“Booking Confirmation – Accumentia (16/9/15)” .doc macro attachment virus

Yet more of these today.. this one:

From: David Nyaruwa <david.nyaruwa@soci.org>
Subject: Booking Confirmation – Accumentia (16/9/15)
Atachment: Accumentia Booking (16-9-15).doc

Please find attached a proforma invoice for Accumentia’s booking of the council room on 16/09/15. The deposit to confirm the booking is 25% (ie £205.50) with the balance due by the date of the meeting.


David Nyaruwa
Project Accountant
SCI, 14-15 Belgrave Square, London, SW1X 8PS
T: +44 (0)20 7598 1536 E: mailto:david.nyaruwa@soci.org W: http://www.soci.org
SCI – where science meets business

Phenotypic Approaches in Drug Discovery, 18 March 2015, SCI, London, UK
Arrested Gels: Dynamics, Structure and Application, 23-25 March 2015, Gonville & Caius, Cambridge, UK
32nd Process Development Symposium, 25-27 March 2015, Churchill College, Cambridge, UK
Reagentless Synthesis, 1 April 2015, SCI, London, UK

For the full events listing and more information go to http://www.soci.org/Events

The attachment was “Accumentia Booking (16-9-15).doc” SHA256 08f309a099ca24a110088d9d6f386dec982c343c71989a2e77dd8ac0bb95bff2
VirusTotal Report

The document contained the following 3 Macro Modules:


When the macro is run it starts with this:

Sub autoopen()

VEeve (8.2)

End Sub

Sub VEeve(FFFFF As Long)

End Sub

The macro downloads it’s payload from:

SHA256 1bac0544e05b7914ee296ce1cee356d532487038e2b3508934c09b454a9b5633
VirusTotal Report / Malwr Report

Which then was saved to:


Which in turn then accessed

and then quit (I presume it detected virtualbox).

The CnC server ( is the same as being used in the Ofcom spam run earlier this morning.

Further communication after that was with:

Which then brings us back to the obamacare certificates (as seen in the Chess invoice run):

CN = trtheawa.ml
OU = obamacare
O = democracy
L = Houston
S = TX
C = US
Thumbprint: 68f0a2ef0a7eadc2e055203327309ba7abdb8b61

Start date of certificate 31st July 2015 (the same date as the new domain registered under the Ofcom spam run article).

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