“01263 402788” TalkTalk Western Union scammers

It has been a while since I’ve had a report of one of these.. but today there was a victim.

The victim had a call from 01263402788 from someone claiming to be from TalkTalk.
The caller reportedly knew the make and model of the victims TalkTalk router and claimed there has been an ongoing fault that needed repairing.

They talked the victim through loading up TeamViewer and then Ammyy remote admin tools and did the fairly standard tech support scammer tricks of showing event viewer etc.

This is where the scam then pivots. They ask the victim to turn off their tablets and mobile phone (more on this later!) while they scan and fix the problem. They then claimed that the problem had been fixed and as compensation they would refund £200 to the victim/customer.

They then asked the customer to log into their internet banking to check if the refund had come through – all whilst they are connected via remote control to the victims computer. Once the victim has logged in they distract them with conversations or tasks while the scammer transfers £1200 between the victims own accounts (not sure what happens if there isn’t any other account or funds available). They then ask the victim to check the payment has come in.

Victim doesn’t notice that the payment has just been shuffled from their own accounts.. but does comment that “oh, I think you’ve overpaid me! It has come up as £1200, not £200”.

The scammer then goes on the guilt trip claiming he made a mistake and needs the money back as soon as possible otherwise he will lose his job. “The safest way to do this” is to use Western Union.
Victim believes the scammer, somehow didn’t get talked into doing the transaction on the western union online site (which has been the previous method) but instead is given the address of the nearest Western Union shop.

Victim goes – sends back the supposedly overpaid £1,000… scam is complete :(

In this instance the payment request was to a “James Odhiambo” in Kenya.. almost certainly a person who does not really exist and the payment won’t be collected from a WU shop in Kenya.

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