The “” techvedic / Easy Techy support scam.

When trying to fathom out a recent spate of DNS changes on people’s computers I came across this advert appearing (among other bits of crap).

notice alerted onlineweb11 com scam message

The URL for the current spam advert is

And the content on the page asks you to call (0800)-802-1279

The domain is registered with a privacy service but leaks another domain: which hosts the same content: There is also an e-mail address that I’ve not seen before involved with the domains:

I think the urls also leak how much they paid to show their junk advert to victims.. less than 1cent per victim. Sad times.

The domain is hosted on “” which is very similar to this scam and this scam and in one case is the same server IP!

The phone number is even the same as the previous crap. So you may as well just hop over onto my other article and continue reading.

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