More docm spam “E-bill : 6200228913 – 31.07.2015 – 0018”

More docm attachments with the following content this time:

Subject: E-bill : 6200228913 – 31.07.2015 – 0018
Message Id: <863938868.6381438480814836.JavaMail.root@cecurityprod-1>
Attachment: 0018_6200228913.docm

Dear customer,

Please find enclosed your new Lyreco invoicing document nA^? 6200228913 for a total amount of 43.20 GBP, and
due on 31.08.2015

We would like to remind you that all of your invoices are archived electronically free of charge and can be reviewed by

you at any time.

For any questions or queries regarding your invoices, please contact Customer Service on Tel : 0845 7676999*.

Your Lyreco Customer Service

*** Please do not reply to the sender of this email.
This e-mail, including any attachments to it, may contain company confidential and/or personal information.
If you have received this e-mail in error, you must not copy, distribute, or disclose it, use or take any action based on the
information contained within it.

Please notify immediately by return e-mail of the error and then delete the original e-mail by replying to ***

The file was SHA256 a9f6427bda1f519341d52b3e02372c2bc2d5d1487fd01b7d831306888bdf98c5
VirusTotal Report

This spam run is likely to be by the same people that did this one.

If run with Macros turned on it fetches the payload from:

SHA256 ed58905fddaa34f6cb19c80fc911435194aa96a76998e295fccd31370995901b
VirusTotal Report / Malwr Report

Which then communicates with at least one CnC:

This exact same CnC was seen in this previous malware run.

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