IYOGI / “supportcomputer.xyz” tech support scamers.

Not often that one of the tech support scammers proactively alerts me to their new scam company!


In 2015 and 2016 I blogged about a tech support scam company called “onlineresolve”.
It seems they have resurfaced under the names:

“IYOGI Tech Support” and “supportcomputer.xyz”
Using the telephone number: : +1 (740) 251-9233 (aka : 7402519233 / “740 251 9233”)
And the postal address “3937 Heliport Loop Dugger, IN 47848, USA

They e-mailed the contact information previously given to onlineresolve claiming that my “Computer services” order is set to automatically renew in 2 days from now and I will be charged $499.99 (somehow, not sure how they expect to as I won’t have given any payment details when I came across them in 2015 and 2016).

It looks like the email has gone out to at least 9,000 other people.

Other associated hostnames: bibi24.site, computerhelpnow.xyz and “app.bibi24.site”

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