CEO Wire transfer fraud

Another month another of the standard CEO email wire BACS transfer fraud attempts.

It starts with the standard “Are you in the office?” using the “from name” of the director of the club but the email address is wrong (

If the victim replies they then reply back asking if an urgent payment can be made.

In this instance they requested payments to:

Name: Favor Alfred
Account Number: 82121660-5003
Bank Name: Ziraat Bankasi
Iban Number: TR47 0001 0025 5782 1216 6050 03
Swift Code: TCZBTR2A
Bank Address: 2557-AVCILAR  E5/ Istanbul subesi
Account Currency: € (EURO).
Amount:  €4,349

And when the victim rejected an international payment they asked for the payment to be sent to a UK account instead:

Vivian O. Awam
Banke Name: TSB Bank
Sort Code: 771405
Account Number: 24509160
Amount: £4,349

Always be conscious that any email could be malicious! Always follow your business process and don’t allow an “urgent request” to bypass normal checking and due process!

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