“online-supporting-500errors1.com” support scam

So it looks like pc-errors-500.com have cropped up again, I came across them back in May 2015.

This time they have changed domain and phone number.
The scam advert, right now, is hosted at:

online supporting 500errors1 scam without popup
The javascript popup reads:

WARNING! Your Computer may have a Virus!
If you see this message more than once, you need to call PC support at (0800)-802-1279 immediately.
During this free call, you will receive assistance on how to remove malicious malware from your PC.

Your IP address is: <then my IP>

The message on the site contains a lot of crap but reads as follows:

TITLE: Windows Firewall Warning!

(Ask Your Representative For A Free Computer Diagnosis. Call (0800)-802-1279)

(1) System Warning:

You might be infected with adware / spyware Virus

What to do:

Call (0800)-802-1279 immediately
for assistance on how to remove malicious pop-ups. This call is prioritised and 100% free

More about the threat:
Seeing these pop-up means that you may have malware/adware on your computer which puts the security of your personal data at a serious risk. We strongly advise you call (0800)-802-1279 immediately and get your computer fixed before you continue using the internet, esspecially for warning movies and shows.

Possible network damages from potential threats: UNKNOWN

Data exposed to risk:

1. Your credit card details and banking information
2. Your e-mail password and other account passwords
3. Your Facebook, Skype, AIM, ICQ and other chat logs
4. Your private photos, family photos and other sensitive files
5. Your webcam could be access remotely by stalkers with a VPN file.

Call (0800)-802-1279 Now!

online supporting 500errors1 scam

The phone number used in this scam is (0800)-802-1279 (or more normally written as 08008021279 or +448008021279).

As with the last scam (see the link at the beginning of this article) the website is hosted at Sprint SA in Poland(?) resolves to “n8250h131.sprintdatacenter.net”

It uses the DNS servers ns1.online-supportservice-now1.com and ns2.online-supportservice-now1.com hosted on the same IP.

So, surprise surprise – I called them and almost instantly was sent to http://www.join360.net which is a techvedic and Easy Techy branded page. This is the name I also discovered when I spoke to this scam back in may.

They run dir /s and then type in messages claiming you have trojans:
fake virus warning message

At one point within my “support call” I saw the message “A Jump Client has been pinned.” which, as far as I can tell, gives them access to my computer at any time without me doing anything.

Bunch of liars and fraudsters. If you have been a victim of these people please report it to actionfraud.

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