PrintableCal Office 365 / Exchange bug and required settings

PrintableCal is a fairly decent and sensibly priced Microsoft Office addin for converting multiple source calendars into a Word Document or Excel sheet. It is used regularly by one of my customers.

They started using it due to Google Calendar having a pretty poor print function and customisation options. PrintableCal fixes this.

Recently they changed their business processes to use Office 365 shared mailbox calendars rather than Google Calendar. However… PrintableCal seemed to fail to connect to Office 365.

Initial investigation showed that PrintableCal, with the “detect server url” tick box turned on, tries to connect to with POST request, then gets redirected to the Office 365 web based oauth / 2 factor authentication page. PrintableCal then fails.

This is where the bug comes in. You click to add the calendar again and, possibly, if you work it out – try entering in the Office 365 EWS url. However this still fails.. you try lots of times and eventually give up.

FIX!!!: The problem seems to be.. once PrintableCal has tried a connection it then “sticks” to the server URL even if you change it in the interface. To get it to try a different server URL you have to entirely close all Microsoft Office applications, then load them up again and try adding your calendar to PrintableCal again. This time it should pick up on the revised server url you’ve entered.

For reference the correct and working settings that I have tested as functioning as expected are in this screenshot….

printablecal office 365 EWS settings for shared mailbox

In this instance I am logging in as support@ but then opening calendars on a mailbox called calendars@ where the entire mailbox has been shared with my support@ mailbox.

I don’t think you can use PrintableCal to open single calendars that you’ve been “invited” to access.

Hope this helps someone. The bug and problem frustrated the hell out of me.

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