Reset the trial counter on O’Print “AirPrint Activator for Windows”.

If you ever have the need to hack or crack the trial period on OPrint – an airprint relay / proxy / print server for Windows then here is how.

Quit OPrint
Delete the following registry keys and their sub-values.
Delete the following file

Re-open OPrint. The trial will be back to 30 days.

However – this software is reliable and fully worth paying for. These instructions might be ideal if you installed it and then forgot to test it before the trial period expired.
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3 Responses to Reset the trial counter on O’Print “AirPrint Activator for Windows”.

  1. Hi – We have purchased this O’Print software but it needs a direct internet connection to register and it is on a virtual machine with a proxy server. The instructions no longer work for resetting the trial and it expires today. I’ve obviously contacted O’Print support but haven’t heard from them. Do you know of another way of getting the licence key into the program through the registry or by editing another file? Regards, Andrew

  2. I’ve just re-tested my instructions and it reset my trial period on the latest version. I suspect somehow you’ve not deleted all the required files. If you are totally sure you have – what OS are you running it on and 32bit or 64bit ?

  3. Thanks for your reply. Re-reading your instructions I was originally looking for registry values that weren’t there. I’m still awaiting a reply from oPrintware after over a week but at least this has got us up and running for now. Thanks again!

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