“Order Renewed” tech support refund scam

FROM: blizzardnicholas109@gmail.com

Payment Approved!
Invoice: NRT-2D06M2021YY
Dear aaaaaa
Thanks for showing your trust upon us once again. your order has been renewed and is active now, the payment will reflect into your account within few moments to next 48 hours. Order description is given below:
Product Name: N0RT0N_36o
Product Key: 33NT-LB78-NNSA-J219
Total Amount: $443.43
Mode: Direct online debit
For any help or cancellation: +1 (347) 380 6987
Warm Regards
Tam Support

The above is a scam. Using phone number 13473806987 aka 347-380-6987

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1 Response to “Order Renewed” tech support refund scam

  1. Ambra Vestri says:


    could it be possible to contact you (thecomputerperson) in private?

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