Capita SIMS FMS and “Unable to write to SIMS.INI” error.

I’ve spent a bit of time trying to work out why FMS from Capita would produce the following error when trying to add a journal in the “Add Journal Wizard”…


“SIMS FMS Module”
“Unable to write to SIMS.INI.”

Looking at process monitor seems to show FMS accessing c:\windows\sims.ini before erroring. Setting this file to writable by everyone does not solve the issue. Process Monitor shows no errors yet FMS still claims it is unable to write to SIMS.INI.

In my instance I couldn’t see any other attempts to access or write anywhere.

The solution turned out to be the user having an invalid “Home folder” path set in their domain user properties! I probably couldn’t see the failed file access as it pointed at a server that no longer existed (OS couldn’t do a DNS lookup so then couldn’t attempt to write to that file share).

So if you find you have similar errors – check that the users paths in their domain account are all still valid and working!

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