BP ChargeVision / Smartcharge / chargemaster speed settings.

The energy company BP has an EV charging platform for home installations. The main name is chargemaster for the home charging box.
There are then bolt on services (free for the first 3 years) called:
-Smartcharge (the app)
-ChargeVision (the website)

The bolt on services allow you to see charging status, set a charging schedule and estimate the cost of electricity you’ve dumped into your electric vehicle.
Generally these services are usable but not really well coded or enjoyable. Documentation seems to be non existent other than a few FAQ entries on the main chargemaster site.

This blog post is about the charging speed settings in the advanced schedule settings page.

On the desktop version it looks like this:

The mobile version looks like:

BP seem to have forgotten to give any guidance or information on what the three settings Slow, Medium and Fast actually mean.

I’m in the position of having an easy method to measure my power consumption so can reveal… (And since then I’ve found the API calls give away the Amps settings)..
If you have the standard installation where the maximum possible charging speed through the home charger is 7kW then the following seems to be true:

-Slow = ~1.5kW / 6 Amps
-Medium = ~3kW / 18 Amps (though in practice I’ve found this to be around 4.5kW)
-Fast = ~7kW / 30 Amps

Chargevision (the website):
-Awful user interface bugs.
Creating a schedule often duplicates the entry, it doesn’t seem to allow for a schedule to cover all day, you need two entries.
-Missing user interface functionality.
The Smartcharge app allows you to set the cost per kWh of your electricity. These functions don’t seem to exist on the ChargeVision web interface.
-The javascript file that runs the site is 2.5Megabytes in size! What the hell.
-Never remembers the login even if you tick the option.

Smartcharge (the app):
-Also seems to log you out regularly. Every time I’ve loaded it I’ve had to sign in.
-Doesn’t allow you to take screenshots; not sure why they would need to block that function. I had to use sneaky methods to capture the screenshots used in this post.

The website vs. the App.
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4 Responses to BP ChargeVision / Smartcharge / chargemaster speed settings.

  1. Stephen Kirby-Smith says:

    Is there a way you can control this smart charger with other 3rd party software/App?

    I need a program to interpret the API from our inverter, to turn on and off our smart charge unit and alter the speed of charging.

  2. Maybe. I’ve not investigated yet. Also depends how responsive you want the control to be. From my testing it seems to take at least 5 minutes to apply the changes to the charging unit once made on the website.

  3. Toby Rees says:

    Do they allow different costs for different times of day (to support economy 7 or Octopus Go)?

  4. It doesn’t seem like they do.

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