SONY Ultra HD Android TV… flaws

IMG_20151214_203522I had the “pleasure” of setting up the internet on one of these TVs today.

Model No. KD-43X8309C “4K Android TV with 4K X-Reality PRO, and a host of connectivity features”

If something is not enjoyable to work on – then you won’t want to work on it again. And this is both. I don’t want to work on another one and it wasn’t enjoyable setting this one up.

Here are my complaints about it… The power plug on the back of the TV is impossible to unplug once plugged in.

The WiFi receiver in it must be bad. My laptop gets stable and usable signal right next to the TV yet the TV can’t communicate over the wifi. It connects, gets an IP and then fails to contact the internet.

The on-screen keyboard setup is bad. It is slow to navigate around and you can’t “wrap around” from the far edge to the other far edge.

And, once ethernetted in, the biggest complaint of mine…..

The update takes about half an hour to apply! It isn’t just an exaggeration of their manual / warning screen / FAQ.
Plus the update is 1.2 Gigabytes. WTF.

IMG_20151214_204722To add insult, after it has spent 25+ minutes updating the firmware.. the TV reboots and then says “Android is upgrading..” “Optimising app 43 of 197”.

Then it reboots AGAIN!
Yet more waiting before you can continue setting up the TV.

IMG_20151214_210015Then.. if you are in the UK and enable the YouView service – it then takes another 15 minutes to re-scan for Digital TV stations.

Seriously – that is flawed product design there. If you are an installer or maintainer of these kinds of TVs then the worst thing you can have is “downtime”. Time where you are just sitting around and wasting time – exactly as I did for 30 minutes during the update.

You can’t re-wire / unplug or do other things to the setup of the TV for fear of accidentally powering it down and (potentially) bricking the TV / corrupting the firmware update or interrupting the station scan.

Even the older SONY smart TVs didn’t take so long to update.

Never again. (Don’t buy a Sony TV).

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