“imgs.love” and YouTube comment spam.

Appearing in the last 5 days is a domain “imgs.love” that seems to be being used in an affiliate / spam marketing comments scheme on YouTube.


The comments all have a link in and sing about how amazing whatever product it is, is.

Every Spammer user on YouTube has about 3 or 2 videos and a premier or two set to go. Plus a playlist of some videos.

The links to imgs.love contain a unique affiliate number so that clickthrough can be tracked.

At the time of writing most of the links just go to images of the product but I assume that once the spam has gone undetected the links will change to places to buy the product.

Most people will think that the comments are just helpful and showing a photo of the product so leave the comment alone? Then profit at a later date by changing where the link forwards to.

Beware. Spam. Don’t click the link and certainly don’t buy from anything you find if you do click the link.

A username of “mupking” is another artefact related to the domain

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