An old WebRTU Z3 Installation under British Gas Energy360

While trying to track down a timer switch for some street lighting around a building I happened upon this strange set of devices.


There are three boxes. The top box is a WebRTU Z3 by EnergyICT. The two below are British Gas Business branded boxes. They appear to be hard-wired into the mains supply with no ability to switch them off. The white cable coming out of the lowest of the 3 boxes is an Ethernet cable that was plugged into a network wall socket.

To the right in the (now empty) electrical cabinet are three clamp meters / current sensors.

It seems these devices must have been installed prior to 2010. Nobody seems to know anything about them, when they were put in or when and why they were decommissioned.

The British Gas box is quite obvious. I expect the bottom of the two (without the display) is the power supply to convert the mains in to low voltage to then power the WebRTU and the LCD box.

The LCD box just displays current throughput and historic energy use over 3 or 4 time periods. This box then communicates with the WebRTU.

It looks like the WebRTU can contain a SIM card but I expect this installation doesn’t have one (given that it was ethernetted in).

The RTU then reports usage back to British Gas’s “Energy360” service. Sadly – given that nobody knows anything about the installation I expect there is also no record of any logins to go snooping about. (Although it will show 0 usage since whenever the machine was disconnected).

The web interface of the WebRTU is very basic..


Even a simple default nmap scan crashed the web interface and I’m now also unable to power cycle it given that the devices are hard wired into the electricity supply.

If I open up the boxes in the future I will update this post with photographs of their insides!

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