Wi-Fi Install Guide for IWL258 Terminal

vlcsnap-2019-06-14-21h00m18s253There are two versions of this IWL258/IWL250 terminal. I believe a software update has changed the function 36 so that it shows Base Station pairing information only.

The new version where function 36 only has base station stuff:

From the main READY screen press the MENU button twice.

You should now be on the SYSTEM MENU screen.

Use the arrow pad to go down to SELECT FUNCTION and press the SELECT (middle of the arrow pad) button.

At the KEY IN FUNCTION CODE screen type in 96 and press the green ENTER button.

Type in your SUPERVISOR CODE and press the green ENTER button.

You will now see a SYSTEM Wifi Setup? prompt. Press the ENTER button.

You probably want to delete any existing profiles first if you have a previous one stored. If not, use the select button to go into NEW PROFILE.


After around 20 seconds you should see a list of wifi networks. Select your network.

At the SECURITY screen will normally want to then select PERSONAL SECURITY. (This will be the case if you just have a standard broadband connection with a standard broadband router where you use just a wifi password to connect. Enterprise security would normally be if you need a certificate or a username _and_ a password to connect to your wifi.

You should now be at the WIFI PASSWORD screen.

Now comes the tricky part. They’ve removed the on screen keyboard so your password now has to be typed like you are using a Nokia flip phone from 1995!

Imagine your wifi password is “blueSky233”.. Remember that wifi passwords are case sensitive.

Tap the keypad of the number containing the first letter of your password, in this example press the 2 key. You will see a 2 appear on the screen, now press the MENU button, the 2 should change into upper case A. Press the MENU button again and it should change to upper case B and so on. Keep pressing MENU and eventually it moves into lower case. Hopefully by now you’ve entered a lower case b. If you’ve got junk on the screen that you didn’t want.. use the yellow CLEAR button to go back a letter.

If you need symbols (!, @, $ etc.) for the password try using the 1 button and then MENU or the 0 button and then MENU.

When you have successfully and accurately typed in your wifi password press the green ENTER button.

You should now be back at the CONNECTION METHOD screen. After a few seconds the status bar at the top should update to show a connection to wifi!


Press the red CANCEL button multiple times to go back to the normal front screen and be ready to perform card transactions!

The old version where Function 36 has “Wi-Fi Setup” in the menu:

This seems quite a difficult document to find online so thought it would be helpful to keep a copy… This is for the Ingenico Group iWL 228 & 258 PDQ / Payment Card terminal.

Two page instruction sheet on how to connect it to wifi or reconnect it to the wifi after you change wireless name or password (e.g. you replace your broadband router).

Really sorry about the dire quality.. I was in a gloomy bar at the time with only my phone camera.


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