Curious recon(?) or testing against downloads.

Unusual one.. Several IPs have been requesting a small download from my website every 30 minutes since 2018-10-01. The first ever request from that group of IPs was 2017-12-14 and then nothing until 2018-10-01! The requests appear to have stopped 2018-10-08.
All associated IPs: initial request, plusnet broadband IP in the UK digitalocean digitalocean digitalocean amazon brazil amazon brazil amazon brazil amazon brazil amazon brazil softlayer softlayer amazon amazon amazon

Unusual and curious. Speed testing? Attempting to use my bandwidth allowance? Broken av / malware checking system? Can’t find anything about it in the request information or google searches. Some of the IPs appear to be associated with other “bad internet practice” (scans, botnets etc.).

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