“0800 014 8916” techzoneusa.net tech support liars scam

Sadly I don’t have the original fake advert for these people but one of my customers was tricked into calling “0800 014 8916” (aka. 08000148916 or +448000148916) also known as “0800 014 8983” (aka 08000148983 or +448000148983) or “800-014-762” in Australia..

The domains involved are:

Standard event viewer procedure telling me I had viruses. Sadly I forgot to make sure I had up to date AV on the CLEAN virtual machine.. so they instantly latched onto that. However incorrectly telling me that I had the koobder worm and they were the only people who could fix it.

More information about the domains involved…

techzoneusa.net – Registered by a whois privacy service in July 2015. The domain is associated with the email address avnishchaturvedi107@gmail.com [1]

pcsupportwizard.com – Registered by a whois privacy service in 2012.

businesssoftwaresupport.net – Lots of information about this domain. This is the domain I was asked to email to approve payment. This domain is also associated with the avnishchaturvedi107@gmail.com email address [1].

Registrant Name: Maninder Bawa
Registrant Organization: Business Software Support
Registrant Street: 311 Conniston Rd
Registrant Street: Apt 3 West Palm Beach
Registrant City: Florida
Registrant State/Province: Florida
Registrant Postal Code: 33405
Registrant Country: US
Registrant Phone: +1.5613866082
Registrant Email: support@businesssoftwaresales.us

However the website copy lists a different address:

1760 N Jog Road Suite 150,
West Palm Beach,
FL 33411

Further Associations:

[1] avnishchaturvedi107@gmail.com appears in a lot of places:


Registrant Name:Avnish Chaturvedi
Registrant Organization:Web Design Company
Registrant Street1:D-49
Registrant Street2:Karawal Nagar
Registrant City:Delhi
Registrant State/Province:Delhi
Registrant Postal Code:110094
Registrant Country:IN
Registrant Phone:+91.9716013549

It is  my best guess that avnishchaturvedi107 / Avnish Chaturvedi might just be the person who designed the websites for the scammers and probably has no control over the phone scam.

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9 Responses to “0800 014 8916” techzoneusa.net tech support liars scam

  1. Viki says:

    I was unfortunately one of their targets and due to my tired state of mind that late night I fell for it… gave them access to my pc, my credit card details etc. Realized straight away after paying and seeing the remote activities that there was nothing wrong with my pc and that I had been scammed. Called up my bank who closed my card and netbank but said that they can’t stop the payment even though it was still pending. Apparently it was going to be pending for 7 to 10 days after which I can dispute it. But since it had gone overseas the chances of getting it back were small. Then called up the techzone “papadams” (as my husband called them), who claimed that their activities were all legit but after a while agreed to refund me but it would take up to 7 days. Then after 4 days of securing my PC and changing passwords I discovered an e-mail that I hadn’t given much attention to. It was from “customer service” order confirmation. Since I’m a big online shopper I rarely open mails like that unless any of my orders don’t get to me. Anyway, I’m glad I did open it. It was from GPN DATA GROUP INTL, the credit card payment processing center confirming my authorisation. They advised to contact them if I’m dissatisfied with the service provided by the merchant and wish to cancel my authorisation within the time while the payment is still pending. Which I did and got a very positive reply within less than 24 hours. And that is how you get your money back! Hopefully it helps someone else in this situation out there. And as you can see now, techzone promise to refund me would’ve never been done and their only plan was to make me wait out the time frame that the cancellation could be done.

  2. Thank you very much for your experience. I hope others do also chase for refunds. I’m glad you got one.

  3. saad says:

    the same happened to me last night. Vki, i have a question for you.

    are you sure that GPN data is not another scam and they are safe services to go by because i was trapped by it last night and not i want my refund back because it is a scam.so can i safely organize a refund from GPN data and its not a scam. can you please guide me. email me at saad.southern321@gmail.com if you can help me out withthat thanks


  4. Youmna Abdallah says:

    @Viki: Thank you SO much for sharing your experience, I fell for this terrible scam too and thanks to you I managed to get all my money back!

    The exact same thing happened to me, and nor Lloyds bank nor ActionFraud wanted to start to dispute the transaction because I had given Techzone my bank details, therefore I was held responsible.
    And I also didn’t pay any attention to the email from GPN DATA until I read your story. When I called GPN DATA during the pending process of the transaction and asked for an immediate cancellation, their answer was so positive and friendly that I thought this was a scam too. But the next day the payment went through, the entire amount went back to my account again!

    Do not feel guilty nor stupid if this happens to you. Cyber-criminals who claimed you’ve been hacked know that under stress you can make the most irresponsible decisions.
    My advice is to act the quickest possible: Call your bank, cancel your cards and e-banking, call ActionFraud, change all your passwords, and keep your computer shut down until you get it cleaned-up by a professional. And in this specific case, call immediately GPN DATA and you will get your money back!

  5. Georgina webb says:

    Unfortunately i was scamned by techzoneusa. My computer froze a woman kept telling me not to close the computer or i would loose all my information on repeat so i stupidly rang the number where i was told that if i didn’t make a 1 off payment of 99.99us dollars ‘the bad people would get into my account & take my identity & my money but thanks to reading what you’ve all done i have done the same & will get my money back Thank you so much

  6. Ruth says:

    How do I call GPNDATA? Do they operate in Australia?

  7. Caroline Bennett says:

    I fell victim to this scam in 2017 and tried to put in a fraud claim with my bank but was unsuccessful. Unfortunately now two years later they are harassing me up to ten times a day once a week and saying that I have a subscription now to the web security and if I would like to cancel my subscription they need to access my laptop remotely again to finalise the cancellation process. Otherwise I will be charged $999 USD in October when my renewal fees are due.
    Does anyone have any suggestions how to stop these mongrels from calling me?
    Also is the subscription legitimate? and if so how do I stop it?

    my email address is sixftred1973@hotmail.com if anyone can offer some assistance or advice.

    I have reported them to ACCC scam watch.

  8. Nothing about these companies is legitimate in my opinion. They are selling overpriced services using lies. While they might be able to demonstrate “on paper” that you signed up and agreed to their charges, if you had a recording of the call and/or a recording of what they showed you on your computer screen to make you agree – nobody could say that they sold the service in good faith.

    Make sure that you alert your debit or credit card company that someone may be attempting to make an unauthorised transaction. You may find that the card company replace your card with an entirely new one with a new card number to prevent the old one being used.

    When they call you just say you need to turn the computer on and it takes a while.. then leave the phone on the desk and walk away, the longer they are wasting their time with you the less they can be bothering someone else. Eventually they might get bored calling you.

  9. Kenneth Fairhurst says:

    I fell for this scam in November 2016. Unfortunately I didn’t realise it was a scam until some time after. They have just phoned me again asking for more money to renew protection of my PC. Needless to say they have not got it, and I phoned my bank to block any transactions with them on my debit card.

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