GoDaddy and Broken Nameservers

This evening I was contacted by a customer who had their website with GoDaddy (the web builder).
Their domain is registered elsewhere with a company that does domains free of charge for their line of work.

It seems that at some point on the 24th of July 2015 GoDaddy made a change to their nameserver configuration that broke my customer’s domain.

ttl = 600 (10 mins)
primary name server =
responsible mail addr =
serial = 2015072409
refresh = 28800 (8 hours)
retry = 7200 (2 hours)
expire = 604800 (7 days)
default TTL = 600 (10 mins)

Suddenly my customer’s MX records, main A record and NS records were returning wrong or invalid results:

intodns godaddy domain nameserverone nameservertwo

The domain registration company is and always has _absolutely_ always pointed the domain at ns35 and (the correct servers) yet these servers were, for some reason, now then saying that the NameServers should be “–nameserverone–” and “–nameservertwo–“, not even valid hostnames!

The GoDaddy control panel also revealed more weirdness:

godaddy broke domain nameserverone nameservertwo parkedone

For a start the A record for the root of the domain is somehow now pointing to “–PARKEDONE–” ! A value that I can’t even type into their control panel myself (it tells me to type in a valid IP address).
Also the MX records for the domain have been reset to GoDaddy, breaking my customer’s Office 365 e-mail flow.

I called GoDaddy to try and report the problem but a 20 minute phonecall just resulted in them telling me that “the company that the domain is registered with has made a change and we have no control, you need to speak to them”.

ARGH.. Absolutely not.. the domain is still showing in whois and on the DNS root-servers as pointing to GoDaddy’s correct servers still (to which their argument was “it needs refreshing / reconciling, ask the domain registration company to do it”).

In the end I gave up and I’m now searching for the contact details of someone senior within the GoDaddy group who I’ve spoken to in the past.

It frustrates me that it is so difficult to get through to someone who a) Knows what they are talking about and b) believes the caller actually might be right.

Grr.. waste of my time.

Update: I’ve actually worked out what triggers it to go wrong.. the Publish button on their web builder resets and breaks the DNS each time! I’ve now demonstrated this step by step to one of the agents.

After about 25 minutes on hold she came back and said that their technical department were unsure how I had added a “4 part” domain ( as their system is only programmed to cope with up to “3 part” domains ( and the only option, now, is to either re-correct all the records each time we “Publish” the site – or move the DNS away from GoDaddy.

I’ve opted to move the DNS away, at least I know that it won’t be solved at GoDaddy’s end even though they only recently must have made a programming change to break it.

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