How to route IPv6 on a 6in4 Tunnel using ZeroShell

I’ve written about ZeroShell in the past..
It currently doesn’t have any nice GUI IPv6 support but you can make it route IPv6 using the following configuration.

Note that you probably should investigate iptables firewalling of IPv6 as the commands may just leave your IPv6 enabled devices open to the world unless they have a local firewall enabled on each device.

In the following instructions remember to use the scripts and addresses for your range, just copying my commands below won’t work as you will try connecting using my range.

First run the “Linux-net-tools” Example Configuration from Tunnelbroker similar to these commands:

ifconfig sit0 up
ifconfig sit0 inet6 tunnel ::
ifconfig sit1 up
ifconfig sit1 inet6 add 2001:470:1b08:8e2::2/64
route -A inet6 add ::/0 dev sit1

Then run these commands (replacing the first line with the “Routed /64:” from the Tunnelbroker page! Note that it is different to the IPv6

ip addr add 2001:470:1b09:8e2::1/64 dev ETH00
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv6/conf/all/forwarding

This will give your ZeroShell machine a tunnel, add an external address to the tunnel (in my example 2001:470:1b08:8e2::2) and sets all IPv6 traffic to go down this tunnel.

The second set of commands then gives an IP to the ZeroShell LAN interface (in my example 2001:470:1b09:8e2::1) and then enables IPv6 forwarding.

Sadly radvd or dhcpv6 is not built into ZeroShell so you can’t just now expect computers to pick IP addresses. I went into my windows config and set the following.


Once saved I could then visit and and also ping IPv6 hosts. YouTube also appeared to load over IPv6.

It is probably a good idea to put all the above into a convenient startup script so you don’t have to paste the commands each time.

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