“secure-code-zrb98dkekld.xyz” “0800 802 1145” scam

By the time I reached this scam the original advert page had been taken down but here is some of the text it used to contain:

Support Home
Technical Support
0800 802 1145
Security Help Page

Popup ads are ENABLED, which may result in a slow loading computer. This could be because of outdated antivirus software creating other security vulnerabilities that could expose personal information (including photos, passwords, credit card details, etc.) You may also have system errors, registry problems, too many processes running, multiple programs launching at startup, or memory that is severely fragmented.

Call technical support now to DISABLE popup ads >>

Call Immediately

0800 802 1145

24/7 Toll Free Support

Support agents are currently AVAILABLE.

Why Am I Seeing This?

Popup ads are ENABLED likely because of outdated antivirus software. Your slow computer could also be a result of misconfigured system settings that require adjusting, heavy file fragmentation due to hard drives not being defragmented on a regular basis, presence of invalid or corrupt entries in the registry that prevents applications or system components from operating properly.

Slow web browsing, downloads and web call interruptions on a supposedly high-speed connection are usually caused by incorrect network settings.
Frequently Asked Questions:

“Do you offer support for my computer?”
YES! Your computer and the operating system are supported.

“Are you associated directly with Microsoft?”
Just like those “Geeks” that service your favorite Microsoft products at some big electronics stores, we are proud to say that we are an independent support company, offering a variety of software protection and consulting products. But because we don’t rent expensive retail space, we’re able to offer you similar services at a much lower cost. And while we are a 3rd party support firm that is not directly associated with Microsoft, our technicians are trained to understand their products and help you get your PC performing at its best.
Your System Information

Service Provider:
Operating System:


Popup ads are currently ENABLED
Would you like to disable them now?

Disable Popup Ads
Copyright© 2015 – Do not use images or copy from the page without expressed written permission of the owner. We are an independent software protection and consulting vendor. We are not directly associated with Microsoft.

Along with a javascript popup saying:

READ BEFORE CONTINUING TO [site name that showed the scam advert]

It appears that your [operating system] computer has popup ads ENABLED.
Please call TOLL FREE to DISABLE popup ads now at 0800 802 1145.
Before you use [domain that sent you to scam advert], it is strongly advised that you call to disable popup ads. You can do so by calling 0800 802 1145
Browser: [browsername]
IP: [ipaddress]

The number they want you to call is a UK number, 0800 802 1145, aka. 08008021145 or +448008021145.

Upon calling I got the same phone system and people, who also confirmed the same company name, as the scam I came across a couple of days ago.

You may as well hop over to my other article for more information about who these people are and what they lie about.

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