Signing up to Microsoft Azure and avoiding the “Sorry, VOIP phone number is not allowed.” restriction.

I tried to sign up to Microsoft Azure today to test if it is suitable for the SignalR / WebSockets application I want to write.

However – like any sensible IT related business started in the last 10 years – all my phone numbers are VoIP. Even my house phone has been VoIP since we moved house and kept our old number.

Microsoft have a stupid policy of not allowing you to sign up if you have a VoIP number.

microsoft azure voip blocked message

The “Verification by card” option isn’t possible if you are subscribing to their trial plan. You have to sign up to their Pay-as-you-go plan to enable that option.

What is more annoying is my only non-voip number is my mobile phone / cellphone. I don’t use it for anything other than email. However if I type this in as the verification number Microsoft then claim they will use it for billing and other notifications:

microsoft voip block “Your mobile phone number will be used to cntact you regarding information for new subscribers, billing and your subscription.”

How about no! I don’t want my mobile phone number used for information, billing and subscriptions.
This rules out using my cell phone number for verification and leaves me back with land line numbers.

Their option to contact support has not resulted in any luck either.

Anyway: I found a workaround. Someone on another site posted a URL you can use to sign up to Azure without handing over payment card details (probably old information as Azure now has a Trial which doesn’t require this anyway).

It only works if you are on an “Organization account” (aka. Office 365) and won’t work if you are on a “Microsoft Account” aka. hotmail or windows live sign in.

  1. Visit:
  2. Click, on the left, “Sign in with your organizational account”.
  3. Sign in with your Office 365 / Power BI or other Organisational credentials.
  4. The next page you get might be either be a welcome page with a sign up option and some other account stuff or a “Welcome” Here are some resources to help you as you explore Microsoft Azure”. If you get this page use step 5.
  5. Paste into the address bar and click go.
  6. The next screen will be, thankfuly, a screen that will take your details but doesn’t have the “verification” step!

azure sign up without phone verification or payment

  1. Fill in the form and click “Sign up”

azure sign up without phone verification or payment success

  1. Wait

azure sign up without phone verification or payment ready

  1. Now at this stage you can go back to the Azure trial sign-up and enable it against your now-active Azure login!

What a lot of messing about. It would be ideal if Microsoft were not so backwards and would allow you to verify your account against VoIP numbers. Or at least have a much more user friendly workaround (manual voice / human based verification along with questions about the use of the service or similar?) rather than “contact support” who can’t help anyway.

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4 Responses to Signing up to Microsoft Azure and avoiding the “Sorry, VOIP phone number is not allowed.” restriction.

  1. kray says:

    Thank you for this, it worked. Like you my company uses VOIP and I don’t use my personal number for work.

  2. Joe says:

    Doesn’t work anymore

  3. RH says:

    I just encountered this at work. How pathetic. So I have to use my cell number to sign us up for Azure, even though my cell is already used for a personal Azure? Thanks MS, doing business with you is a horrible pain.

  4. The interesting thing is – when I signed up about a month ago for someone I think they had changed the wording to the right of the phone number validation request screen noting that it will _ONLY_ be used this once to verify the account and won’t be used for future communication. So maybe they’ve changed their policy!
    It certainly left me feeling happier about putting a non-enterprise number into the form.

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