Docm spam run

Another day another set of crap coming through.

This time a load of docm files claiming to be from

Subject: Order Form for Job Number 2968347

Hello ,

Thanks for your order, job reference 2968347. Please open the attached order form, read it and check it.

To Accept your order:
– Visit
– Sign in (see below if you don’t have a username or you’ve forgotten your password);
– In the “My Orders” section, click on job 2968347;
– Click the “Accept” button at the bottom of the screen;

If you have any queries about the order please call me before you accept it.

Thanks again for your order!

Kind Regards,

Steve Champion Middlesbrough
Cargo Fleet Offices
Middlesbrough Rd
Tel: 01642 205649

Franchises are independently owned and operated under licence. Dan James Limited. Registered in England No. 5164910 Registered Address: Rede House, 69-71 Corporation Road, Middlesbrough, TS1 1LY VAT Registration No.: GB 847 8229 85

Attached is a file OrderForm2968347.docm which, if macros are enabled in word, will presumably infect your system.

SHA256 59315b3d3736048301d5a35b26d7c83cdde263b8b59d9cdb3b17cf41b27fa056

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