The spam.

Summary: Other than spamming links in comments on YouTube.. this service (or guy?) seems legitimate and tries to fix issues rather than claim you have hackers, viruses etc.

Full Story: If you are a long time reader of this site you will know that I like to troll tech support liars.

I then post the videos to youtube.

Recently one of my videos had a comment that looked pretty much like spam – but I left it there.

25dollarsupport dot com

Then when reading the comments on someone else’s video a few weeks later I came across an almost identical comment. Upon digging further there are hundreds of these very similar comments all from youtube accounts without profiles. Here is my research on “” (who advertise their phone number as 857-342-2365 aka. 8573422365 or +18573422365). The facebook page is

I couldn’t get an answer when I called them initially. The comments I found about reviews seem to all mention one technicians name.

Possibly a one man band operation which would explain the pricing.

Unimpressed that they seem to be spamming youtube videos with their service though.

I might try again another day and see if the advice they give is genuine – or if they are just on the same crap lies script that other scam support phone numbers use.

UPDATE: I setup a virtual machine with a simple problem… Only TLS 1.0 ticked in the internet explorer options which then causes browsing issues to Facebook and Google.
I called 25dollarsupport again and actually got an answer. I explained my issue – that I couldn’t get to Google.

The guy on the end of the phone (who was well spoken and easy to understand.. and actually had decent call quality unlike most scam support lines. I am pretty sure I could also hear birds tweeting in the background.) said that there was a charge but only after they had fixed the issue. Payable by PayPal and he checked I actually had a paypal account to pay with.

He talked me through loading command prompt and pinging google. He asked if I got a response and from what IP address.

This bodes well – a very good start to the call.

He then said that we needed to get connected so he could take a look remotely. Initially he tried but my SSL “breakage” stopped that page from loading. He next tried which did load.

He got connected, tested google and found that it didn’t load. He then noticed the computer he was connected to was a virtual machine. Also a pretty good sign of someone who is clued up. Tech support scammers can spend HOURS connected to a virtual machine and never notice it.

At this point he got a bit grouchy and started asking what company I was calling from. Eventually I gave in and explained that I call support companies and see which ones lie about being infected with viruses or hackers. I also explained that starting with the ping in command prompt is also the exact same way I would start troubleshooting the issue.

He didn’t believe that the machine really had an issue and said that I could have blocked google at the VirtualBox level.. I decided not to waste much more of his time and showed him the setting that I had changed in Internet Explorer that stopped the pages loading.

I then offered to pay for wasting his time.. he wouldn’t accept payment after multiple offers by me. I would be quite happy to hand over $25 for the time he spent on the computer and the actions he performed to prove he was legitimate and actually knew how to use a computer (rather than just sell $150+ support subscriptions like the other support numbers I’ve trolled).

It is my opinion, from this call and the information I can find online, that is legitimate.

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1 Response to The spam.

  1. The Unknown says:

    I don’t think this is legit. I talked to them through their chat on their website and after messing with him and he connected to my VM, he offered me a job at scamming people!

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