“0800 058 8296” fake virus warning page

This evening while trying to investigate a website that was referring traffic to my blog I came across another fake virus warning page asking people to call… “0800 058 8296” aka +448000588296 or 08000588296.

The page was hosted at https://storage.googleapis.com/highriskalertforsecurityandsafteyofsystembreach/windows/error-windows-porn-virus-uk-error.html

highriskalertforsecurityandsafteyofsystembreach scam

System Alert.
Browser Blocked for Security Reasons.
Microsoft has detected that a porn virus has infected your system and trying to steal pictures, data and social networking passwords. This is a serious hacking issue. Rectify it immediately. ERROR CODE: SMEERR09007QD1 Tell this error code to the customer service.
This may happen due to obsolete network protections.
To fix, please call Windows© Support at 0800 058 8296 (Toll Free) immediately.
Consequently we are performing additional security checks to verify the source of the attack and have halted all your system resources in order to prevent any additional damage to your system and information
Please ensure you do not restart your computer to prevent data loss. This is a This is a System Generated waming.Do not Ignore,it will cause Permanent Damage to the System

There are problems on your computer that have not been reported to Microsoft. Some of these problems might have solutions available.

Set up backup Your files are not being backed up.
Immediate Support Required: 0800 058 8296

The web page content seems to have been used in a previous scam hosted on caution-network-error.net/iMac/iMac.htm (now down but the domain is still active and registered with the same company and privacy service as a company below).

I called them. The usual lies of “you don’t have a virus but you have a 3rd party attack” and showing me eventvwr and claiming I had 187 bad things.

The logmein they used was under the company name “Triumph Solution”.
I expect this is the same company as triumphsolution.com who are an indian web and software development company.

The number that the lady on the phone told me to call back on was “0-800-014-8983” or more commonly formatted as “0800 014 8983” in the UK or 08000148983 / +448000148983

Domain ID: 1931356295_DOMAIN_COM-VRSN
Updated Date: 2015-07-22T02:26:04Z
Creation Date: 2015-05-22T10:04:31Z
Registrar Registration Expiration Date: 2016-05-22T10:04:31Z
Registrar: BigRock Solutions Ltd
Registrant Name: triumphsolution
Registrant Street: chinchwad pune
Registrant City: pune
Registrant State/Province: Other
Registrant Postal Code: 411033
Registrant Country: IN
Registrant Phone: +91.7588811414
Registrant Email: khachanegajanan@gmail.com
Name Server: ns1.cp-2.webhostbox.net
Name Server: ns2.cp-2.webhostbox.net

When it got to the payment stage for the security “fix” that “was the only way to resolve my problem” and I couldn’t “just buy another computer” to get rid of the scam message the following website was used:

Which seems to be a company “Apical Online” or “Live Technologies Inc” who do support services.
This domain is protected by a whois privacy service.

The order confirmation email came from

This email address seems to be associated with “Himanshu Bhandari” who is alumani of Veda Vyasa D.A.V Public School.

The gmail address was also associated with a now-expired domain: supportmexx.com also registered via the same domain and whois privacy company as apicalonline.com

supportmexx.com is listed by the BBB in the USA as “Instant Support Help LLC” of “19C Trolley Square, Wilmington, DE 19806” and has two complaints against them. One of which describes a call that was very similar to my experience. The phone number the BBB have on record is (877) 865-9340.

Another domain associated with the gmail address is icustomerservice.net, also expired, which at one point was spamming the internet claiming that they did Verizon, AT&T and Comcast support services.

Other domains associated with the gmail address are
-instantsupporthelp.com *The name listed above in the BBB records.
All of which have since expired.

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15 Responses to “0800 058 8296” fake virus warning page

  1. Christina says:

    Did you manage to get rid of this virus ?
    if so can you show me how to or make a video,
    if not I hope I can help in anyway possibel

  2. It is just an advert, shut down the computer and then load it again and don’t “restore last session” as it will just bring back the web page with the advert on it.

    If this message pops up regularly then you probably have some browser extension or program on your computer injecting shady adverts into websites. Best to get it looked at by a professional (local to you who can visit you) as it could be many things causing it.

  3. Christina says:

    Thank you for your advice, I’m going to get my laptop checked out today if a system reboot is needed to get rid of this virus or anything else

  4. Michelle says:

    A couple of days ago I experienced a virus warning page, it gave the phone number 1-800-014-762. The service provider is Apical Online. Are they legitimate or a scamming company?? Please help as I am not a very tech savvy person. Thank you.

  5. It is my opinion that they are underhand and don’t sell a useful service. Find a local and well respected independent computer repair person or firm.

  6. Dodge says:

    They are still at work – one of my guys got this message at home so we decided to see how it went and they lead us to apicalonline.com and techzoneusa.net

    They didn’t try to install anything on my machine, they just showed me my eventlog and ping secureserver.com -t to show I was now connected to a secure vpn.

    They didn’t do anything I thought illegal, they were just trying to get my to purchase these bogus support contracts.

    They use teamviewer and supermo to connect.

    They have a NZ number 0800 001 440 and AU 1800 014 762 number.

    They also just used a DOS prompt and ran Tree command and while it was running just typed on the commandline “your system is 88% infected with Koobface!…..”

    I watched as he typed this – so very funny to see them try to scare us.

    They went for $799US for 1 PC and 1 Mobile phone and also $129US for ongoing security patch.

    They spent 41 mins on the phone with me and then said I could leave and they would do it in the background. I watched for a while but all they tried to do was buy these products.

    They also showed me the wiki page on Koobface.

    Interesting scam

  7. Alvin Anderson says:

    I’ve encountered this before and fell to the scammers. I called the number and they got me to turn control of my computer to them and once they had control they informed me international laws forbid them from releasing control unless they got rid of the “virus”. I had to talk them down from over $400 to around $225 for their services. Then when I got my control back, my computer had been stripped of programs and messed up royally. Good news was, I got my bank to reverse the charges when I explained what had happened. The company never challenged my complaint and did not get my money. Part 2: This is something that happened yesterday and I am very worried about it. The same type page popped up with the virus warning flashing. I contacted McAfee, my anti-virus company, and they connected me to their Tech Masters. I strongly believe that that company is exactly the same as the other one and may be connected to a variety of computer businesses. But what did happen was that after I described what was happening, the “tech” started an explanation that just did not make sense. He did not acknowledge the warning page was a fake and insisted there was a virus only they could get rid of. I went along with them for a bit and then they began the pattern I recognized. The Tech tried to sneak control of my computer by having me pull up the dialogue box and enter a code that would have sent complete control of my computer to them. I said to him, this will give you complete control of my computer, won’t it?! He hesitated but said ‘yes, it was the ‘only way they could fix it.’ Note: He tried to trick me into turning control of my computer over to him without notifying me of what he was doing. I was sure this was not an honest business. The catch there, I knew just as I knew I was being set up and was very careful not to give them control, I knew the ‘catch’ was if they got control I would, once again, be blackmailed to release my computer by purchasing their services. The truth is, they would do nothing, but give me a contract for services that does nothing. The ‘virus page’ goes away when you turn the computer off and/or reset it to a prior save. Tech Masters that McAfee sent me to buy their “gold membership” is a scam business. They need to be investigated. PLEASE: NEVER TURN CONTROL OF YOUR COMPUTER OVER TO ANYONE. THEY CAN GET ACCESS TO EVERYTHING ON YOUR COMPUTER. ASK WHAT THE TECHS ARE DOING ALL ALONG THE WAY IF YOU ARE WORKING WITH ONE AND IF YOU FIND THEM DOING SOMETHING UNDERHANDED, LIKE GETTING YOU TO TURN CONTROL OVER TO THEM, GET OFF THE LINE ASAP. Especially be aware if the tech gets angry, impatient or begins to try and browbeat you. This causes people to make wrong decisions. If they do not have control of your computer, you can say ‘good bye’ and hang up. There’s more to this story. Please share if you’ve encountered this scam.

  8. Glen says:

    I am obviously less computer literate than the other comments above but have had the same experience. Together with the message seen above I had a recorded message in a ladies voice with an American accent.
    This had never happened to me before so I panicked and phoned the toll free number. It was explained to me that after putting in a number of 6 digit codes that came up with a message saying that this was a more serious problem than a virus and it was the server that was infected with a malware which meant that all my appliances in the home were infected (mobile phones, tablet, laptop, computer, smart tv) and that I would be referred to a special technician to solve the problem. All the personnel I spoke to were very polite, professional and helpful. Their accents varied from American to Indian or maybe a bit of both.
    The technician who came on line to do the final “repair” did take control of my computer. The work went on for probably 2 hours. I dealt with at least 3 different people. The quote for the repair was made up according to the number of appliances I had in the house but was then discounted by about £200.00 at the end by the “supervisor”.
    An attempt was also made to sell me a 1 yr or 2 yr or lifelong package of software to prevent this from ever happening again (the packages ranged from a couple of hundred pounds to over a thousand).
    At the end of the repair they promised to ring me back the next day at a time convenient to me which they duly did. The man then proceeded to work on my computer for a couple more hours to speed it up which does appear to have happened.
    I then received another call 2 days later again asking me if all was ok so that they could now close the “case” and at the same time gave me a yr of free service for any further problems that I may have! (2 nights previously they had offered this same package at a cost of £200 plus)
    I repeat the politeness and professionalism was very convincing.
    Having read the above cases similar to mine where the name “apicalonline.com” appears as well as the same toll free number has caused me to realise I have been scammed and have taken it up with my bank.

  9. Nigella4 says:

    The scammers TRIUMPHSOLUTION.COM aka apicalonline.com is still in business. They are located in Pune near Mumbai, India. Some scammer anmes fake name “Emma Marshall”, real name Ashish Mehra and real name Jaswinder/Jassie Malhotra.

  10. Chris says:

    I encountered this issue on my daughters HP laptop on the 5th March 2017. She uses it for basic school work and watching Netflix. My wife and i panicked as we did not want this going through to her school. No excuse but we are very computer backwards and learning as quickly as we can. We called the number and were directed to Apical Online. I looked at their webpage and it looked all good so i proceeded to hear them out. We had a major network and security breaches they told us and were showing us a number of issues that had occurred on her laptop. We were totally distressed and continued watching whilst they worked on our system to clear all issues. All up cost $1000 USD. Anyone got any advice of what steps i should take. Is this a total scam and an extremely wasted amount of funds paid to them.

  11. If you paid by credit card then speak to your card provider and explain that the service you ordered was not as described and you are not able to get a response from the merchant to get a refund. It may also help to, as part of your documentation, provide a link to this story and video so they can see how the merchant is tricking people into buying a service that is not required.

    Summary: Do a chargeback but make sure you have evidence to refute the merchants claims that you wanted to order their service.

  12. Aura Cal says:

    It was total scam. The scammers are from Sanganer, Jaipur, India. They are also known as radialrust. Try to approach your bank and get your money back.
    Registered Address
    C-29, Mahalaxmi Nagar
    Malviya Nagar
    Jaipur – 302017
    Note: Jim Browning an excellent investigator and scam-baiter investigated them. You can watch Jim Browning’s video on youtube. search for his name and “tech support scam”

  13. Aura Cal says:

    I made a mistake in my previous comment. I apologize.
    My comments applied to the title of the post and not to specific comment by Chris about apicalonline. See this link about the scammer apicalonline (loss of $2500):

    They are from India but registered in Panama.

  14. jane says:

    hello, Alvin Anderson, can i ask how you got your bank to reverse the money?

  15. Cal Aura says:

    About reversing the charges: After reviewing hundreds of tech scams, I noticed the most common way he scam company refutes the charges is with a false statement saying that the reviewed the complaint and there was no such transaction and an imposter lately is using their name to exploit. This is all hogwash. They are lying. Insist the bank to reverse the charges as thee is a pattern o such misleading statements. If you are lucky you may see a scambait video in youtube of the fraud tech support company being exposed. In youtube search by either phone number, web URL, company name or term “tech support scam”

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