Who are threesixtymaintenance.co.uk (a review of osint data)

Leaders and Romans estate agents are recommending, without further comment or clarity, maintenance on properties by a company:

we can certainly recommend Three Sixty Maintenance who will be able to assist with arranging an EICR at your property.  You can liaise with them direct on electric@threesixtymaintenance.co.uk.

Email from Leaders 06/12/2020.

The website, at time of writing, contains no details other than a contact number and email address. No postal address or company registration details.

This caught my interest. Who is this company, where are they based and why are Romans / Leaders recommending them?

Low hanging fruit – Hidden pages on their website…


Oh right.. there we go. I see, they are recommending a company who is actually….. the same company!

Is this ok?
I feel like this association or “part of the Leaders Romans Group” should be made clear in their letters to tenants and landlords!

Slightly higher hanging fruit:
The IP address of the website is “”.. hosted on that same server is “threesixtymaintenance.com” among other domains. For clarity on who is hosted on the same website as Leaders Romans Group…


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1 Response to Who are threesixtymaintenance.co.uk (a review of osint data)

  1. colleen says:

    Leaders seem to have created this company (the secretary on companies house records is the CFO of leaders) to take advantage of the new govt legislation regarding compulsory EICR (Electricity) reports on all rental properties, compliance is due by April 2021 or landlords face a huge fine. We are Landlords who discovered the existence of this company when we requested a copy of the EICR report because the quotation for compliance work required was out the gate. We believe the creation of this maintenance division of Leaders is a way to increase charges paid by Landlords without their knowledge or permission. We cannot find any acceptable justification for this, they refuse to supply an invoice showing how much we paid three sixty maintenance for this report. Its duplicitous. We suspect that most landlords will never even discover this is being done because these charges are just deducted from your rental statements and had there been no compliance work to query we would have paid the amount without any knowledge of what we consider to be double dipping by the Agency. We are still trying to establish who to report this too. It’s unacceptable.

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