googled it immediately because it’s not the usual Anyway, looks like using the email they provided isn’t really safe. However, the license does include office apps, you think it’s safe to use those apps but then use my own personal Office account? THanks!

  16. Should be ok to use if you make sure you reject or resist any requests to assign the dodgy account with your overall windows login or OneDrive.

    Also expect the software to potentially stop working if Microsoft catch up with this scam.

  17. Anne says:

    Dear computer person. Your blog came up when I googled the e-mail address given to me when I bought the cheapie office 360 on ebay. I really appreciate you taking the time to illuminate this issue but I don’t understand the details, as I am a computer novice. One problem I found thus far is in using MS outlook because I cannot change the .site e-mail address. Only the administrator can do this. Are you saying that whoever is the ‘administrator’ can actually access everything I do on office365, (including outlook) or does it only affect the things I do online?

  18. Affects anything you store in OneDrive, any email you might send from the unusual address and if you’ve “signed into windows” with it.. you could be exposing settings or files on your computer to them.

  19. Cris says:

    Found your post while searching for the OFFICE365 domain account provided by the seller on a local online shop here in the Philippines. I actually didn’t find the domain on your list, but google search led me here. Anyway, reading from the comments, it seems that for ONEDRIVE, as long as I will use my personal outlook account, my files are safe. However, if say I will login my personal outlook account on it, is it safe? I just subscribed using the seller’s provided info, and it miraculously worked (the local office apps downloaded were the latest versions for 365 coming from Microsoft’s official website, and Microsoft allowed me to login using that account!) Under the FILE MENU, then ACCOUNT option, I logged-in my personal outlook accnt under user information, but the seller’s account is the one appearing under product information. FYI, the seller claims that the account were bought in bulk, and are of academic A1 type of license issued by Microsoft, however I can’t find the details of the academic institution linked to the account, or the account expiration (the seller claims it has lifetime validity – probably because it is linked to a university or something?) Hope you can provide some light here :) Thanks heaps in advance THECOMPUTERPERSON!

  20. Storing anything “in the cloud” (onedrive etc.) in the login will mean all those files are accessible to the administrators.

    If you don’t mind temporarily sharing the login details you have been given (then change it once I’ve investigated) I can tell you all the other associated domains and possibly the organisation name. I can’t see the domain you specify in the account that I’ve got access to – so seems like there is multiple people running the same scam.

  21. Cris says:

    Sure thing! password is REMOVED. I don’t mind using the provided 5tb of ONEDRIVE storage space anyway (as my 5gb free for my personal outlook account is good enough at the moment). What my reservation (after reading your post) is with regards to the security of my personal account, and my PC as a whole.

    Btw, thanks heaps for the very prompt response. That was really fast!

  22. Need the bit at the beginning of too please.

  23. Cris says:

    Btw, are you from the UK? or somewhere here in Asia?

  24. Thanks! You may change your password.
    Related to your domain

    67,575 accounts exist!

    State : PA
    Street : 4616 Spruce Drive
    TechnicalNotificationMails :
    TelephoneNumber : 612-217-2952

  25. Cris says:

    Thanks for taking the time to dig deeper here. Not really that techie, but from the details you shared above, does that mean that the account is in Pennsylvania, USA so probably a legit account from an education institution there, but probably hacked by a chinese folk because of the “”?

    Anyhow, is it still safe to use, as long as I will only use the account for office365 subscription purposes, but for other stuff like emails, onedrive or logging in to my windows machine, should be safe as long as a I use my personal account (just wait for the time that microsoft will deactivate it) right?

    Last thing, you mentioned on your discussion above, “It all looks like a disaster waiting to happen.” What do you mean by that? The disaster is the deactivation of the account by microsoft? or probably they will get back with speculative invoicing? Software piracy is rampant in Asia anyway, so MS running on all account must be a gargantuan task, and beside, with this account costing around 2USD, its not really a headache if they will deactivate it tomorrow or something, lol.

  26. warlock says:

    Products provided by your organization—notice to end users
    If you use a Microsoft product or use an email address to access Microsoft products and that product or email address was provided by an organization you are affiliated with, such as an employer or school, that organization can:

    Control and administer your Microsoft product and product account, including controlling privacy-related settings of the product or product account.
    Access and process your data, including the interaction data, diagnostic data, and the contents of your communications and files associated with your Microsoft product and product accounts.

  27. nixster says:

    Hi. I got one of these last year. It says it gives 1TB of onedrive for 5 users each and all the office apps. I just got it for the office apps. My question is that is it safe to keep using those applications (word, excel…)? What steps can we take to ensure PC safety?

    Also, can you elaborate what you meant by “the disaster waiting to happen” towards the end of the article?

  28. If it is the “log in using an email address and password” version you’ve bought rather than a product key then using the onedrive storage will be giving the administrator of the service full access to your files.

    If you’ve logged into your Windows 10 account with the account you bought then they’ve also likely got full access to your computer.
    If you’ve just logged into the Word, Excel etc.. using the account you bought then they will have much more restricted access.
    If you sign in and then instantly sign out when it is activated you are probably ok but you will have to re-sign in every few months to re-activate. Remember to sign out again as soon as you’ve signed in.

  29. And in response to the disaster.. either leaked data or suddenly tens of thousands of people who’ve “paid for office” suddenly losing access to the software due to Microsoft finally clamping down on this kind of piracy.

  30. thenikraj says:

    Thanks for clearing that up. I had used the credentials in the windows store once while trying out Windows 10 S to try office apps (it didn’t work) and I had logged out. All my computers were reformatted after that. Do you think that’s enough?

  31. random says:

    Hi Sir,

    May i know if lets say i have a product key

    1) i activated the office without linking it to any of Microsoft (my or the seller), am i safe from it?
    2) if i link the product it to my Microsoft account then i install and sign in my Microsoft account, am i still safe then?

  32. If you used the product key version you are fine.

  33. random says:

    thanks for your reply, but if i link and activate the product key to my Microsoft account, then sign in after install, is that okay too?

  34. If it’s your own Microsoft account on your own email address then it’s fine. If you are supplied a new and strange email address by the seller then someone has access to manage that account and probably your computer or devices.

  35. random says:

    Thank you for your clear and detailed reply. I really appreciate, I have bought both 365 life time and product key only. It does not make any sense when i tried the 365 life time. its ended up in email is belong to some strange domain, it is a red flag by itself.

    Then when i google the domain who is, the domain owner is from China, though so far it has no problem from what i bought. I believe being caution is better than just take the risk for our own data and privacy.

    Just in case anyone using product keys, if you tied to your own MS account (activate by input the product key in the office set up website), technically you can use it on other machine if your current machine spoil. I have not try that so i cant confirm it but most likely can.

    If for some reasons, you cannot link to MS office like mine, remember to install a new windows ( make sure its activated), install office and activate, and then create a clone/system image), so in future if you need reformat, you still can have your office back working. Please make sure you have at least 2 copies of that system image, example, to a thumbdrive and D drive (within your computer)

  36. slurm says:

    My ‘lifetime’ O365 account I bought off eBay is being deactivated in 4 months. I get a notification banner after logging onto the account MS page. It turns out a ‘lifetime’ equates to about a year, LOL.

  37. Which domain was your account on (the part after the @)?

  38. slurm says:

    The domain is/was I guess over time all the listed domains on here will be deactivate.

  39. finder says:

    So if i do not use onedrive, do not worry about personal information?

  40. Toty Parisi says:

    Thank you for these clear news. I am Italian and bought a license one year ago ( Now it doesn’t work. I’ve called Microsoft help but they didn’t say anything about this problem. Finally I’ll unistall the suite. Shall I use a special tool?

  41. Khost says:

    Hey there! I just came up your site when i was curious about looking up my office domain. So as others, i bought a lifetime access over ebay. My domain is
    Its been over a year now and everything works. So after reading the comments, my question is, since I am using several of my email accounts with outlook, do i have to worry about my personal data beeing accessed by others?

    The seller told me this:

    1. login to

    user name :……
    password : ……

    2.You should update the password after you are signing in
    Important notice:Please remember the new password, the password will not be able to retrieve if forget office 2016 setup then install it to your PC
    Important notice:: you must remove old office on your PC before installing the new one

    4.Activation office 2016 with account sign in
    5.have fun!

    This is what i actuayll did.

    I do not use Onedrive. I intended to, but after finding your site i might think over it again. Thanks for your help!

  42. ziadkh0 says:

    First off, thank thecomputerperson, this was the only information I found on the web about these cheap Office 365 accounts.

    I bought one today, they say it’s a “lifetime” account.
    I found this page by searching on google “” (which is the domain name of my account)

    This account is owned by “Moe, Inc”

    Licenses are:

    Office 365 E3
    Microsoft Kaizala Pro
    Whiteboard (Plan 2)
    Information Protection for Office 365 – Standard
    Insights by MyAnalytics
    To-Do (Plan 2)
    Microsoft Forms (Plan E3)
    Microsoft Stream for O365 E3 SKU
    Microsoft StaffHub
    Flow for Office 365
    PowerApps for Office 365
    Microsoft Teams
    Microsoft Planner
    Yammer Enterprise
    Azure Rights Management
    The latest desktop version of Office
    Skype for Business Online (Plan 2)
    Office for the web
    SharePoint Online (Plan 2)
    Exchange Online (Plan 2)

    For anyone interested in accessing similar info about your account, you can use and

    I haven’t yet tried to install the Office apps on my devices, I’ll do it soon and post updates.
    I’m willing to give you (thecomputerperson) access to my account if you want to take a look.

    Keep up the great work


  43. zaygraveyard says:

    Hello again,
    I managed to install office fine with no issues (on macOS)
    And it works (but I don’t know until when)

    If I understood correctly from the previous comments, I should be fine as long as I don’t touch OneDrive and use the given email address only to login to office 365.
    Is that accurate?
    Does any of the office 365 applications use OneDrive implicitly?

    Thanks again

  44. Most of the office apps try to save to OneDrive by default. Easy to change it to local computer.

  45. zaygraveyard says:

    Thank you for the super fast response
    You rock sir


  46. Jeff says:

    I bought an account, and now my onedrive says, one or more libraries can not be synced. I assume that is the MS expiration. Unfortunately, I actually put tons of pictures on the drive, stupid me, and now can’t access them. I called MS and they looked up the account and said they had several email addresses for the owners, although they wouldn’t tell me them. Every question I asked received the “talk to the admin” response from MS.

    Has anyone you know ever convinced MS to let them get their files back, since it appears only they would have access to any of these expired Onedrives. I’d be willing to buy a new account, just to get all the photos back.


  47. Lio says:

    I tried buying one to know what was about, they give me an account, it looks like it works, but as I read here it is a huge scam. Let me know if you need to investigate more on this domain.

  48. Stefano says:

    Great post.
    I bought this kind of office account, mine is using domain.
    Trying to use OneDrive, it must use a folder named abcd – Moe Inc and this feed my suspect.
    I just installed office software locally on a win10 laptop.
    No windows login performed with provided, removed OneDrive integration in Resources Explorer.
    In fact I’m not using any microsoft account nor to login to windows 10.
    Only login on using Microsoft Edge was done with provided email.
    Do I’m safe?

    Many thanks

  49. Probably ok, you might want to go into the settings and then to Save and turn off the “back stage” option to prevent it trying to save to OneDrive by default.

  50. Stefano says:

    Which setting do you refer?
    Settings in the main page of my account or setting in Word (as example)

  51. In the word / excel etc.. software.

  52. Stefano says:

    So this setting:

    Or in the local app version for each app?

  53. Stefano says:

    Just another question: could be different if I buy a licence key instead of the “account” we are discussing in this blog?
    I mean buying the key that enable you to download office from

  54. The key method is by far the best!

  55. Stefano says:


  56. Stefano says:

    Just another question:
    I found a seller that publish this tutorial for office installation:

    As you can see it asks to create a new Microsoft account and activate Office with the key sent.

    I’m falling again in the same issue above?

  57. No, that one is fine. You will / should be creating a Microsoft account under your own email address with your own password. (You probably even already have a Microsoft account).

  58. Stefano says:

    Maybe I have to better understand if these licences are legal but no issues from IT security point of view

    many thanks!

  59. Alex says:

    This has been the only post I could find on these accounts, so thanks for the information.

    I bought one on ebay and received a account. I used it to login to and downloaded the Office suite, then I used it to login to Word, Excel, Powerpoint which had been installed locally (the only apps I currently need). During install it asked if I wanted Windows to save the account details so it could automatically log me in and I unchecked that box and selected “No, sign in to this app only”. I went through the settings and disabled Autosave to OneDrive in each app. I never used the email to login as an account on the computer, only to download and then the applications to use them. I verified in “Email and accounts” in the Windows settings that the account does not show as saved on my system. Based on all that, do you think I’m fine?

    Follow-up question: when I login to with the provided account and select “My account” then click “View Apps and Devices”, I do however see my computer name listed and the OS it’s running and there’s a link to “Sign Out” of Office- any concerns there?

  60. First question: What you have done is good and the least control you can hand over to whoever is running the “office 365 tenant”.
    Second question: If you sign out your device I expect it will then deactivate office within a month or two and require you to sign back in.

  61. Alex says:

    Great, thanks for the answers. I did decide to click the link to sign out of office on the device so I’ll wait to see what effect it has. I wasn’t sure if it was an issue to see my device listed under my account and if that gave him any administrative control over it, or if that was just a list of devices I had installed Office on for tracking licenses and nothing more. Any insight on that?

  62. Enrique says:

    Hi, thanks a lot for the post. I have also bought a supossed legal key in eBay. But when I saw that the OneDrive Folder is One Drive Moe INc and there is not any option to change it I realized I have been stolen. I read a lot about OEM and retail keys in eBay before buying it but finally my fears have come true.

  63. me says:

    Y0u dont need to buy anymore u can get it now from many domains. But is not safe guys dont use for onedrive just for office

  64. jack says:

    Hi all, I still see many such cheap offers exists in Indian market. I am tempted to buy one but not sure how long this can last or should I avoid using 5TB OneDrive they have to offer.


    Any advice on this ?

  65. There is no guessing how long it will last. Eventually Microsoft are going to have to take some action on this piracy. When they do you will likely lose access to the software and anything you’ve stored on OneDrive. Also be aware that the Administrators of the dodgy “tenant” can also retrieve any files from the OneDrive storage associated with the login.

  66. RAM says:

    Thank you very much for the suggestions you have given here. I was reading all the mail and I have taken action on Word, Excel, Power Point to untick the Save to One Drive and allowed only SAVE to computer.
    I too purchased it a few months back, and installed it today. I will ensure not to use their email id to log in. You may like to investigate the origins of this. One thing I understood is that it belongs to an educational institution, as it says somewhere while is was exploring.
    After I have downloaded, if I log out of the account provided by the vendor SKYCLUE. And then try to access Word or Excel, will it open or not?
    All the advise you gave here is very useful.
    I located you by a google search using that email id. I just asked “whose email id is vip69201………pub to locate your site.
    Thanks a ton!
    You are doing a great job.

  67. formigao says:

    Same here.
    I was using in the last years… but now I bought from Microsoft official site.

    My research:
    1,29M users:
    hk sar baomin inc (linked to AliBaba but hosted in Lima/Peru)

  68. logan says:

    hello the computer person,

    i have bought for few bucks a account one drive

    and now not work…

    Something is wrong
    The requested page is currently unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please try again in a few minutes.

    What suggest to me ?

  69. Hey, i’ve gotten my hands on one of these, but It doesn’t look like im in any AD even after logging in… Maybe microsoft took it down by now 🤷‍♂️

  70. Ambra Vestri says:

    Hi everybody and thanks to thecomputerperson for his help and information.
    I bought one account like those a year and a half ago. I know, it was a really bad idea. Anyway, no problems until 2 days ago. Now, I have still access to my user account, but I cannot access onedrive anymore. Obviously, I have no administrator credential and no way to contact the admin. Have I lost everything? Is there any possibility to recover my files? or have I to give up?

    Thank you in Advance for your time and your help

  71. Your stuff is lost. Your only hope would be if you installed the OneDrive software on your computer and had it accessible by a folder there. The stuff you had used would still be accessible. If you only used it via a web browser and you are unable to log into the account – your data is now inaccessible unless the original administrator is able to reactivate your account.

  72. Ambra Vestri says:

    Is it not possible to find information on the administrator using my user account? at least the email to try to contact him?

  73. Only if you have a working login on the same domain. (if that domain even still exists).

  74. kenny says:

    What to do if I forgot my password or can’t sign in? How to contact the admin? Help! I heard someone said the account for domain has been block by Microsoft? Can anyone confirm isit all user with that domain got blocked?

  75. Yanina says:


    I am the one who was stupid enough to listen to buy and install the Microsoft Office 365 with the key from eBay. Several weeks ago (on 13/08/2021) the rules for my OneDrive were changed by the organisation Moe Inc., and I lost all the data that I had stored before their unsynchronised me.

    Without the consideration that they have access to my files, compared to myself, I cannot delete this OneDrive folder and files on my Mac as I do not have administrative permission.

    I do not have an email from the seller as I am not the one who bought it, and as I read here – no chance I will retrieve my data somehow.
    But how do I delete these ghost folders and files? Can anyone help?

  76. BenJ says:

    Hi I purchased an account with since few weeks I lost acces to my data on onedrive..since I have onedrive on my pc I recover some files. How I can find contact information of my admin ?


  77. Without a valid login you won’t be able to :(

  78. BenJ says:

    Sorry what do you mean by a valid login ? I’m able to connect in portal office

  79. Thought you said you lost access to onedrive ?

  80. BenJ says:

    Oh I see so, onedrive access is not possible but I still can login to office portal if you know what it is ?

  81. If you go to and sign in with the strange login – is OneDrive missing from the options on the left? On my setup it is the 5th icon down on the left.

  82. BenJ says:

    Yes I still have the OneDrive on the left, but when I click on it i get a message telling « something went wrong try in a few minutes » and it lates since a mounts now

  83. You can try:
    PowerShell command

    Once connected
    Get-AzureADTenantDetail | fl
    Look through the result for TechnicalNotificationMails and below it will also be a phone number. Both are likely to be fake or not even responded to but you can try.

  84. viky says:

    Some of the most popular online websites are selling such pirated subscriptions. I got one from When I asked them for a refund they initially refused. Next, I contacted Microsoft asking if the account was legit, and the denied. When I shared the email to the snapdeal customer support and threatened them with legal action, they finally refunded the amount.

  85. David Geiger says:

    @thecomputerperson – you, sir (person?), are fighting the good fight. Thank you.

  86. Lisa says:

    I purchased an office account from eBay for school about 2 years ago. I don’t remember how I set things up but I want to just completely wipe my computer clean of anything to do with this fraud account. Do I simply need to log out of word, excel, etc or do I need to reset my entire computer and start from scratch. If so, If I factory reset my Mac and then restore everything from a back up will it put all the information back? Sorry if this is a dumb question I am not tech savvy what so ever!

  87. Not sure on Apple but I suspect that just removing the software and/or sgning out on it would remove access. Maybe remove that username entirely from Apple Keychain? And if you’ve time machine backed up with the account there; if you restore your machine I suspect it would put the account back.

  88. Sunil says:

    I purchased office 2016 in 2018 from eBay they give me one account which mantion in your articles . And surprised its working 2022. I know how use office 365 safely so no matter because I always set my personal account as default that account is only secondary and set office app only. After it i buy two or three account from eBay but mostly gone in 6 or 7 months but my first purchase still working in 2022.

  89. The one I used to investigate this is also still accessible but I know many who have lost their access. (Possibly by not changing the password and someone else being sold the same account and then changing the password?).

  90. Hi!

    I also made the mistake of buying a cheap office license. Unfortunately, I uploaded some files to OneDrive and after some time I completely lost access to the account. Therefore, I also lost the information. The license I bought was linked to the domain. If I try to connect, the organization is recognized, but the e-mail address provided no longer exists. Do I still have a chance to recover data from OneDrive? I have already tried the secondary log-in methods.

  91. I can’t think of any way to regain access other than hoping the original seller responds and can reset the password and regain access. sorry.

  92. LYB Proiect says:

    Thank you for your quick response! The problem is that the user doesn’t exist anymore, it looks like it was deleted. I tried any possible login and recovery method and it says the “” (my user name) does not exist. The password was changed by me in the past.

  93. No chance then. Microsoft won’t speak to you as you are not the administrator of the tenant; they might tell you the administrator to contact but I suspect they won’t respond either.

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